Red Box Games – Size Comparisons with GW Lord of the Rings figures.

Yesterday I eagerly received my order of minis from Tre’ Manor aka Red Box Games. He’s done a lot of work for Reaper Miniatures in the past. Some of my GW links may be mangled or die soon as GW is in the process of changing their metal stuff to Finecast with many items seemingly discontinued.

Red Box Games Halfling Ollander, Citadel Lord of the Rings Hobbit Frodo

Ollander and Frodo

Ollander Elsewhetherornot of Mootshire from RBG with Frodo Baggins from GW. Ollander is noticably shorter than Mr Frodo, but still fits in well as a Hobbit, especially when you take into account that not all humans are the same height in real life.

Red Box Games Dwarf Brynjar Gunnar, Citadel Lord of the Rings Khazad Guard

Brynjar Gunnar and a Khazad Guard

Brynjar Gunnar from RBG and a Khazad Guard from GW. As can be seen, the sizes are 100% compatible. Oddly this Khazad Guard doesn’t seem to be available from GW at the moment…

Red Box Games Dwarves Hostrum Hammersmite, Gunnar, Citadel Lord of the Rings Khazad Guard

Hostrum Hammersmite, Gunnar and Khazad Guard

Another shot showing Dwarf with Dvergr. Hostrum Hammersmite is added here, who I’ll use as a Dwarf King or General type figure. I’d have compared with one of my GW Dwarf Kings as well, but they’re packed away in a box. Somewhere. Very happy with the RBG Dvergr/Dwarfs – I picked up almost a dozen of the various figures to mix in with my GW ones and add some nice personality to the force.

Red Box Games Norse Fearless Hvitarnor, Citadel Lord of the Rings Boromir

Fearless Hvitarnor and Boromir

Fearless Hvitarnor from RBG and Boromir from GW. I picked up a couple of the Norse-themed Njorn range, somewhat to use as Dunlendings. Again, my Dunlendings are …somewhere, so Boromir gets size comparison duty. I purchased Hvitarnor because he reminded me of Conan, right down to the pose, facial expression and helmet.

Red Box Games Astrid, Yrsa, Citadel Lord of the Rings Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Astrid, Eowyn and Yrsa

I decided to use a female figure from GW’s LotR range to compare with the RBG ones. Here’s Eowyn in the middle, with RBG’s Astrid of the Stones on our left and Yrsa the Accursed from the HelsVakt range on the right. I bought these two mostly because they’re good looking figures, though perhaps they could both be used in friendly games using the rules and stats from one of the Stormcaller or Shaman characters.

Red Box Games Elf Christia the Chaste, Citadel Lord of the Rings Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Christia the Chaste and Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Christia the Chaste from RBG’s Aelfar (Elves) range along Eowyn again. I really liked the Aelfar figures, so just as I bought a big bunch of the Dvergr, I did the same with the Aelfar.

Red Box Games Yvander, Edele, Citadel Lord of the Rings Legolas

Yvander, Legolas and Edele

A few more Aelfar. Yvander Halfblood from RBG, Legolas from GW (seems this one is discontinued) and Edele of Aelheim from RBG. No prizes for guessing where these guys would be used.

Red Box Games Halfblood Sverreulf the Red-Handed, Citadel Lord of the Rings Uruk Captain, Gothmog

Uruk Captain, Sverreulf the Red-Handed and Gothmog

Uruk-Hai Captain from GW,  Sverreulf the Red-Handed from RBG and Gothmog from GW. RBG’s Halfblood range is interesting. When browsing it, this guy stood out to me as a figure that would make an effective Orc Captain, especially amongst the non-uniform plastic orcs. Again this Gothmog figure appears to be discontinued, though since it’s the same figure as was widely available with the Battle for Middle Earth magazines, I don’t see a shortage of this figure happening anytime soon.

That’s it for tonight. I picked up a bunch of other RBG figures at the same time as these, but these pics should give anyone interested in using these figures alongside the GW LotR ones for any kind of Middle-Earth miniatures of Role-Playing games (MERP!) a good idea of what would work.

Polish Resin 3 – Scibor Rosettes

Another thing I had arrive this week was some Scibor stuff. I got some conversion parts, which I still need to photograph, and also picked up these Rosettes. Not entirely sure what I’ll be using them for – either scenery or perhaps on the sides of some vehicles. The important thing is that they look great, right?

Rosette of Death #1

Scibor Rosette of Death #1 (both)

Rosette of Death #1 has a somewhat generic look, what with all of the skulls and all. It wouldn’t be out of place in Kaplica Czaszek in Poland or Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic. This, naturally, means it would fit in anywhere in the Warhammer/40k Universes. I imagine this is the kind of thing that they have decorating childcare centers in the 40k universe.

Scibor Rosette of Death #1 (single)

A slightly closer-up pic of #1

Scibor Rosette of Death #4

I also purchased Rosette of Death #4. With the Angel-winged shield, I figured that I could use it for any of my Dark Angels, Blood Angels or Templars and it would fit in quite nicely. Once again the work is finely detailed, the casting is pretty good and there are no major finecast-style quality issues such as the chain being incomplete.

Scibor Rosette of Death #4 (closeup)

Once again, a bit more of a close-up. I probably won’t use the braces that it comes with, but it’s nice to have the option. Similarly to the Rosette #1s, I’ll need to figure out exactly what I want to do with it first…

Scibor Rosette #1 size shot

This shot shows Rosette #1 with a plastic Space marine standing on it. You could easily break some of these up for basing materials, or alsost even use them as bases for Terminators and so forth (they’re just a bit bigger than a 40mm base.)

Size comparisons of Scibor Rosettes #1 and #4

Great stuff from Scibor. My next review will be on the Scibor shoulder pads and shields I also picked up, or possibly on some of the Red Box Games figures I had arrive today. One or the other, but both very soon!

LotR Spiders – test model – Pre-Dip

So for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game, we have a vague plan to have a small force of almost every army. Not of the sizes you’d play a 1000-point battle or what have you, but enough for a variety of small games and also enough to play through many/most/all of the various scenarios found in the sourcebooks.

With that in mind, we’re also hoping to mostly use models that aren’t crap. Unfortunately, the GW LOTR spiders are indeed crap. Overpriced as well, but really the issue is that they’re awful models.

Luckily, the GW Goblin Spider Riders aren’t crap. Overpriced, yes, but I was lucky enough to get a set of 10 off a nice bloke selling off chunks of his O&G army, and also have another 10 on the way from an eBay parts seller. All I needed to do was toss the riders in a parts box and scrounge up a bunch of round 40mm bases.

Oh yeah, and come up with a colour scheme. Since my wife hates spiders, and I’m not exactly their biggest fan when I see one inside the house, I wanted to go for a scheme that was somewhat realistic, a bit revolting, visually striking at a distance, and also not likely to be mistaken for a real spider in the house. (I had to get rid of a great big Huntsman Spider in the lounge room the other day – not fun!)

I decided on going for a yellow, exotic, almost tropical spider look. I also thought dipping would work well as an effect to give it that glossy, slimy, “ewww” factor, as well as expediting their painting. I’m also not a huge fan of the “skull” onthe back of many of the goblins’ spiders, but since there are things in nature such as the Death’s Head Moths (right, Clarice?) and knowledge that any dip would just bring up the skull details anyway, I decided to incorporate the skull into an overall stippled pattern on the model.

I couldn’t decide between red eyes (the typical, standard “evil monster” look) or green, for a more natural or vaguely realistic look – I knew I wanted to avoid blue. When I saw my metallic green paint, I decided I found the colour to try out.

So after all that, here’s my concept model, before dipping:

I’ve been reading a bit about Army Painter brand dips recently, but will be giving this guy a dunk using an old can of Wattyl stain as that’s what I have in the shed (if I can find it). If the experiment works out okay, I’ll buy an actual can of the AP dip. Probably their “light” tone.

I know there’s some visible mould lines left on the figure. It wasn’t that easy at times to work out which lines were part of the GW angular “exoskeleton/carapace”-style sculpt and which just need to be trimmed. Since this is a colour concept figure I’ll get the others done more carefully. Now I’m off to go get wood stain on my hands!

Polish Resin 2 – Maxmini Steam Knight heads, Gothic Backpacks and Shields

Much the same as the last post, this is mainly so people can see what this stuff looks like in some decently-sized pictures and get some feedback. Like the Orc heads from my previous posting, these Steam Knight pieces are great.

Steam Knight heads

I haven’t taken close-ups of every one of them. You can see the designs on their website anyway. This is much more to show how they compare size-wise to GW’s marine heads and also to show how they fit on marine torsos. They’re a little taller and thinner than the standard, as they don’t have the large “ear/headset” sections of your standard marine helmets and are a little taller, but I think they fit in very well anyway. I plan to use some of them for Templars, possibly some for Grey Knights and some of them for Iron Warriors.

I’ll probably order another set or two, just to make sure I’ve got enough for my IWs.

Maxmini Gothic Backpacks

The Gothic Backpacks set gets you six (two of each) and while they’re not especially cheap, they’ll make great characterful backpacks for Templar marine armies. I’ve provided a comparison pic with Helbrecht’s backpack, a normal plastic marine backpack and also a chaos marine backpack. I probably won’t order another set of these, since I want them to stand out on character models (Chaplain, Techmarine(?), Emperor’s Champion, etc), though I might end up getting some more down the line for the unofficial squad leaders amongst the Neophytes and Sword Brethren.

I also picked up two different sets of Maxmini shields. I got a 10-pack of the Mechanical Shields, which is shown here by the larger one with the cross – as you can see, quite a decent size. They’re also offered as a 5-pack with 5 hammers but I passed on that since I think they offer better hammers elsewhere and I’d rather have twice the number of awesome shields than half as many with some merely “alright” hammers. (I wonder why you can’t get some Mk1 hammers mixed in with Mk2 ones in an order?).

The smaller round shields (Black Lotus Tribal Shields) also look good, and came in a 10-pack. Not sure where the name comes from, but with Eagle, Lion and Wreath designs on them, they have a nice strong “classical” look that will fit in with many space marine armies.

I’m really happy with all of the Maxminis stuff I picked up, and I’ll most likely make another order from them within the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for now! Next – Scibor.

Polish Resin #1 – Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

This week I was lucky enough to take delivery of several sets of resin conversion parts from a trio of Polish sculpting studios. Since I know I’m always keen to see “in hand” and decent quality pictures of these things (as opposed to the website pics which can be small or not so great or even “too perfect” 3D renders – and they usually can’t show you comparison pics with other manufacturers’ models, so I’ll do some of that as well.

First up is some stuff from Maxmini.

I have the Maxminis Pirate Orc heads. Just right for any group (crew?) of freebooting Orcs, Orks or even Orx that one may want to put together. I picked up both sets – the larger Nob-sized Pirate Orc Heads as well as the smaller Pirate Orc Boys Heads.

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Comparison shot with some Black Reach Orc Nob heads, and also a couple of pics of a couple of the Nob heads blu-tac’ed onto some Black Reach Ork bodies.

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Brilliant sculpting. Easily on a par with or better than GW (better than their plastics, equal at least to their metals and I haven’t checked out finecast yet). The resin is good quality – not the kind that makes your hands itch after touching it, and as can clearly be seen by these pictures, there are no miscast parts, no bits of the mould stuck in the detail, and not even any bubbles in the resin. Cleanup would take about 40 seconds-1minute per head – just trimming any tiny pits of chin flash (not all of them have any) and flattening the base of the neck. Top quality!

I’ve also got some of their Steam Knight stuff I’ll put up shortly – probably tomorrow if I get time. That’s also extremely well done. I’ll definitely buy more of these guys’ Orc resin pieces in the future.

Men In Black – Warzone “Corporation” Miniatures.

Mark Copplestone’s Warzone Figures.

So I finally got some small amount of painting done. I picked a couple of old figures that had been half- finished in a figure case for.. a decade? These three fine individuals are Warzone figures. And old miniatures game based on the Mutant Chronicles universe. They’re from the Corporation, and sculpted by Mark Copplestone. We actually had a really good Warzone campaign going at our Friday night FLGS hangout back then, right up until Target Games pushed out Warzone 2nd Edition, and things just fell apart. Good times…

My guys at the time were a Cybertronic force, but instead of painting them grey, I painted them based off of the WCW “nWo” (New World Order) wrestling faction. They were Tres’ cool back then with their black outfits and stylish T-shirt logo. I naturally painted my few Corp guys to match.

And the same. From the back.


The photos aren’t especially brilliant (the shading on their clothing is both more noticable and more subtle in hand) and they haven’t yet been varnished, (hence the shiny ponytail). I’m in two minds as to whether or not I should add the typical “GW style” highlight/shade/light point to the sunglasses, or simply go over them with gloss once the figures are sealed. Actually, I’ll need to do that to the torch on Ponyboy’s pistol.

I’m overall happy with the simple act of getting them finished, though my fav of the three is the Maori-tattooed bouncer. I swapped the front of his Ghenna Puker (aka Warzone’s crap-looking flamethrower) with the main section of a GW Heavy flame, probably off a Chimera or Russ kit. Makes the weapon a bit bigger and a lot nastier looking.

Bases are kept plain and pretty generic so they fit in with as many different settings as possible. I generally don’t go for overly-specific bases, though I have warmed to them in some cases these days.