Morathi: Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997) #Fembruary 2019, Neglected February 2019

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Today’s model is also my slightly-delayed submission for Alex at Leadbaloony’s Fembruary 2018 painting challenge. Originally, I’d hoped to get a few other models done in time as well, but with how February turned out, I’m actually quite happy just to have finished off Morathi to a this standard.

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Of course, there’s a new pair of models for Morathi these days, as in AoS she currently leads the Daughters of Khaine faction. But never mind those – I’ll get to them when I get to them! This model originally had a rather ornate head to the staff, but as I didn’t like it, I chopped it off around the time I bought this model and simply replaced it with a skull from a plastic skeleton kit. Morathi might not look “dressed for battle” with more than a touch of cheesecake but to me she gives off a nice “Maleficent” type vibe, and she’s clearly powerful enough to dress however she likes…

Marouda, today.

As well as Alex’ challenge, I’m also dedicating this Fembruary model to Marouda, who is both a mentally strong woman as well as one who has been becoming physically stronger as the weeks go past (we’ve been going to the gym regularly since late last year, but more on that in a later post). She didn’t know why I wanted to take this photo, either. 😛

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

The palette I’ve chosen for Morathi is around the overall scheme that I’m doing my Dark Elves in, which is to say a lot of Turquoise and Aqua, with use of the blues and greens to each side. I’m also going to call this model the beginning of another AoS Skirmish warband, and shoehorn it into Alex’ other group project as my only other painted Dark Elves are limited to a pair of Assassins and a pair of Bolt Throwers that lack crew. Warbanding them up a bit more seems like the perfect motivation to getting a few more of these models painted!

Now, to get on and paint some Skaven! (wait, what?)

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

This model was originally released as a “Dwarf General” but was repurposed to represent Queen Helgar Longplaits during the Grudge of Drong 5th edition WHFB campaign. I picked her up alongside many of the other dwarves that I’ve had since shortly afterwards, including a number of the Slayers. Now, finally, thanks to Fembruary forcing my hand, I’ve finished her.

In general terms, I’ve been really bad at blogging over the last week. I mean, on one hand it’s only been a few days since my last post, but on the other hand, that post was written and queued on Sunday. So for a few days, I haven’t been reading new posts from people nor following comments nor seeing who the new people who have subbed actually are.. and the result is a massive backlog!

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

The reason for the time off maintaining the blog has been a combination more of the endless ups and downs on the rollercoaster that is my workplace, and deciding last Sunday to “take a look” at Assassins creed: Origins on my X1X, since I bought the bloody thing months ago. While I’ve done a little bit of painting, AC:O basically took all of my free time since then. Blogging? Meh. Watching Wrestling? Meh. Other games? Meh. Even now, I’d rather be playing it then needing to open Photoshop to crop and resize these bloody photos I just took – and a delay even there since some from Friday night were blurry which meant a second trip to the light box today.

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

So now I’m going to try and post up the last of February’s backlog over the next few days. The last couple of Fembruary models, followed by the last batches of “Neglected Models” (though there would have been a lot more if not for AC:O), then my own round-ups for Fembruary and Neglected Models, a full “February” round-up for myself, and then a group round-up for all the people that participated in Neglected Model February – and thank you to everyone who posted a link or comment about that. If you joined in and painted a neglected model in Feb and haven’t already done so, please either leave a comment or a pingback to the post linked here so I can do the round-up.

As for Helga, well, she counts as both a Female model, and a Neglected Model, so 2-up for her on Paint Challenges…

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machines: The Whirlwind!

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

Before there were Bull Centaurs, there were Boar Centaurs!

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

Now I’ve finally caught up on January’s posts, I can finally start on February’s.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

So …yeah, I finished the “February Challenge” to complete a neglected model on the 1st of February, when I motivated myself to get this guy off the shelf and finally complete him. Of course, with a challenge like “finish a neglected mini”, it’s the sort of thing that I’m naturally going to get done a whole lot of times, since I’ve got WAY too many neglected minis and intend to continue what I’ve been doing for quite awhile and concentrate a lot of my effort on finishing the very same, rather than starting too many new figures.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

I really put this challenge together after considering a comment from IRO, who asked if I’d be setting up another challenge after Painting Decembuary. Initially I didn’t want to because when there are too many challenges it can become tedious, but then decided to set up one that’s easily achievable, not only by my own self, but by others.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machines Oldhammer

This guy was released back in September 1991, and I got both the Tenderiser (still completely unpainted) and this model, the Whirlwind (predating the Space Marine armoured vehicle). I never got the Juggernaut, which is a kind of Siege Tower thing. It was too much for my finances at the time.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

The model was originally painted very similarly to the “official” one, but with a slightly more Khorne-oriented paint scheme, much of which still shows through today. Of course, over the last 35 years or so, the figure got knocked about, most of the “lawnmower” (as we called it) got broken up, and well, you get the idea.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

Last year or the year before, I gave him a new base, and did a little bit of touch-up, before getting a bit stuck and a lot distracted. So since then, it’s been sitting around, in the way, on the shelf, on the table, move it here, move it there until this painting challenge did finally motivate me to just finish the bloody thing already. In that sense, I actually have IRO to thank for finally getting this thing completed.

Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur War Machine Whirlwind Oldhammer

When I eventually focus on painting my Chaos Dwarves, I’ll fit this guy into the army for whatever system I’m using. Until then, he’s mostly a display piece – but most importantly, he’s finally done!

Orc1 Warrior Orc/Orc Champion (Kev Adams, 1987-88 or thereabouts) Part 1.

The earliest I can find this particular orc is in the 1988 “blue” catalogue listed as an Orc Champion, though he’s an alternate sculpt of “Mannik” from the ORC1 Warrior Orc range, found in the 1987 Citadel Journal, so it’s likely he was originally part of that range, given his dodgy facial sculpt. The catalogues get pretty ropey from 1987 and back. Anyway, he’s a duplicate of a figure I painted myself way back in the period between ’88-90 who I found and reburbished recently, with a small touch-up and a new base. The plan was to complete the pair and post them together, but I lost the original shield from the original Orc, so until I find it and remount it, this guy stands alone.

I’ve gone for much the same colour scheme as I did with my other older orcs (that came later, circa 4th edition WHFB), and painted both the red of and the the skull on his stomach guard as a reference to those figures. The highlight of this figure though, is his shield. The freehand orc-face design was originally painted way back in my early days – I think I originally planned for it to go on a war machine – but when I saw it sitting around after all these years, I decided to get it onto a figure, and this guy fit the bill perfectly. All I really did besides the rim was add the upper level highlights.

With his not-especially-interesting front, and cool looking shield on his back, this guy is a shoo-in to be in the rear rank of any force on aesthetic value alone. 😉

Citadel F3 Barbarians (Alan & Michael Perry, 1987)

Ok, so only our friend here with the double-bladed axe “Gerloc” actually appears in the 1987 Citadel Journal under the F3 banner, but the other two models are both variants on “Gudrud”, who is on that same page, so I’m comfortable with placing these in the same vintage.  A further variant appears in the 1988 “Blue” catalogue under the Barbarian range, along with a Valkyrie-styled figure who I kept in a baggie alongside the boys here for many years. She’ll be painted alongside the Shieldmaidens and Valkyries from Foundry.

This first figure clearly draws heavy inspiration from Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo’s Conan artwork, as do so many barbarians from so many ranges.

This figure was a real motivator for me to learn new techniques for painting black hair, which (let’s face it) can be a right pain in the arse, since we don’t want it to look blue, or grey, or dark brown. Hopefully I’ve managed to pull it off (thanks, Duncan!) and if I haven’t – blame Duncan!

Gerloc here is pretty much also Conan. The spike from his helm was lost long ago, but at least I managed to keep the rest of him intact enough over the years.

I painted these three together, and tried for a slightly more tanned look to their skin than my usual Caucasian skin without appearing too ruddy or too orange. Not that you can really tell here with no models to compare the trio to.

Also on these three, I avoided painting on any tattoos, as I’d be temped to with any models that have a lot of muscular skin showing. Given that they’re old-school models that are a representation of a particular style of artwork (Frazetta, Vallejo) I left their bare skin bare of ink.

This third figure is actually not Conan! He looks and feels to me like a barbarian warlord. The stance, topknot of hair, helm under his arm and especially his cape really work together to suggest a veteran of many battles who now leads a party of warriors to battle.

Of course, his stature being that of a figure circa the late 1980’s means that he looks like a peon when stood next to a newer Barbarian from pretty much any company – let alone something like a Khorne Bloodbound (his spiritual successors), so he may well be relegated to veteran warrior or even a regular warrior/cannon fodder when/if he’s used in any games.

I was painting a similar Chronpia model alongside these guys, but he got bumped at the 11th hour so I could concentrate on this trio of truly old-school models. He’ll be done soon, and the four shall again be united!

Finally – a note and shout-out to those people whose Blogger/Blogspot blogs that I follow – especially Curis and The Responsible One. For whatever reason, either my computer, or my browser, or something is screwy and so when trying to leave a comment in Blogspot blogs using my WordPress account often (almost always) throws me into some weird loop of selecting my username and “publishing” my comment, but then it goes back to selecting my username, and then round and round we go. So I might not be commenting much – but I’m still out here watching and reading! And if you’re unfamiliar with their blogs, you should definitely check them out!

Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade

After a week of not being able to find my camera, and therefore given the option of using my newish phone for photos (sorry, Samsung, you’re not quite there yet) instead, and also not quite sure what I had taken in the last batch, I’ve found it last night!

This fine fellow is Citadel’s Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade, originally released a few years ago as part of the Vampire Counts line, he survived the transition to Age of Sigmar pretty much intact, now being a part of the Deathrattle sub-faction faction of the Death Grand Alliance. Or to those of us who don’t much care about all of that, he’s a cool looking Wight model. Like, I’m not a guy who hates AoS. The system is fine, and the models are as great as ever (generally!) but the background doesn’t do much for me, so I mostly ignore it.

This lord has an impressive cloak. I don’t usually highlight strong colours to white or near-white, especially when using colours as opposed to shades of grey, but this cloak seemed to warrant it as a rare example.

He’s based on a 40mm resin base from Back-to-Base-ix. In retrospect, I think he’d “fit” much better on a 32mm, but he’s been mounted and part-painted since before 32mm based were a thing, and I wanted the resin base to elevate him to more of a hero status. I’ve also used round bases on my fantasy models for aesthetic reasons since long before AoS was a thing, and since heroes in KoW don’t have a facing, I saw no reason to consider changing. The crimson flowers and grass tie him in with the other heroes in the Undead army.

The only strong colour on this model is really the red, with the sword having a blueish tint that marks it as a magical blade, rather than simply an old, corroded one. Perhaps it glows blue when Orc-kind are nearby?

Another Trio of Citadel WHFB Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

Another trio of early-90’s Slayers today. Not a lot to write about these guys as we’ve seen others of their ilk before quite a few times by now. These three have been painted with paler, more faded – slightly pastel even rather than “natural” – hair.

A couple of different tones of blue for the stripey trousers, but both wearing the traditional style. Once again, I think the tattoos turned out well.

I really need to get the final batch of these guys stripped so I can start painting them. I’ve still got the commanders to complete, as well as a small selection of LE figures from Citadel and metals from other sources like AoW and Mantic. And then there’s the plastics. And the Fyreslayers…