D&D Monster Manual 50: Tomb of Annihilation – Girallon

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

I thought I’d break up the relentless monotony of scenery posts with a miniature. Remember when I used to paint those? It is another D&D board game model, though I think it’s a pretty nice one – from the Tomb of Annihilaiton set. The Girallon is apparently a four-armed, white-furred gorilla with tusks. Ok, I’m fine with that. It’s a lot less silly than many other D&D critters I’ve painted and posted here over the years, after all!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Pretty straightforward to paint. I added a tiny bit of purple and then brown washes to the grey-white fur to give it some hopefully-subtle depth and variation, though not so much to make him look like a punk rock fan out for a night on the town. I’m quite happy with how well the flesh tones came out. A pretty nice model in the end, and something I’m happy enough with for the 50th D&D post!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Since the Tomb of Annihilation board game seems to be set in a thickly wooded outdoor area, I’ve modified my D&D monster bases for that set just by a subtle amount. There’s more brown in the grey of the flagstones, and I’m adding some cut down moss tufts to give a little more colour and reference the wild outdoors, while still leaving them sparse enough to fit in with the other games’ models. After all, a bit of moss growth between cracks in a dungeon is also feasable enough, right? Just ignore how large these “moss” tufts actually are…

Small Scenics: Archon Studios Ramparts – “Eternal Cathedral Stairs System”

Archon Studios Ramparts - "Eternal Cathedral Stairs System"

Following on from my recent post with the sets of “Kazumi” stairs from the Archon Ramparts Kickstarter, today I have the “Eternal Cathedral” themed stairs. You can read all my hurfblurf about the Kickstarter on that post if you’re so inclined. The important thing here is that I finally got these things completed. I initially experimented with Contrast Paints on these in an attempt to get them done quickly, but …it didn’t work. It looked – as we say here in Australia – shithouse.


That’s why experiments are a thing, though – so with that, it was the more annoying than upsetting task to get around to re-priming the fucking things and doing the drybrush/wash/weathering powder thing. I did originally envision a lighter grey stone, which is why I did the Contrast thing, but in the end, more mid-grey is fine. The original plan was to get both sets finished in the same month and post them up together, but it didn’t quite work out that way. At least I got them done in the same calendar year!