Zombicide Survivors “Curro” (Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface) & “Derek”

Zombicide Survivors “Curro” (Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface) & "Derek"

And now part 1 of rounding out my June models, we have “Curro” which is pretty clearly based on Tony Montana alongside Derek, one of the original characters from the Toxic City Mall box.

Zombicide Survivor “Curro” (Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface)

I wasn’t super excited by the prostect of painting Tony’s suit from the film, given the fact that it has a subtle grey pinstripe. Of course, Tony did have two iconic outfits from the film – the white suit (which would have been easier to paint) along with this black pinstripe suit, but the pinstripe is the one that goes with the M16/AR15-203 combo as depicted on the figure (the figure has an M4 rather than an M16) but still…  I did attempt to give Al a slightly more olive complexion, as befiting Tony Montana, and also the coked-up “crazy eyes” that he shows in various parts of the film.

The white suit is also a pinstripe, but it’s even more subtle than Tony’s dark suit, so while it would have been much easier to paint, as you can see, both figures are taken from some pretty iconic stills from the film, so that left me with little choice on the best way have Curro tell those “fucking caca-roaches” to “say hello to my leetle friend”.

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the film. Which you absolutely should do if you haven’t.

Zombicide Survivors “Curro” (Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface)

So anyway, it was thinking about work from the Master of Pinstriping, Dave from The Imperfect Modeller that convinced me to just suck it up and give it a go. They’re far from perfect or at Dave’s level, but they’re good enough for a tabletop boardgame. Curro here was also the second-last model I completed in June.

Zombicide Survivor "Derek"

We then have Derek, the original creation from Toxic City Mall, (alongside Neema and several others) – though my understanding is that Derek is based on a backer via the pledge level that got a version of you into the game. I actually completed Derek in July, but I like to post up my Zombicide models in pairs since it works better for me being able to find my models later, not to mention google search terms.

Zombicide Survivor "Derek"

I pretty much just used the character art as my guide with old Derek, since I… don’t… care…? I mean, there’s no celebrity/actor/character likeness to try to match, and there’s also no real space to freehand an interesting t-shirt design, so, you know, whatevs…

In the next couple of days, we’ll have a model that I finally managed to find and update, along with my final model from June, (along with another one completed in early July). And then after that, the June round-up that – which will obviously be pretty heavy on the Zombicide models…