Zombicide: Black Plague – Broken Walls

Another real quick one today – it seems I forgot to post these back in April, though I did take the photo at the time. These are broken walls from the Zombicide Black Plague accessories pack (plastic tokens and whatnot).

I actually painted most of these last year sometime, and then (naturally) found two that had gotten missed. I don’t know how that sort of thing always manages to happen. (Those Shadows of Brimstone Tentacles had another bunch turn up recently, FFS!)

Anyway, they’re pretty simple. Too simple in fact, so I added some cat-litter-and-sand additional rubble. I left them all in grey to keep them nice and generic, and because adding weathering powders to this sort of glorified tokens would be a bit too far on the side of insane uses of my time. Here’s a photo to show the scale of these, in case I ever decide to use them in wargames, for which they’d be okay as movement-obstructing terrain or soft/light cover.

9 thoughts on “Zombicide: Black Plague – Broken Walls

  1. I just hope that isn’t recycled cat litter, haha! Looks great, man. If someone was super ambitious (and had a ton of time on their hands), they could probably chop up those a bit to break up any uniformity. They look pretty good for some added terrain bits though.

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    • His majesty only uses the finest recycled paper litter. This is from the plastic barrel of clay-type litter from his predecessor (that we also use for the barbeque drip tray).
      Chopping them up further is WAY too much additional work and care – especially for something that does need to remain easily usable for a boardgame. 🙂

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