August 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Another month done, and another round-up. So what if we’re more than halfway to the next month? Between the backlog of things to post, work, RL factors and simply not having the engery and inclination to photograph and edit images, then write post for each and every day, my schedule is still fucked. Yeah, I know, Jewel of July still needs a round-up, and I’ll get to it. Hopefully before the end of September, but it’s a lot of work to put those together (and I still owe several months worth of round-up posts from 2019!)

So anyway, like I said – here’s my round-up for August. As with July, the numbers are wildly inflated with lots of little bits of scatter from Mantic’s Terrain crate as well as other, similar bits and pieces. Credit once again to Dave Stone for giving me the impetus for getting so much of that stuff done, as most of it would still be languishing in baggies inside boxes – you know, where the rest of those bits still are until I next get the scatter terrain bug. I do have some larger pieces on the go, though funnily enough, there is less motivation to smash them out now that the terrain challenge has ended. I’ll have to just knuckle down and get them done rather than let them languish, half-done for months or years….

I’ve accidently included that tall green mechanical piece in the pic, as I got confused because I had it sitting next to the new terrain from August, as I’d kept the July terrain around for the Tertrain Challenge round-up. So ignore that one piece, anyway!

Not many actual miniature figures (as opposed to terrain pieces) painted in August, Just a few official D&D models, and a couple of not-D&D models. There’s a reason for that, but I’ll talk about it later on.

Still, I managed to get a lot of bits finished in what was less than ideal circumstances. I guess that makes me a bona-fide fucking hero to you all. Does my sarcastic tone come through? I hope so. In a less snarky tone, the total for August was 75 completed. So added to the 232 from the previous months it gives me a running total of 305 pieces. As I said last time, and some of us have discussed, the system is flawed in that 1 Snotling ≠ an Imperial Knight, and a Terrain Crate stool ≠ one of those large terrain pieces covered in individual rust streaks, but ah well. As long as it vaguely balances out, and more importantly works as motivation to keep on going, then the counting is doing it’s job. That’s how I view it, anyway…

July 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Aside from personal stuff going on over the last month+, one of the other big reasons I haven’t posted for awhile was needing to go out into the shed, clean up the gaming table, and set up this lot of stuff for the photos.

Despite the fact that it was supposed to be Jewel of July, I spent much of the first half of the month getting models from The Tray and D&D models done, as well as working on scenery pieces for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge (as you can probably see!)

Unfortunately, the latter half of the month saw some Shit Go Down which has rolled into August, and so much of my painting and blogging mojo got trashed, so I did the only thing I could do for the Jewel of July challenge – I changed the rules and extended it into August as well. At least there are a few models in July’s set there that will easily qualify, but I did want to paint something cool especially for the challenge. I guess I’ve got a week left?

As noted with yesterday’s post, there are a couple of models in this round-up that didn’t get their moment in the sun in a post, but I’ll get that sorted soon enough. There is rather a lot there at least, and given how many bits of scatter terrain I got done over the month, it ended up being the most productive month ever – in terms of numbers. Though it’s pretty important to bear in mind that the vast majority of the number is made of bits of scatter terrain and many of the figures are pretty simple D&D models.

How many pieces in total, you ask? That would be 104 completed in July. So added to the 128 I got done from April-June it gives me a running total of 232 models.

We’ve gotta be real here though – this kind of number really showcases the inherent flaw in simple “model count” systems that we tend to use to track our progress. Those orange traffic cones in my pics there “count” as one model each and so have the same “value” as a tank or an Imperial Knight, which in a lot of ways, is, you know, bullshit.

On the other hand, it’s not a competition, and none of the challenges I’ve ever run or have participated in have been presented as competitions. It’s entirely about motivation and community. Motivation for the self and for individuals, and the support that we give one another as a little online community of model painting geeks (and book reviewers and artists). So, you know, getting those 25 little orange cones that have been sitting there that I really didn’t want to paint got done mostly because of the motivation of Dave Stone’s challenge and also partly because it lets me notch up 25 more models done for the month/year/etc. Motivation!

Anyway, on we soldier and see you tomorrow. I’m still trying to catch up on all of the many, many blog posts the many of you have been posting. In this situation it means a lot more likes than comments, and also that posts will be missed. But c’est la vie!