Technical Difficulties….

It never rains, but it pours.

Aside from a bunch of rather nasty family health stuff that I haven’t been writing about here, and getting pretty bloody sick myself (possibly the flu?) and only recovering a week ago, though I still have some niggling issues. My trusty Logitech G500 mouse also died last week after many years of service while I was getting stuck into the repair of my site from the Photobucketpocalypse (paying for WordPress, and moving forum post images to Imgur) and doing my best to keep updating with new content.

So then my main “work” hard drive started to die.

Not my C drive at least, but the one with all of our photos, all of my MP3 files, my Steam & GoG installs, my Humble downloads. Oh, and all of my wargaming and hobby files collected over the last decade or so, as well as my Blog photos for this thing – including all of my archived photos that I was using to rebuild the blog.

I was lucky enough to notice early, since my music the other morning was acting oddly, even after a reboot – and the photos I was working on (cropping and resizing) for the update for a couple of days ago weren’t really saving properly.

The good news is that I do back my stuff up. The bad news is that I do so when I remember, so the last time the gaming and music and photo files were backed up was in 2014 and 2015. I hadn’t realised it was so long ago. So 2 new HDDs later, and I’m in the process of backing my stuff up to the new External drive, and once that’s done, I’ll install the new internal and copy everything across to that as well. Then I can start chasing the dead/unreadable files down (which I’m logging as I go), and doing simple things like getting Steam to check/repair various software installs.

Since I also have to go to work, I see this taking (at least) a week. I’m also typing this on Marouda’s machine since I don’t want to do ANYTHING else but back up files on my own machine. No other apps or programs to distract it from the most important task at hand.

So I’ll still be reading when I can, but I won’t be posting until (my computer at least) is back to normal.

Unless we end up with a bunch of Project-Log WIP posts with photos taken from my phone…?

See you in the comments!


RPE/Ral Partha Europe Launches Dwarf Kickstarter

I rarely pimp Kickstarters. I’ve done it for three counting this one – Impact Miniatures’ not-Blood Bowl campaign (delivered, but a year late). Shieldwolf’s Shieldmaiden campaign (cancelled, and currently relaunched with 5 days to go. And now this one. Simply because I like what they’re doing:

It’s the kind of small-scale, low-risk KS I’m still happy to back. RPE do their own casting, they’re a solvent business who I’ve bought from before and the first five models are already done. Most importantly, I like the models, as I’ve always had a soft sport for Dwarfs, and these are in the overall Citadel style that I like. I need to grab some of the Kev Adams Dwarves from their webstore sometime, too…

RPE’s Kickstarter Dwarfs

Our aim is to produce a warband of 10 dwarves in 28mm scale. They will be sculpted in epoxy putty, moulded in black rubber and cast in metal – miniatures the old school way!

Picture the proud dwarf king in exile, forced from his mountain stronghold. Leading a band of grizzled veterans, they hire their services out, biding their time and amassing gold and followers until the day they can reclaim their homeland. You know the story, it’s the classic excuse to get a dwarf warband together, though this one needs no hobbit or human help and comes complete with its’ own dwarf wizard. Perfect for dungeon bashing and skirmish games, or with the possibility of adding duplicates to your pledge you could even build a small army.

The first 5 sculpts pictured above have been mastered already, the next five will be based on these and will provide another spearman, swordsman, axeman and a pair of crossbowmen. The next sculpts are already in progress and pictures will be added as soon as we have them.
They measure approx 20mm tall and scale well with other miniatures.
Designed and sculpted for us by the talented hands of Mark Evans.

These are the different pledge levels, only the Flagon of Ale level and above qualify for the free assassin dwarf.

1 dwarf of your choice £4 posted add £2 outside UK Wee Dram
1 dwarf king £5 posted add £2 outside UK Half Pint
5 dwarves £14 posted add £2 outside UK Pint
10 dwarves £22 posted add £3 outside UK Early Bird Flagon of Ale
10 dwarves £25 posted add £3 outside UK Flagon of Ale

Army deal- king, wizard, 5 spears, 5 axes, 5 swords, 5 crossbows total 22 +freebies £45 posted add £3 outside UK  Early Bird Pewter Tankard 

Army deal- king, wizard, 5 spears, 5 axes, 5 swords, 5 crossbows total 22 +freebies £50 posted add £3 outside UK  Pewter Tankard

All pledges can add extra miniatures from the list below, each mini has a letter for ease of selection, simply increase your pledged amount by £2.50 for each additional dwarf you want. When we contact you after the kickstarter you can use these letter codes to easily confirm additions.
Any miniatures or extras unlocked – will be added to this list.

Another Tangent – Chaos Dwarf Colour Schemes

So as a complete Painting ADHD tangent, I’m trying to work out which way to go with painting my Chaos/Abyssal Dwarfs. I’ve (almost) always loved the look of these stunty little bastards, with the exception of the worst part of the “Byzantine Big Hat” phase (but I think a lot of that was from sub-par sculpting). But the “Oldhammer” WFB 3 (2?)originals, the second wave courtesy of Marauder, the modern re-interpretations by Forge World and even GW (Hellcannon) that tie the look of the originals and the “big hat” look together in a way that actually works. Alt-Manufacturers like Russian Alternative have some absolutely beautiful sculpts at surprisingly competitive prices. Even some of Mantic’s Abyssal Dwarves are decent (though most of those will be relegated out of the front rank of any units).

So this army will be a “Reward Army” – to reward myself for slogging through all the tedious Minas Tirith and Gondor figures that I’ve been working on. Not to mention ranks of Elves and Mantic Ogres that should have been finished long ago. Batch painting fantasy figures really doesn’t seem to agree with me. It’s like the last 20% of painting them is 80% of the work. Well, you know what it’s like when things are 80% finished for months at a time…

Note: None of the figures in this entry were painted by me. They were painted by a collection of other talented individuals. The images are included here as examples of inspirational (or not) colour schemes for my own forces.

There’s the traditional “Brass/Red/Black” type schemes, which look pretty good, but possibly shares a bit too much in common with Khorne (which is an army of mine that will definitely be coming later):

Then there’s the version that brings in a lot of blue as well, but I’m not too fond of this one. It’s a bit too 1990’s over-coloured (which, admittedly, is how my CD Bloodbowl team of those days looked. I just dug them out, I need to finish off those figures as well…) I know that the addition of blue (or green, or red) shading/highlighting is a traditional way to bring interest to black objects – rather than grey, but they just end up looking a bit too cartoony and technicolour to me. (Actually, my BB CDs look even more technicolour, and I’m wanting to avoid revisiting that kind of scheme).

Even when it’s much more copper and less red (and more silver/iron), it’s still got a similar feel to the reddish. Despite the fact that these figures still look good, the scheme is still a bit boring to me. (Reddish metals give a similar feel to Red paint – whod’a thunk it?)

Then there’s green/metallic green armour – probably accented with warm metals like gold/brass/copper etc – and even a bit of red for spot colours as needed – I was always partial to this kind of colour scheme from the early WFB3 days:

My only real concern with the green is that my Dark Elves/Twilight Kin are already using a Metallic Turquoise colour scheme (with gold/brass accents), going both into more blueish and more greenish, depending on the unit. I wanted to avoid the “traditional” purples and blues that DE always seem to be in. The Dwarfs would predominantly be in much more of a true, dark green than the shades approaching turquoise though. Similar to the guys above.

A third option is to use both green and red, and use the gold/brass/copper elements to tie them all together.

Any thoughts?

Darkness over Cannae – Indigogo campaign to publish an illustrated novel

I’m not usually a fan of Indiegogo, but this campaign looks interesting on a number of levels, and worthwhile of support. Check it out.

Dagger and Brush, Daggerandbrush, dagger brush

This time I do not want to write about a project of mine, but rather make people aware of a beautiful Indigogo campaign:

Darkness over Cannae

Jenny Dolfen, latin teacher and artist, made it her goal to publish an illustrated novel about the battle of Cannae.

Darkness over Cannae from Jenny Dolfen on Vimeo.

View original post 390 more words

Impact Miniatures Fantasy Football Kickstarter – Blood Bowl friendly!

Clearly, these figures can be used for a range of Fantasy Football games, including Blood Bowl as the big one. While they obviously can’t mention Blood Bowl, I certainly can, and I do so in exactly the same way that I might talk about using My Judge Dredd figures as Adeptus Arbites, or my many Warhammer Fantasy Battles Ogres, High and Dark Elves to play Kings of War.

So anyway, the campaign is over on Kickstarter right now, and it’s just on the edge of funding. It was funded, but a couple of people who appear to be Kickstarter trolls pulled some huge pledges right after it was funded. Casting is being done by Ed Forte of Trollforged, which I have to admit does make me a little nervous, since the abortion that Tre Manor’s Red Box Games Kickstarter turned into, not to mention his own Alien Assimilation Host which I’m expecting I might have my figures from early next year at this rate.

So with this in mind, why am I interested enough in this KS to pimp it on my blog?


Well, Impact are one of the groups that are still keeping the Blood Bowl flag flying after years of neglect and worse by Games Workshop (though credit to them for keeping the LRB up for quite a long time until the recent revamp of their website). The teams are a real mix. From figures that I wouldn’t ever put down on a table I own, to some decent ones to a couple that look quite nice indeed. Not sure why “looks like the 90’s” is such a popular insult – Jes Goodwin’s 1988 Blood bowl figures look better than almost any of the ones that came later or since!

So back to why I give a shit about these. Well, the main reason is this:

Impact Miniatures Chaotic Alliance Team

This team is based on Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars team that was featured in White Dwarf

Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars

Now, before you ask – the figures offered by Impact are not recasts of the Citadel models. They are newer sculpts based on those original Phil Lewis conversions. Now before anyone starts getting up in arms about “ripping off GW”, I’ll just quickly say HR Giger (RIP), Michael Moorcock, Broo. Now, because people are whiny bitches, we can’t always have nice things, and so some of the above resculpts were sold as limited editions in metal some time ago, and now a couple of the above-mentioned KS trolls have cited them being recast in a different material as the reason for their thousands of dollars worth of dropped pledges. The result is that Impact are resculpting the figures in question, and some other cool stuff won’t be sculpted at all (since sculpting isn’t free).


So anyway, if you have a passing interest in Blood Bowl or Fantasy Football, I’d suggest you check this one out. There’s quite a few figures in there that could have …other uses besides.