Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains

Ann is running another hobby challenge this month, the aptly-named “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. (thanks, Ann!)

Works for me, and so the rather broad topic combined nicely with the annoyance I’d been feeling at seeing these bloody things on the corner of my painting desk for the past 4 months since I saw them on Amazon and added them to an order of other crap I was making. The sticking point, aside from my break from painting was needing to paint in all of the are in between the bars. On four of them. They ended up being the second (and third, forth and fifth) models I painted this year – after the dwarf and before the goblin. But all in April, so I’m counting ’em.

Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains

The painting process was several shades of metal, some washing of a mix of black and brown Vallejo Model Wash (thanks Dave!) and then some rust washes, followed and finished off by a rusty drybrush inspired by Wudugast’s War Cry scenery (thanks Wudu!) The chains are part of the kits, but were painted last year in December. They were probably the very last things I got done in 2019, actually. So while they don’t count for this challenge, they’re still part of the kit.

Not too bad at all efforts by Wizkids/NECA/Hasbro/WotC/TSR/etc. Inexpensive, and much, much nicer than Reaper’s Bones to paint and work with – and better than the Kegs I painted up last year as well. I’d definately consider buying more stuff in their lines.