Zombicide Survivors: Kim, Watts and Shannon – and a pair of Toxic Fatties.

Zombicide Survivors: Kim, Watts, Shannon, Toxic Fatties

Well, as I’m sure those of you who are regular readers of this blog will have noticed, I haven’t posted in awhile – so here’s the small backlog of the last few models I finished back in May before the round-up and then onto the stuff I painted in June. A couple of the big reasons for the long delay have been the fact that my usual photography area has been a mess as I’ve overhauled part of the War Room with a long and painful combo clean-up, clean-out with some new storage, display and hobbytech stuff being added. On top of that, wanting to actually sit down and properly play some video games (played through Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 entirely, finally finished Agents of Mayhem and have been playing Watchdogs: Legion, Minecraft Dungeons and restarted The Division 2 in 4k/60). Oh, and not really wanting to be arsed (re)taking the photos for this post and needing a little rest from the old blogging.

Zombicide Kim

All three of the Zombicide survivors in this one are original characters from the game, rather than the endless stream of “homage” characters I’ve been working my way through. First up we have “Kim” who I’ve painted in much the same way that she’s depicted on the card art, though she always struck me as looking like a woman of South Asian descent for some reason – so I painted her as such. Kinda hard to tell of any other ethnicity besides “white”, black” or “brown” when painting teeny-tiny models, but I’ve been assured by people who have been to what I understand is called “outside” that others do exist, and so this is my attempt there.

Zombicide Watts

Speaking of “white”, the model of “Watts” really strongly spoke to me as “angry middle-aged suburban white guy”, so while I kept to the card art’s clothing choices – which also fit that stereotype pretty well – I aged him up a little with greying hair. Now get off his fucking lawn.

Zombicide Shannon

Finally, “Shannon”. Now while I am well aware that parts of the Zombicide online community really like to figure out and assign what they think must be deliberate CMoN/Guillotine Games homages to even the original characters, (Some thought this charatcre must be Ellen Ripley because she’s Bald in Alien 3.) – I’m well aware that sometimes A Horse is Just a Horse. With that in mind, and the fact that a certain movie involving a Road and some Fury was released quite a few years after this character, I still decided to paint it up as a little homage of my own to Imperator Furiosa. And yeah, I’ll have to get that Hasslefree model sometime. In fact, I thought their recent 1-week sale was a 2-week sale, so I’ve just missed out and will have to get onto them next time they have one as there’s quite a few models I want to pick up…

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Toxic fatties

Now for the exciting bonus content. Here’s my first pair of Toxic Fatties (try posting that phrase on Twitter and see what happens!) Since these Fatties wear civilian clothing – unlike the prison-jumpsuited crustaceans that are the Berserker Fatties – I decided to give them clothing that… we’ll say clothing that fits in with people of this stature. I’ll continue to do so with the rest of these (and the regular Fatties, eventually) and hopefully cause a ton of offense to people who can’t take a joke. While finishing them I noticed that I hadn’t blood-spattered the Toxic Abominations, so I left the blood spatter off this pair as well. I can always come back and add it later, of course…

Zombicide Survivors: Kim, Watts and Shannon

Also, group shot of the three survivors, ready to be used for any appropriate modern-to-post-apoc or even the low end of a sci-fi game. Hell, I could use them for Frateris Militia if it came to it! (Are Frateris Militia even still a thing?)

Zombicide Zombivors: Kim, Watts and Shannon

And finally – Zombivor models. Ready to be used for …zombies? I guess.

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

My final models for April (I think) and by extension, final set of models for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. Another pair of Zombicide survivors alongside their accompanying “Zombvivor” versions.

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House)

As the post title has obviously given away, these two characters are another pair from Zombicide’s rather extensive range of “homage” models. Our first “inspired by” model of this pair is “Doc”, clearly based on Hugh Laurie’s acclaimed portrayal of Prince George from Blackadder III. Obviously.

Even the lean on the model suggests that the initial sketch and then subsequent model was based on a publicity still of Laurie leaning on House’s cane. Not the still I’ve got here, obviously, but then I wasn’t going to look that hard for the exact pic…

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Painting was pretty straightforward. I checked a bunch of images of House to see how he typically dressed in the show and went with a combo that worked for the model. Any fans of the TV show here? Worth getting hold of to actually watch sometime?

Zombicide “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Derek Zoolander was a little trickier in some ways. The survivor pose looks like it was taken from the film, or a still, but I couldn’t find it easily.

I *did* find this shot of Deadpool in a similar pose, though…

There are a ton of pics of him wearing the headband/scarf/thing around his head, but the hex-ish-pattern on it was way more than I was willing to bother with and went with a simpler alternating stripe pattern instead – a good example of what I call “good enough” painting.

Zombicide “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

In the end I based my palette broadly on the character art from the game, though I felt a slightly more sea green/teal longsleeve looked better and was more fitting for Zoolander.

And that, my friends – is that!

Hopefully I can get all of April’s stuff photographed together later today for my round-up post tomorrow, and then I can get straight into posting May’s other completed work…