February Painting Round-Up

The last of what has seemed to be a ton of wrap-up and round-up posts for February, it’s my monthly round-up for February 2018.

February 2018’s completed models. (54 Models!)

January’s count came to a total of 59 (there was a missing Plaguebearer!) so with a total of 54 models completed, February has almost been as productive in number terms, but I’ve got a couple of larger models in there as well. Still, it’s worth remembering that I’m totalling figures completed, not start-to-finish – though with 36 models start-to-finish, I’m way better than par there!

January 2018’s completed models. (58 of 59 shown)

You know, it might be a bit of fun to have previous months’ layout underneath just-finished month as a visual guide.

113 models in two months? Holy shit! This is clearly my best output ever.


January Painting Round-Up

This is the first of what will (hopefully!) be a regular series of monthly round-ups of what I’ve painted over any given month. Idea inspired by Davekay’s “painting tray” and the need to do round-up for Decembuary, and the fact that I’ve not been great with my written list this year.

January is usually a productive month for me when it comes to painting. Summer means ease of spraying, time off work, and long hours of natural light. While there are a whole lot of figures here, it’s also important to remember that these are figures finished – not started AND finished (though some of them are that as well). You know how that goes. Some of these were started more than a decade ago. Still, 58 figures (by my rushed count as I type this before work) Not too shabby. Though I think I’m missing a plaguebearer there…