Reaper 02337: Malvernis Inquisitor

One of the great things about this little miniatures community we have is that we’re not just another Warhammer or 40k group, and that there’s a diverse group of people with diverse interests and areas of knowledge. Here’s a model that I simply have no idea about. I bought it well over a decade ago as part of that set of D&D/RPG models I’ve been painting and posting slowly. Of course, back then I cut down the integral metal base and put it on a round 25mm, and so even when I recently found it and applied a healthy dose of fucking finish this thing to the model to it, it didn’t matter that I cut off the last vestiges of the metal base, since there were no manufacturers’ markings left on it anyway. So if you recognise this model (I couldn’t find it on Reaper’s site) please let me know what it is, so I can edit this post! 🙂

Now, while I say fucking finish this thing, I should point out that this one wasn’t a simple matter of adding the details. The whole model was painted in an ugly drybrushed shade of grey, so counting the rebasing, it’s really been a complete (re?) paint. Though I’ll admit, it’s a pretty simple scheme. The Yin-Yang symbols are decals, by the way. I wanted them perfect, and while I enjoy the old freehand, I’m not at the point of perfectly circular circles. It’s still an awkward model, but, you know, done is done!

Big thanks to reader Mr Gavin who identified the model as Reaper’s Malvernis Inquisitor, sculpted by Bobby Jackson – with a name like that I guess it makes sense why my search for “monk” was fruitless when trying to find the model.

Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle (kinda)

Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle

I’m always torn when painting and posting up these Reaper models. Should I include them in the D&D series or not? I mean, they’re clearly designed specifically to be used in D&D (and other derivitive fantasy RPG games), but they’re not licenced, and speaking for myself at least – a lot of them end up drafted into my Warhammer-ish and Kings of War armies, rather than having any plans to be used in D&D roleplaying or even D&D Adventure System board games – especially generic stuff like undead. It’s a little easier when they’re clearly “not-” models for D&D’s more unique creatures.

This particular gargamel model is even more of a quandry – this particular Bob Ridolfi sculpt is these days available in Bones plastic as 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle or (totally) Metal as, erm. “03223: Gargoyle“. The model we have here, though was actually one from Reaper’s (apparently discontinued) Legendary Encounter series of prepainted Bones models.

Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle

I’ve had this thing sitting around for years, and it was only a couple of weeks ago when rooting around in a tub of models looking for something else that I fished it out as an “easy win” and then proceeded to base it on a 30mm base, then repaint it. The funny(!) thing is that as a prepainted model from the LE line, it suffered from precicely zero of the fucking endless stickiness and tackiness problems of its Bones brethren that make them such a nightmare to work with.

So, in the end it was a pretty quick and easy model to get painted. I again used a little thinned green and purple inks to play with the plain grey and give it some interest. I should probably work out if it’ll go in with my Dark Elves or my Undead, and then add the approriate flowers for that force. I’ll do that later.