Oldhammer MD8 Skeleton Skullchucker/Screaming Skull Catapult Crew

Oldhammer MD8 Skeleton Skullchucker/Screaming Skull Catapult Crew

This trio of skellingtons are, obviously, from the original Skullchucker (later known as the Screaming Skull) Catapult, released as part of the MD8 Skeleton War Machines boxed set, way back in October 1987. This isn’t my first Skullchucker crew, as I painted and posted my previous one back in 2015. These guys I picked up off of eBay probably shortly after finally painting the previous one, as I was well into building the Undead army for KoW at the time. As often happens with eBay purchases, the models were badly painte,d and so these needed stripping. Worse, though was that the catapult itself seemed to have part of it’s frame sawn in half at some stage, so it’s presently somewhere in bits, probably in a jar of dried-out paint stripper that I’ll need to get to sometime so I can repair it, paint it and reunite this set of models.

Sometime when the weather is nicer and I don’t have the relentless bullshit of life pounding at me. Maybe/hopefully over summer if all goes well (ha!) It certainly won’t be in October!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2020 #24: Reaper Bones 44105: Giant Maggots

Reaper Bones 44105: Giant Maggots

A quick one today – and it’s the last pair of my painted-in-August models. It’s a pair of Giant Maggots from Reaper’s Bones range. These two were produced in a nice, firm plastic that took both paint and varnish just fine – so a huge step up from the traditional garbage plastic that Bones has been. It might be the new(ish) Bones Black material, though these ones were in the usual white. Of course, the amount of blackness or whiteness is just down to the particular dyes used in the PVC mix, so whatever…

Reaper Bones 44105: Giant Maggots

Nothing too exciting about the painting process. Pale colours, some washing, some thinned contrast, some drybrushing, and some fine detail on the horrid little eyeballs and mouthparts.

Reaper Bones 44105: Giant Maggots

For gaming, they’ll have potential use in both the Undead army as well as the Legion of Nurgle, whether Fantasy or 40k – possibly as extra plaguebearers thrown into the mix with the regular models. Luvvverly!