Blast from the Past: Noise Marine Emperor’s Children Chaos Lord

Can you say 2nd Edition with me? Can you say 1990’s? Can you say mining old posts for recycled content? *cough* Well, actually I’ve still got plenty of new stuff ready to show after I pull the photos from the camera, and go through the resize-and-crop process, but I was looking at the Detolf I have in the room where I do my painting and spotted this guy – and realised that the last (and only) time I showed this figure was 7 years ago, when I made a total of 9 posts and had fewer viewers for the year than I have in 2 weeks today. So… not many people will have seen this one, comparatively.

Noise Marine Emperor’s Children Champion

This fine fellow is (was) a Slaaneshi/Emperor’s Children Champion. Converted many years ago for me by Dave M. The base is a Kharn the Betrayer body, with a 2nd-gen Daemonette claw (the only thing that range of Daemonettes were good for, in my opinion), a head from same and a RT-era Chaos Terminator weapon arm – the original Chaos Autocannon – which looked similar enough to one of the 2nd-Gen Sonic Blasters once the chaos skull shoulder pad was glued onto the base of it – from back when such things could be taken by Slaaneshi Champions. Backpack is from the metal Ahriman of the day.

In current terms, he’d probably be a Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Shriekwave or Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation to represent the Sonic Blaster, Power Fist or Lighting Claw for the crab claw… I imagine it’d probably be a terribly inefficient combination, but all I can say to that is Second Edition, Rule of Cool, and Who Cares? 8th Is Almost Upon Us Anyway.

Noise Marine Emperor’s Children Champion

Painted in 2009, when I’d just gotten back into painting miniatures after a bit of a hiatus, these photographs were actually taken back in 2010. The only additon since then being a tuft of grass and a tuft of flowers – things not easily accessible back in the day. I certainly didn’t have any, anyway!

Noise Marine Emperor’s Children Champion

Looking back at this figure now, I feel like I might have overdone the pastel colours – I’d skip the baby blue and the pale green tassels. By the same token, I’m happy enough with the paintwork on this figure and… I guess respect it enough to feel no need at all to back in and touch it up. I actually added Prince’s “Love Symbol” as the shoulder badge, though it can’t be seen here. I thought it looked quite cool and felt the Androgynous nature of the symbol to be appropriate for this particular champion of Slaanesh. I’ll take a pic later and edit it in (it’s 7am and rainy here atm!)

Anyway – I hope you enjoyed this blast from my past!

Dark Elf Assassins – 1995 and 2008

The two models being shared today are a pair that have been around for some time. The older model on the right, skulking with the rather chunky sword is from WHFB 4th Edition, circa 1995 – just when huge chunks of WHFB were getting a bit too chunky and Morley. I never especially liked this model, having picked him up to use with my 3rd Edition Blood Bowl Dark Elf team (which I still haven’t painted) and so he sat in limbo for… you know… twenty years. (FUCK, I am getting old!)

The much nicer model on the left is from 7th Edition. Apparently known as Khainite Assassin #2. I probably got him secondhand from eBay as well, and Stuff of Legends becomes useless the further into the 2000’s you head. He’s pretty clearly the precursor to the current plastic kit of an Assassin (Shadowblade?) leaping off a spire-rock because dynamic posing.

4th Edition WHFB Dark Elf Assassin, 1995

Despite being purchased for Blood Bowl, this guy had actually gotten to the point of being almost-painted. I’d painted him with D&D/Pathfinder in mind, and so he had been given dark blue (Drow) skin, and deep red-browns for his leather gloves and boots. When he got reassigned to the Dark Elf army, I needed to redo the deep blue shading I’d started on his cloak with a more sea green, and change his leathergoods to Aqua/Turquoise shades – and obviously redo his face as well.

4th Edition WHFB Dark Elf Assassin, 1995

Nothing fancy on his cloak. He’s an assassin, after all – and his cloak is there for practical purposes. I think the Turquoise shades have worked better than the dark blues that were there originally, and having come up this pleasingly, I know of some other purposes I’ll be using the same highlights in the near-ish future.

4th Edition WHFB Dark Elf Assassin, 1995

The flowers are a feature that I intend to use on figures from all of my Elven armies, which will be a small, unifying factor across the Dark, High and Wood brethren. Despite my snide remarks about Gary Morley, this model is actually an Aly Morrison sculpt.

The second model was started way back in 2013, shortly after we moved into this place and long before The War Room was converted into such, featuring a light box. A much more dynamic model, but without going to the point of ridiculousness, it was also a pleasure to paint – and the impetus for the repaint on the older model as well. I’m not 100% sure of the sculptor (Chris Fitzpatrick?), since GW stopped crediting their artists by this point. If anyone knows for sure, please do LMK and I’ll edit it in! Since he’s a 7th Edition figure, and GW released most of the models for an army alongside the Warhammer Armies volume, I’d say he’s pretty safely a 2008 release.

Having said that, the two of them sat on my painting desk for literally years until earlier this month, when I looked at the pair of them, each three-quarters-painted and made myself pull my finger out and get them both done. Which I managed to do in a very reasonable amount of time. That’s the trouble – I’m not playing Warhammer or KoW, etc very much at all these days, and so then my desk is covered in models – none of which have a particular pressing “need” to get finished and so I flit between a few minutes on this or that, and taking the 30 minutes or hour to finish a particular model or two becomes “too hard”, despite the pleasure that comes from completing a model.

Most of my Fantasy work over 2016 was focused on the Undead and Gondor armies – both of which now have tons of painted models and units, yet have tons still unpainted and unassembled – and two units of cavalry each half-painted). This year, I’ve made inroads on getting a Dwarf force to the point of functionality while mucking about with Orcs. I’ve got to get some lists written up again and focus on completing units to have more “finished” fantasy armies for Kings of War. Maybe then I can have the Elves up and running, even if only as a combined, pan-Elven force to start with.

In the meantime, if we need a Druchii or Drow Assassin for anything, at least we’re covered…