D&D Monster Manual 50: Tomb of Annihilation – Girallon

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

I thought I’d break up the relentless monotony of scenery posts with a miniature. Remember when I used to paint those? It is another D&D board game model, though I think it’s a pretty nice one – from the Tomb of Annihilaiton set. The Girallon is apparently a four-armed, white-furred gorilla with tusks. Ok, I’m fine with that. It’s a lot less silly than many other D&D critters I’ve painted and posted here over the years, after all!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Pretty straightforward to paint. I added a tiny bit of purple and then brown washes to the grey-white fur to give it some hopefully-subtle depth and variation, though not so much to make him look like a punk rock fan out for a night on the town. I’m quite happy with how well the flesh tones came out. A pretty nice model in the end, and something I’m happy enough with for the 50th D&D post!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Since the Tomb of Annihilation board game seems to be set in a thickly wooded outdoor area, I’ve modified my D&D monster bases for that set just by a subtle amount. There’s more brown in the grey of the flagstones, and I’m adding some cut down moss tufts to give a little more colour and reference the wild outdoors, while still leaving them sparse enough to fit in with the other games’ models. After all, a bit of moss growth between cracks in a dungeon is also feasable enough, right? Just ignore how large these “moss” tufts actually are…

16 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 50: Tomb of Annihilation – Girallon

  1. Not heard of this one before, reminds me of the white apes from John Carter, but you’ve done a great job on it. As for the size of the tufts, perhaps there is a Gnoll who is tending his garden, and this beast has just lumbered through his vegetable patch ! LOL

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  2. This is one of the better sculpts I’ve seen you tackle and you did a nice job painting it. I think the bright face and light colored fur really look top-notch! While many of the D&D sculpts seem to be trying a bit too hard to me, I think this guy is perfect as an adversary in a lot of games. I could see him in Shadows of Brimstone for example 🙂

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