Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri-Flavoured Undead Proxy Team – Resurrected Zombies!

Blood Bowl 3e: Undead Proxy Team - Resurrected Zombies!

Here’s the second batch of my Undead team, finally completed after something like close to two decades. Zombies! Now, it’ll be pretty obvious that these Zombies are all wearing different strips and are from different races. The reason for that is that when I was building and starting to play this team, I decided that it would be good to base some zombie models on the team members of my opposition teams – that way when I managed to kill off an opposing player on the pitch, I could then replace them with one of the zombie models I’d especially tailored for their team! These models use a combination of various WHFB plastic kits (and some Dark Eldar arms) as well as (obviously) the plastic Zombie kit of the time.

Blood Bowl 3e: Undead Proxy Team - Resurrected Zombies!

With the exception of the player whose strip was nominally based on the Philadephia Eagles, they have their “new” numbers scrawled onto their gear so as not to interfere with the player numbers of the actual Undead in this squad. While I never got as far as building any “proper” zombies for this team, that’s something I’ll look into once the rest of the players I’ve got on the go are all complete – along with any upgrades to choose a list to make them work with the new, current rules. Thenm again, I could always build more zombies to match the other teams in my own collection (when do-able – ain’t no plastic Big-Hat Chaos Dwarf kits to zombify!) And then, I’ll sort out my Orcs…

15 thoughts on “Blood Bowl 3e: Khemri-Flavoured Undead Proxy Team – Resurrected Zombies!

  1. These are some of the best Zombie layers I’ve ever seen mate, so characterful and unique, and love the fact they are based on teams you were playing at the time, and kept their uniform colours.

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  2. I like it! It’s not unusual to see people add other zombified races to their Undead teams, but I think this is the first time that I’ve seen them keep their team uniforms. Makes sense and will give a unique look to the team! Is the one in black supposed to be an Elf or Dark Elf? Love the expressions on the two Zombie/Humans. The uniforms turned out really nice too!

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    • Thanks Faust! Yep, that one is a Dark Elf – uses Zombie legs, DE Torso, Dark Eldar (3rd ed Starter) head and arms with those old plastic zombie hands again (since all the WHFB and 40k models are holding weapons!

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    • Thanks Wudu! I may have to make a few more down the road for this team, and then I can also drop them into any of the other more “normal” Undead teams I’ve yet tp paint once theyr’e done. 🙂


  3. Now that is a smart idea, mate and its in the spirit of Warhammer Fantasy which was much more conversion friendly than the modern incarnation! I recognize the old zombie sculpts as well. I know many people don’t care for them but I remember when they were new(ish) so it makes me a bit nostalgic to see them 🙂

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