C23 Citadel Oldhammer Ogre Warrior Priest (Jes Goodwin, 1985)

C23 Citadel Ogre Warrior Priest (Jes Goodwin, 1985)

Yep, that’s right – 1985! I’ve had this model myself since either the end of the 80’s or start of the 90’s, and actually started working on it in the 90’s – and finally completed about 2 weeks ago. This model is a great sculpt, but one I had a great deal of difficulty in getting done. The problem for me was in the outfit and also finding appropriate colours to paint it in – a…kilt/skirt, and a fur-lined vest accented by wrappings with embedded spikes. The difficulty in that skirt being just how many folds and tears and patches that it has across the whole thing, making it a bit of a nightmare if one wanted to add some kind of patterning to it while keeping the patterns consistent, while also trying to keep the “caster” look to the model, since I’ll be using it as an Ogre Mage in my rather dormant Kings of War Ogre force.

C23 Citadel Ogre Warrior Priest (Jes Goodwin, 1985)

The Ogre Mage designation is also why I pinned him onto a small boulder makde from cork bark – as a model dating form the mid-1980’s, he’s quite small compared to any current Ogre models from almost any company – and especially so for a hero model. Looking at the model again while typing, I wonder if I should attempt go to back and add a very simple “Roddy Piper 1984” style “tartan”? Hm….

C23 Citadel Ogre Warrior Priest (Jes Goodwin, 1985)

I gave him the glowy eyes using Nihilakh Oxide over white. A shame there’s no Contrast paints that really work well in the same way. The reds are WAY too pigment-strong, even watered down… I’m not 100% sure, but I think this might be the last of my old C23 Ogres that I needed to paint, well, to complete. My next ogres will be more recent models. Not that it will be hard to have more recent Ogres than this guy….

25 thoughts on “C23 Citadel Oldhammer Ogre Warrior Priest (Jes Goodwin, 1985)

  1. Wonderful work on this classic sculpt mate, the colour choices work really well together, not one I’ve ever painted, but seems to have a lot of details in it.

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    • Thanks Dave! This model’s clothing colours are/were quite honestly one of the hardest I’ve ever put together. Glad he’s done! (though I may now have to go back and do that simple tartan…)

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  2. That’s funny, soon as you mentioned the skirt, I was thinking a tartan might have worked. Though looking at all the folds in the front, it would be a nightmare to paint up. I think you did a great job on him and it’s an amazing model to look at. The horns on his head remind me of the Ogre in the movie Time Bandits. You don’t always see Ogres with horns, but I think it makes them look more interesting than just big, bald, fat dudes. Great work and congrats on getting him finished up!

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    • Yeah, he’s back on the table now. In a corner, albeit, but waiting until I’m in the mood to add in a very simple “yellow grid” tartan, since those folds will be a nightmare to do much more to and I really want the guy to be done and outta here! 😮
      I’m a big fan of the older, more varied Ogres – though I appreciate the modern ones as well in their own way.

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    • Thanks Roger! I guess that’s part and parcel of individually-sculpted models versus multipart plastics designed to be modular. I have to give credit to some of the newer individual character models, though. 🙂


  3. This model has always been a favourite of mine, and I like how you’ve painted him, and the custom base looks great. I’ll always remember this figure as the one guarding the entrance to the classic warhammer quest dungeon diorama from Mike McVey.

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  4. This ogre came out great and has a ton of character to it. Tartans would be tough on that fabric but it would certainly look cool. Its amazing how much bigger minis have gotten since this period. GW creates some minis that are so big now that they would take just about anyone a couple weeks to finish even at a tabletop standard.

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I think I’m going to go for a very simple “tartan” – Roddy Piper’s original “classic” yellow “grid” lines on red (not really a tartan at all). Simple, but should be doable on such a messy model. For some great looking models finished to a high tabletop standard – and finished amazingly quickly, have a look through Altsain’s Blog – he’s an expert at smashing out models quickly that still manage to look pretty bloody nice!

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