ORC1 Oldhammer Warrior Orcs (1987?)

ORC1 Oldhammer Warrior Orcs (1987)

One thing about the various models that we call “Oldhammer” is when looking for them in the old catalogues, there’s an awful lot of them that just aren’t listed in various catalogues. This guy is one of those. After a bit of digging around, I found a model that this guy is a variation of – “Mannik” of the ORC1 range, as shown in the 1987 Citadel Compendium. So given the way things worked back then, it only makes sense that this model was sculpted and released alongside. It’s certainly got the weird, malformed, and horrible-to-paint face that quite a few of Kev Adams’ earlier orcs had before he refined and stuck with the orc look that has remained today through any number of Citadel’s sculptors and even games companies (hello, Blizzard!)

ORC1 Oldhammer Warrior Orcs (1987)

The interesting thing (to me) is that the model on the left was originally painted by me back in the 90’s, along with the shield of the guy on the right. Basically, a couple of years ago I found my original model rotting in a figure case, and decided to rebase him and touch him up just a little. At the same time, I started a “new” version of the same model in something closer to my current style. Except.. in fixing up the original, his orc-face shield popped off. And then various combinations of the two models and the original shield fell in and out of the black hole that apparently exists on and around my painting area, eventually resulting in the newly-painted model having the original shield glued onto it, and the old model having the newer shield glued onto it as I found them and tried to finish off both models for the final time this month.

So now they’re both finished, but truth be told – and especially sitting here looking at the images as I write this, I’m not happy with the new (our left) shield. I think the original one really aces it. I’m going to have to go in again and fix up that newer shield.

I’ll update in some form once I’ve done that…


Reaper 02337: Malvernis Inquisitor

One of the great things about this little miniatures community we have is that we’re not just another Warhammer or 40k group, and that there’s a diverse group of people with diverse interests and areas of knowledge. Here’s a model that I simply have no idea about. I bought it well over a decade ago as part of that set of D&D/RPG models I’ve been painting and posting slowly. Of course, back then I cut down the integral metal base and put it on a round 25mm, and so even when I recently found it and applied a healthy dose of fucking finish this thing to the model to it, it didn’t matter that I cut off the last vestiges of the metal base, since there were no manufacturers’ markings left on it anyway. So if you recognise this model (I couldn’t find it on Reaper’s site) please let me know what it is, so I can edit this post! 🙂

Now, while I say fucking finish this thing, I should point out that this one wasn’t a simple matter of adding the details. The whole model was painted in an ugly drybrushed shade of grey, so counting the rebasing, it’s really been a complete (re?) paint. Though I’ll admit, it’s a pretty simple scheme. The Yin-Yang symbols are decals, by the way. I wanted them perfect, and while I enjoy the old freehand, I’m not at the point of perfectly circular circles. It’s still an awkward model, but, you know, done is done!

Big thanks to reader Mr Gavin who identified the model as Reaper’s Malvernis Inquisitor, sculpted by Bobby Jackson – with a name like that I guess it makes sense why my search for “monk” was fruitless when trying to find the model.