The Good Boy – Aximillion the Canid.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

I alluded to this model the other day – it was another one that Marouda chose for me to paint that had been sitting primed on my desk since …well, not too long after the Rogue Trader box was released two years ago. A nice, but extremely tiny model, I was able to get Axi done from start to finished over the course of about 24 hours, which is always nice. Of course, it still leaves the rest of the Rogue Trader Crew – and their opponents to paint, but you can’t have everything in a day.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

Personally, I’d love to see more of this sort of thing in miniatures, especially in 40k. We could use more doggoes and kitties.

As a little bonus, here’s the third of the models(? pieces? sculpts?) that Marouda chose for me to finish out of that first batch – along with the Slaaneshi champion, the Cultist – and before Aximillion. Basically, I repainted the two kitties on it to resemble Leonard (who is one of this blog’s mascots, and unfortunately much more of a Naughty Boy than a Good Boy with his predecessor and spiritual sister, Siousxie – better known to us over the years as “Little Girl” or “Lil’ Grill”.

I’m not sure which of the two would be smarter, but she was definitely a lot tougher. So she gets the upper spot here. Lil’ Grill’s fur looks a fair bit more dirty here than it does in hand. Damn contrast “white” – but the more important thing is that it looks good in hand.

25 thoughts on “The Good Boy – Aximillion the Canid.

    • Thanks Mikko! I have a few little furry critters that I got with my Freja’s Wrath KS from Badsquiddo. I’d need to find them of course, and I’ve got to keep finishing more before starting more. For awhile more at least…

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  1. I love it. I also can’t believe it’s been two years since the Rogue Trader box released.

    You should check out the Sho3box blog for some 40K cats. I think that they’re Gyrinx or something but we all know that they’re cats deep down.

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    • Yeah, when I was initially typing, I typed “a few months ago” then thought I should check the date… that was a bit of a shock.
      I’ve seen Sho3box’s excellent kitty stuff as well and I think looked into those models, but they were a bit difficult/overly expensive to get sorted out posted to AU. Maybe some were now OOP? I can’t recall exactly what the issue(s) was now, but it was annoying enough for me to sigh and give up on those.


  2. Excellent choices once again by Marouda! You did a great job on that Space Doberman! They terrify me in real life (my childhood neighbor had one and the dog was a maniac) and the one you painted is very realistic and lifelike-looking. Compare that to Farmer Maggot’s hounds which have no details and are a bit of a painter’s nightmare and I think GW is definitely improving even if they rarely release dog or cat minis. It is funny to see a dog mini on the Bitz Box because I too recently painted one. Not to shamelessly promote my own site but I will have a dog to show off in my usual weekend update that is not GW made so you may find that interesting 🙂

    Have you checked out Dark Sword Miniatures animal sculpts or the game Burrows and Badgers? I’ve been tempted by minis from both lines but haven’t picked up anything from either line yet. Seeing this post (unsurprisingly) makes me want to try one of them sometime soon.

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    • Thanks Kuribo – Maggot’s hounds are on my list of things to do in the medium term, but Axie here is obviosly a lot nicer. Zombicide had some pretty nice dogs as well, which I think might still be available.
      I’ve seen Dark Sword’s stuff before, and they’re some lovely models. Their shipping is a bit much direct, though unless I was getting a pile of them, and they’re not available from any of my usual “free post” places, so they pretty much just fit in the “another very nice model range” column for me. Which is probably a good thing! 😉

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      • Ooh, thanks for the Zombicide recommendation. CMON should pay you a commission as you’re tempting me with that game quite often 🙂 Dark Sword is the rare US based miniature maker so their shipping and prices are quite nice for those on this continent but I’m with you on not needing more to paint 🙂

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      • You should check out a few playthrough videos on YouTube to see if the feel of the game appeals to you. I know I also read some of the designers’ notes at one point somewhere that they wanted to make sure that the game was “girlfriend/wife-friendy” so perhaps your fiancee may be interested. 2nd edition is coming out soon in the modern series, but Black Plague and Green Horde are both set in the fantasy genre and are unlikely to be revised for some time yet. (and they all play well, I really enjoyed Black Plague)…


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