Rackham Forest Goblin Chieftain (from Carlo) – March Might & Magic Painting Challenge

Rackham Forest Goblin Chieftain

Following on from the Dwarf that I completed yesterday and the day before for Ann’s March Might and Magic painting challenge, I got to work on another model that I’d been chipping away at for some time – originally wanting to get it finished last Orctober, but missing out due to the insane amount of fiddly details on the model. This model is a Rackham Forest Goblin Chieftain from the venerable Confrontation game that I kindly received from Carlo of Deuteros Games, back in 2017!

Rackham Forest Goblin Chieftain

There is SO much detail on this lovely little model that it took me forever to navigate my way through it all, and frankly, it would have been so easy to continue stretching out the painting time for another couple of years. In the end, due to both my feeling that I owe it to Carlo to get the thing finished and Ann’s challenge, I forced myself to grind through the last of the model. Yeah, painting it, it was one of those. Though now that it’s complete and I no longer have to paint it I’m able to appreciate and enjoy the model much much more! 🙂

Rackham Forest Goblin Chieftain, Mantic Dwarf Berserker Lord

So here it is, my second “Mighty” model for Ann’s challenge – and the pair of these also make for a nice little setup of traditional enemies.