Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #22: Beast of Nurgle V1 (1990) Awesome August ’19

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

I finally finished it! I’ve had this model since it was released, back in 1990-1. It’s been glued together almost as long. One of the feel fell off, and was lost to time, so I had to recast it using Oyomaru (aka Blue Stuff) and Kneadatite (Greenstuff). Luckily, because Nurgle, it being slightly imperfect was fine. Despite the base feeling a little big (especially compared to the 40mm square it came with), I’ve gone for a 60mm round here rather than an oval for consistency with the new models that I’ll be adding later and mixing in.

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

The Main reasons this one took so long to get painted were the gaping big bloody seam down the middle of the model’s face and body, because metal (finally sorted with putty) – as well as no pressing need to paint it for anything (now rectified with that Nurgle Daemon Army I’ve been working on), and working out a scheme (just based it on the other models in the force). So now the bloody thing is finally done! Hurrah!

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Plaguebearers, Plague Bearers, Great Unclean One, Original Oldhammer

Here’s a nice little gathering of the old-school, original Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Nurgle Daemons. Well, except for the damned Nurglings! I guess I will have to paint them sooner rather than later after all!

I did also pick up three more of these a few years ago on eBay. And I have a V2 Beast that I bought just to use as tentacle bits who has since lost a few, so I’ve also got that in need of repairs. I also found a metal V3 beast in blister just the other day. (And I still regret passing on the pair of those I saw second-hand that one time). Once those five are assembled and painted though – all of my metal Nurgle Daemons will finally be done and I can allow myself to start on the newer plastic plastics while continuing to work through the last few resins.

Well, all the metal will be done except for the Nurglings… but they can be done on a more casual basis, surely?

Vikings, Sextán ! Viking Book Three Complete – Viking Raiding Party Group Shot!

Remember “Army April“? Remember how I never managed to get a simple group photo of a force for my own bloody challenge that month, even allowing for the delay into June before I got the thing posted? Yeah, well this is the thing I wanted to do but never got around to in a timely fashion. Anyway, enough talk from me. This post is all about the photos. Moreso than usual, even. Enjoy!

Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army

The photos do suffer a bit from the poorer lighting that I have on the table. Well, the lighting is fine for gaming and such, but lesser quality than the light box for these larger-scale shots. There are still a ton more Vikings to paint, of course – still a fair few more metals before I get to the plastics-without number. But the 50+ I now have here cover me pretty solidly for SAGA, as well as give me a few units should I get around to playing Kings of War anytime soon, either the Historical version or as Viking Allies for my Fantasy Dwarves.

Either way, I do need to get hold of a Knight Models Thor, though!

Legion of the Damned #5: Rogue Trader-Era RT01 (Aly Morrison, 1988)

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era RT01 (Aly Morrison, 1988) Oldhammer

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted (or painted) any more Legion of the Damned models, but today we have a pair of them – finished as part of Mechanismo May (after missing the end of Armoured April). The biggest reason my Legion of the Damned has petered out so much is because I tend to have a few models from my various projects on the go at any given time, and I like to finish the WIP ones before allowing myself to start more. That way, starting the new models are a “reward” of sorts for completing the previous batch. It takes awhile, but it does work out a lot better than my previous method of just starting new models all of the time, that appears to have just given me a thousand or so neglected models to wade through.

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era RT01 (Aly Morrison, 1988) Oldhammer

So why, dear reader, did it take me so long to get through this pair? Well, the answer is that I don’t actually like either of these models very much. As much as I like the character of the old Beakies from the Rogue Trader days, my personal aesthetics go with Mark Copplestone and Bob Naismith’s renditions, and the Aly Morrison ones – with their short, blunt helmets and extra-hunched poses are a distant followup. So with that, they can be a real chore to paint, and so this pair has taken me well over a year to get done. I can’t even remember when I began on them, quite frankly.

This pair were chosen for the Legion because of their sculpted details. The skull-shoulder studs and knee-skulls on the first “Brother Morris”, and the big-ass shoulder-skull on the second. Also, being Aly Morrison sculpts, I can “hide” the soft details on their helms to an extent by freehanding skulls on them.

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era RT01 (Aly Morrison, 1988) Oldhammer

In the end, these models have come up decently, and I am now happy enough with them to incorporate them in with the rest of my Legion. It’s that thing I’ve encountered a fair bit where through the painting process, I really quite dislike the model(s) I’m working on, but once completed, I’m pleased enough with the final result that I no longer resent the models, and can even quite like them in their final form. With a Multi-Melta and Plasma Gun between them, I have the Special and Heavy weapons for a squad here, so I’ll have to check my existing painted models and work out a Sergeant and 7 Legionaries to go with them to fill out another game-friendly squad.

Adeptus Ministorum Priests: Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997) – Neglected February 2019

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

This trio of models was completed in February, after a long, long time in the making. So long, in fact that I don’t precisely recall when they were started, though I do know that they were all started independently of one another, and it was only over the years that the three became a trio of models that I stored and considered together.

The first one of these models, on our left with the sword – is the second of my “proper” Preachers that I painted from the line that came out with the 2nd Edition Sisters of Battle Codex. The first was done years ago now, but I’m not sure where the model is, though improbably, the other model is still available new from GW. Possibly with some of my Imperial Guard, or more likely in one of the two missing figures cases that house a lot of my Blood Bowl and Necromunda figures. I’ll take some pics and post him up when I find him. This guy is the one that we’d always joke around and refer to as “Keith from The Prodigy”, because of his hairstyle. A bit grim in a way for me to have just finished him and have been listening a little to The Prodigy recently. 😦

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

The second of these models – the shirtless fellow in the middle – is from the small range of metal Chaos Cultists released during 3rd Edition 40k in 1999. There were two Demagogues and six Cultists. I have a couple more of these, but I’m not sure if I got all of them. This guy is “Chaos Cultist 6”, but I felt like he wasn’t exceptionally Chaos-y, and with an appropriate paint job would fit in with the wider group of Redemptionists, who I had painted in similar schemes, along with my Preachers and even my WHFB Flagellants. This was to create a consistent visual theme between the models where you could see that the Redemptionists and even my Cawdor, who could sub for Ministorum Troops, PDF or Imperial Guard – as well as Necromunda Gangers (and, obviously, cultists of almost whatever was needed). This of course, is where the divergent styles of basing that I’m doing now in the twenty-teens creates a potential problem.

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

The third of these preachers was originally a Necromunda Redemptionist model, specifically – Brethren with Stub Gun and Autopistol. As you can see, the Stub Gun was removed and replaced with a bell on a chain (from the plastic WHFB Zombie kit) and a bearded head from one of the Empire kits. Probably the kit that came packed in with Mordheim.

So that’s it. Though I am pretty pleased to have finally completed this trio of models that sat, part-finished and thoroughly Neglected for well over a decade and more!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #18: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Today – Miniatures! Here’s the final three of my Plague Toads. This trio bringing me to nine painted ones. This batch being the “yellow” ones, following on from the “brown” ones and the “green” ones. And yeah, I know I need to do a new Nurgle army shot sometime soon.

Individual glamour shots of each of the three, though I skipped the profile and rear shots this time. Perhaps I went a bit conservative on the “glow” from their yellow-green eyes this time as well, but I think they still stand up decently.

You can see what I mean about it it here. It’s there, but it’s subtle. Perhaps too subtle to stand out on the tabletop.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally have the last* of these done finally!

The nine of them, with their colour coding can be used as three distinct units of three, or they can all be put together to make up a mega-sized unit of nine Plague Toads!

*of course, I didn’t say anything about Pox Riders!

Space Marine “Warriors of the Imperium” (1992-3): Dauntless December ’18

Space Marine "Warriors of the Imperium" (1992-3)

This model was built and painted originally over 20 years ago, when the “new” Mk7 Space Marines had their first multipart plastic kit released in 1992-3 or so following the metal Space Marine Strike Force (and long before the more familiar multipart kit from the 40k 3rd edition Starter box. It was known as “Warriors of the Imperium”

Space Marine "Warriors of the Imperium" (1992-3)

Anyway, I saw a converted model, essentially the same model – either in White Dwarf or converted by someone local. The original version had a metal head used, and possibly a metal torso and legs, but featured the same kind of converted skull-backpack, pointing finger and a broadly similar head. I made mine from the the aforementioned plastic marine kit, along with a plastic Imperial Guard head, and the skulls were taken from HeroQuest decorative Skulls, cut down and modified to become power armour vents.

Space Marine "Warriors of the Imperium" (1992-3)

What this guy is exactly, I couldn’t tell you. It kind of feels like a distant ancestor to the Deathwatch, and certainly GW of the day would slap different names onto random marines like Doom Eagle, or even as captions in White Dwarf, so it’s entirely possible that there was some relationship there. I (briefly) considered replacing the left arm and/or pauldron blinging him out as a modern DW marine, but I think he works better simply rebased on a 32mm, and with the rest of him as a kind of restored time capsule. I did tone down his bright yellow Bolt Pistol, though!

Space Marine "Warriors of the Imperium" (1992-3)

Since he’s a (late) Rogue Trader-era model, he also qualifies as “Oldhammer”, though not original-era RT. As for the current edition, he doesn’t really fit in well as anything. No matter, I can always use him to proxy as some kind of low-level hero. Perhaps a Lieutenant. I guess that makes him Dauntless!

There’s now only one more model to complete my December output – see you in about 24 hours for December’s exciting conclusion!

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen VII: Slaangor (Neglected Model September ’18)

Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos

I’ve completed a few more of the old Realm of Chaos Beastmen that have been hidden away, part painted in figure cases for years or decades. This trio feature a pair of duplicate sculpts, both with broken weapons, both repaired in different ways at different points in time, and a variation on the same sculpt. These three of course are Slaangor – that is, beastmen dedicated to the Lord of Pleasure, Slaanesh.

Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos

The two on the ends needed their weapons repaired. The original weapon was a mace shaped into the rune of Slaanesh, as you can see on the beastman on our right. I attempted to repair it into it’s original form by making a replacement using another model with the same weapon to create a simple mold with Oyumaru and then greenstuff (kneadatite) for the part – then pinning it onto the stub. It turned out nicely on the front half, and rough as hell on the rear. I did this a couple of years ago. For the other model, I did it a few days ago using the pick end from a Chaos Marauder and simply pinning it onto the end of the broken mace, in order to differentiate the two models a little more.

All three were incredibly garish when I got them out of the case. Here’s an example of some of the flaws I used to make in terms of composition years ago. As you can see, I could still freehand just fine, but I apparently thought that there was a need to use all of the colours on way too many models. Speaking of freehand, please enjoy the four photos of this model, showing off some of its many tattoos. There’s also a rose you can’t see on the upper inner left thigh, as it’s now covered by the shield.

Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos

I think the updated and completed version is a pretty solid improvement over the overly-garish (unfinished) attempt from years ago, while keeping the best elements of the original paintwork…

Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness Beastmen Slaangor Oldhammer Beasts of Chaos

Here the three are alongside the other Slaangor that I painted awhile back. It’s on a larger base because I decided that it was a Champion of Slaanesh. You’ll note that all three sculpts share the same base. Keep this in mind next time you see someone bitching that GW’s new digital sculpts reuse elements.

Once again, these are Jes Goodwin sculpts, though these aren’t amongst the strongest of his work. As with many of the figures of the day, they’re not particularly dynamic, and these ones are also particularly “flat” sculpts.