Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors: Biker with Flamethrower (Mark Copplestone)

A second model from Mark Copplestone’s Grenadier Miniatures’ Future Warriors range from the 1990’s today, and as with the previous model, he fits into Necromunda as well as whatever other modern, post-apoc, whatever kind of game I end up playing. This one was started in the 1990s as well, though the only part of the model that was completed back then was the Confederate Flag Bandana, while everything else was left at basecoated level or less, so basically all of the highlighting, shading and freehand has happened over the past few days. Kind of amusing how much of a potential trigger that bandana is today compared to when it was painted, though context is everything – just as my WWII German forces feature a few Swastikas and my Soviets forces bear Red Stars (ask my friend’s mum from the former Yugoslavia what the Red Star means to her – Hi Anna!) – so this figure absolutely looks the type that would wear this particular bit of clothing, and anyone offended by it being there should probably get a fucking helmet because life’s going to treat you much more harshly than this particular toy soldier’s paintwork.

I know that pre-emptive fuck-off might seem a bit odd to the usual readers here, but the WordPress is set to auto-post stuff to the Twitters, and we all know that there are a lot of people there who’s primary hobby is being recreationally offended, so.. y’know. 😉

In terms of painting, as I said – I kept to the base colours painted on 20 years ago (aside from the new base – painted to fit into modern, post-apoc or Necro) and so the main areas of interest to me was emulating the writing on his cutte from the previous guy (painted 20 years ago) adding that diamond patch to the front, and then trying something a little new with the tattoos. I’ve been wanting to skill myself up to the point of being able to paint full sleeves that don’t simply look like blue-green arms or a completely indistinct mess, but get to the point of having visible designs, even if you cant quite make out what all of it actually is. Kinda like seeing real people’s tattooed arms from a distance. Only on a 28mm model. I’m not there yet, but I feel like this guy’s arms are my best effort yet, so it’s something I’ll definately continue to practice.

Here he is alongside his brother. I’d like to get a few more of these guys going sooner rather than later, but they’ll probably have to wait until I’ve been through the rest of the stuff from the Necromunda case before I get stuck into any more of these. Still, there’s at least one more from the Future Warriors range to be completed from my Necro case…

41 thoughts on “Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors: Biker with Flamethrower (Mark Copplestone)

  1. Another great looking model, all the details add to the whole appeal of the paintwork, from the bandanna to the patch his 1% symbol, tat’s and the fine detail on his shades, excellent work

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    • Thanks Dave. I enjoyed finishing this guy so much that I went looking for more bikers from the range but only found the “outlander” types. I’ll end up painting a few of those before I go for another dive. I suspect I know where they are, but it’ll be a project to dig them out, so maybe three weeks and I can find them, and also the dwarves I’m after…

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  2. He does look the part, and the bandanna is beautifully painted. Vibrant colors like beautiful old style computer graphic.
    Nowadays I’m getting squeamish even at guns on minis. Time to paint some fantasy models, I guess…

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  3. I think this guy might be the best mini you’ve painted recently. He has so much character and looks like a real person (I grew up not far from Kentucky which prides itself on Southern culture/heritage) that he caught my eye immediately! I would kill to have this guy in a zombie-related post-apocalypse game as he looks like he can really slay some undead! 🙂 Fantastic work, mate!

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      • That would be cool! I think The Others maybe has some bikers in it too. If you ever wanted more sculpts from a different range. The more I think about it, the more perfect a biker gang faction is in a post-apocalypse game. Who better than some ragged bikers to survive in horrible conditions!? 🙂

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      • I was actually out in the War Room last night and found that very set and brought it in – The Others: Sons of Ragnarok box. They’re currently in the “I’m HIPS and/or resin! Wash me please, Marouda!” tub on the countertop waiting for their bath.
        Now I need to decide if I’m going to texture their bases like asphalt or go to the hassle/trouble of chopping them off them to mount on my very limited stash of non-Necro industrial-ish plastic bases. Or just keep those bases for my metal models that *have* to be based…


  4. Oh mate – you have done a fantastic job on those tattoos! In fact, given the scale of the model, all of the freehand is really impressive, even by your standards – you’ve nailed that flag for instance. He really looks like a believably realistic character, in fact I’m fairly sure I’ve actually met him (minus the flamethrower)…

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    • Thanks Wudu! I’ve just found the CMON set of plastic bikers who are really nice figures and I’ll be starting on them soon. Quite heavily armed, but a very nice batch. I could almost do a Necromunda gang from bikers alone at this rate…

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  5. Nice tats but I really liked the stars and bars. Well done and appropriate for the figure. Though I was born in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and was a US Army officer, I don’t begrudge Southerners (or anyone else) the freedom of self-expression. If anyone is offended, that’s their right too, but that does not negate or eliminate the right if self-expression. Too many try to control speech by asserting some “right” not to be offended. No such right exists. TIM’s and your points are valid. So keep on putting out fantastic work like these dudes!

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    • Thanks Mark – the way I see it is that there’s the right to self-expression and while there *is* a line that can be crossed by individuals or groups where free speech crosses into incitement levels of hate speech, people really need to learn that fictional depictions in arts and entertainment are not the same as the artists actually having those views. And even if they do, they’re allowed to have their own views without needing to tiptoe around the most easily offended and sensitive indivduals in society.

      Here’s a great video highlighting the hypocrisy of many of the most “sensitive” members of the online media. 😀

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      • Thanks Az for the links – both were thoughtful and entertaining. Our First Amendment protects all speech. If you are offended, tough. Say what you think as well. I don’t buy into banning any speech. If a Nazi speaks out, its his right, just as mine is to condemn him. It’s a slippery slope that right now is taking hold (especially on campuses here as your first link describes well) where “speech police” are attempting to assert control over ideas and shut down debate by limiting speech deemed by them as “offensive”. You might like this:

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      • For me it’s the line between free speech and incitement. Or where you are at the time. Being that free speech doesn’t mean you can say what you like in my house or your house or in a business or a place – government or not – with policies in place. Or yell “fire” in a crowded theatre.
        But by the same token, if you pay to go to a Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr or Dave Chapelle show (or George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay when it was possible) you don’t get to be offended. You can dislike their content all you want, but your self-righteous outrage doesn’t get to be a thing.
        Your link required a sub, but I was able to read the intro and I think I saw where it was going, and it seems fair enough on the same point we’re both making.


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