Gandalf the Grey – Speedpaint

Citadel Miniatures, Gandalf the Grey.

When I’m able to focus, and manage to remember, I like to participate in the odd painting challenge over at The One Ring webpage, which is a great community of Tolkien/Miniatures gaming enthusiasts. Sometimes I check their page too late, sometimes I forget for months at a time, sometimes I select a figure but just don’t finish (or start!), and sometimes I actually manage to finish the model on time. Recently, I actually managed the latter, so I’m sharing it now.

Citadel Miniatures, Gandalf the Grey.

This Gandalf is from one of the very early boxed sets, circa around 2000. I bought it back in the day, and haven’t exactly been quick when it comes to painting it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve completed any of them. Well, excepting Gandalf now. I never got around to really playing the game in any meaningful way, so most of my interaction with the LotR line has consisted of collecting them.

I’m quite happy with the outcome, especially since the model was also a speedpaint, and something a bit left field – since I wasn’t planning to paint any Fellowship-type models at the moment. I managed to get this guy done in just a bit over 24 hours from start to finish (though he was already primed black, from god knows how long ago). I rarely manage to do it, but there’s something especially rewarding about finishing a figure in a day. Or in this case, 2 days. Regardless, a lot nicer than my usual, which is months or even years to finish figures.

My previous attempt to paint a Gandalf model petered out and the model hasn’t been touched since 2010, as documented by the link…

Warzone Resin Scenery and some other Scenery.

No, not the new/current incanation of WarZone by Prodos Games, but 1st/2nd Edition Era stuff. These pieces came out in the same kind of retail blisters that almost all of the Scotia Grendel stuff that I’ve been showing off recently, so I think it’s likely that Grendel made them under licence from Target Games/Heartbreaker, back in the day. These all sat in various containers and boxes for a good decade and a half until recently, towards the end of last year when I pulled them out and decided to paint them, and practice some new techniques.


I did a lot of playing around with Verdigris effects on these. Pretty much figuring out how to do it. I missed that little Dark Legion icon up top of this archway until I was looking at these photos. Maybe I’ll go back and paint it with gold/brass/verdigris.

Inside(?) of the archway. Surely not the outside?

Obviously, I used a lot of drybrushing on these sets as well. I almost always use it on stone, but I usually hand paint and shade things like skulls. In this case, however, they got drybrushed as well, and the starkness actually turned out really well, I think.

Long walls

I also had a bit of a play with weathering powders and Tamiya’s weathering compacts on the bottom of these scenery elements. The compacts worked a lot better than the powders, especially as the scenery needed to be varnished and will be handled a lot.

Short walls

I basically bought one of each set. In retrospect, maybe I should have bought some extra walls and corners, but then, I didn’t have unlimited funds back then, and we tended to spread stuff like this out a bit to use as ruins to fight on and around in 40k and WarZone.

Concave walls

I also had a bit of a play with some MIG rust washes on the metal parts of the wall reinforcements. Not bad, but probably better used elsewhere, or more carefully, as using it in these places became tedious and didn’t allow for the best effect of the realistic rust effects. Well, it could have, if I didn’t have to do so many of them. Looking at the pics I can see small areas I could have focused on to enhance the rust effects, but hindsight, eh?

Convex walls.

I quite like the utility of scenery elements like this. Pretty much everything I bought as scenery back in the day was done so with at least one eye towards using it for 40k. Even scenery that is nominally for Fantasy and other games – The farmhouse seen a couple of posts ago has spent more time on 40k tables than fantasy ones!

Dark Legion/Chaos Throne

Since – let’s face it – this scenery is going to spend more time on Warhammer-game-themed tables than Warzone tables, I looked around for awhile for something appropriate for the banners. Originally, I was just going to paint some runes of Khorne on them, but that seemed a bit too boring. These stars appear to be used by the “Blood Pact” Renegade Guard forces from one of the IA books, but also look generic enough to be more general Chaos than just Khornate. Turned out better than I’d expected, too!

Outer-wall side of the throne piece.

Subtle? Dark Legion? Chaos? Naaaaa!

All of the pieces

Here’s all of the pieces assembled together. You can see why I’d have bought some more walls and corners pretty well here, but in practical use, these pieces will be combined with other resin and stuff, ruined walls and so forth. It will work equally well as scenery for 40k and other sci-fi games (WarZone, maybe?) as well as Fantasy games such as Kings of War, Mordheim SoBH, etc. It’s all pretty Pathfinder/RPG friendly as well.

Stone Stairs

This Spiral Staircase can be useful as a connection piece to higher-up scenery (Fortress Walls, etc) but is also useful for Pathfinder and Role-playing. It’s amazing to be just how much of this stuff is still available!

Staircase details

Some nice little hidden details on the underside of the staircase.


This piece is more useful as a Role-playing element than a tabletop wargame one, in my opinion. I had a play with the new Army Painter coloured washes on the runes above the grate. I could have gone nuts with glowy effects and OSL, but that was a bit too much for something that will be used as a mundane piece of dungeon terrain most of the time. Still available from Grendel.

Sewer grate

I really like this Sewer grate. It had a couple of the oversized skulls that I wasn’t fond of, but my clippers took care of that (one skull went flying through the lounge room and has still not been found!) My big plan for this piece is to use it when playing Helms Deep in LotR SBG or WotR – or Helms Deep-inspired scenarios for Kings of War. Butt it against a castle wall and let those Uruk-Hai sappers loose! Once again, Grendel are still selling this – in a three-pack this time, along with two pieces I painted and showcased awhile back. (about halfway down the page).

Damn, Grendel should be sending me some freebies when you consider the amount of their stuff I’ve been showcasing lately! This is pretty much all stuff I bought years and years ago, during my personal golden era of FLGS gaming in Melbourne, around 1995-2002 – and in most cases never got around to painting until now.


Classic Citadel Ogres for Kings of War – Unit 3 – Golfag’s Ogres

These are the second series of Golfag’s Ogres aka Golfag’s Regiment of Ogre Mercenaries. I picked these up when they were reissued sometime in the late 1990s with many of the other Regiments of Renown in the clear hard plastic sliding-back containers. (And I’m still spewing that I didn’t get the cultists!) At the time I was collecting Ogres, and so this set was a natural, despite the higher than usual price. The set I got had 8 Ogres in it, but since the grunts were pretty weedy compared to even the current figures of that time (about the size of an Orc) and I wanted each of my ogres to be an individual model (which I still like the idea of today) I modified the mace of one (cut off the spikes and bindings) painted them with different skin tones and traded away the extras.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres – Standard, Officer, Musician

It took me awhile to get around to actually painting them, since I decided that I didn’t like the sculpting style of these nearly as much as Jes Goodwin’s Ogres – epitomised to my eye by figures like Hrothyogg, Ogre Captain,  “Ogre Thug” and of course, Skrag the Slaughterer.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

A now-obvious descendant of Golfag’s boys. Look at that mug!

It actually wasn’t until I was cropping the pictures of these models a few days ago when something clicked – their facial features are so very similar to another of my classic Jes Ogres – one that I really like, in fact. 5 minutes on the web and I confirmed that this round of Golfags’ Ogres were indeed sculpted by Jes. DERP!

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Champion flanked by two nameless grunts.

These guys, as my least-favourite ogre models had actually sat around in the bottom shelf of my glass cabinet, with no real priority to update them. The standard bearer had been pried off his base to be blu-tacked to a chariot for KoW games and otherwise they were pretty much semi-forgotten models. When we had the large game with my friends a couple of weeks ago, they got grabbed out since they had all the right bits for a unit I needed (6 ogres, standard, musician) and so seeing they had some use, I decided to rebase them. I had originally half-considered/planned to split them out and spread them across other units and repaint them, while binning the grunts. I think the minor repaint and keeping them together is a much better aesthetic choice, and as odd as it sounds, one that respects the models a lot more.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Rear view of Golfag’s. We so rarely get to see anything other than a front view of people’s painted models.

I don’t have any photos – I considered taking some, but decided they looked too blecch to preserve for posterity- one of the things that caused me to dislike them so much was their overly-garish scheme that featured bright blue, yellow, red and green. I clearly originally painted these during GW’s “red period”. I decided that if I were going to rebase them, I may as well put in a bit of repainting work to tone them down and make them less embarassing. I went over the bright yellow with a mustard colour (old-school bubonic brown – and I accidently left the lid off, causing the very real casualty of the 20-year-old half-full pot of discontinued paint that was still going strong drying out – Ouch!)

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Rear view of the other half of Golfag’s Ogres.

The mustard and blue and red pants got toned down further with some Army Painter soft tone wash. Purple bags and pouches got repainted brown. Green pouches and straps (all of their straps were green!) got repainted brown, with the exception of a couple of characters’ bags. Those with red furry pants had them drybrushed with browns, though I was happy to leave the deep, brown-washed red in at the darkest part of the base. The bright red fur that lined the cap of the standard got turned to a dirty white. And finally the bright red bars on the standard got repainted black. Then white. Then washed down. They just weren’t visible enough as black.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres Officer

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres Champion

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres Musician

Some things that I was happy with got left alone entirely. The ginger hair on the champion was inspired back in the day by Dwarven Troll Slayers and their bright mohawks. With such a ridiculous haircut, I figured the best thing to do would be to double-down on it and make it a big fuck-you to any Dwarves they might face down the line. I also left the freehand tattoos on the musician and grunt and the unit (army) iconography – which was originally my Orc Army’s icon as the ogre figures started life as Allies for the Orcs. Bonus Kudos for the first one who identifies it. 😉

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres Standard

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres Grunt

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres other grunt

I couldn’t find my little baggie of broken up GW Skeleton parts, so I ended up donating one of my new WGF skeletons to the cause, and the parts of one Skeleton (sans skull – too many skulls on GW kits) ended up scattered across the units’ bases, since I’m using bones as a basing motif across the ogre army in the same way that I’m using flowers on the Dark Elves. And besides, bones on the bases fit these figures especially well. I might add a couple more at some stage.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Freehand Tattoos on Golfag’s Ogre Musician

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Freehand Tattoos on Golfag’s Ogre Musician

The funny thing is that after I finished rebasing them and updating them – which was pretty much so they wouldn’t look like crap anymore, found that I quite like their new look. It keeps the uniform look, the contrast between the blue and mustard still works, but the toning down of the colours and removal of green and purple (what was I thinking?) – and the new earthy bases make them look a much better looking unit.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres unit block shot – the typical formation.

Figuring out where to put that standard bearer was always a bit of an issue. With 2 hero models in the unit (“Officer” and “Champion” according to SoL) as well as a standard and musician, I always had the issue of working out which was the actual unit leader. After I took the photos, put the light box away, and was putting the ogres on a shelf (and trying to figure out how to place them) I had a minor epiphany, and set them up for one last photo. Because, you know, in KoW it doesn’t actually matter if the standard is in the front rank – and this way all of the figures get to be seen. And my favourite three get to go in the front.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres in their new unit formation. Looks a lot better to me!

So after all that, and thanks to that one game, I’ve ended up with a unit of painted figures that I really didn’t care much about being reborn as a unit of models that I actually quite like. Even before I realised that they’re Jes’ sculpts. All that’s left now is to make a unit base for them out of plasticard.

Oldhammer Ogres, RR8/RRD12 Ogres

Golfag’s Ogres – All lined up!

Looks like a win-win situation for all! Except perhaps those who have to fight them. 😀

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Warhammer Fantasy Siege Accessories & Fantasy Scenery

So I finally got my light box set up. It’s not quite as good as I’d hoped, but it’s still a lot better than my previous set up. I took a ton of pics this evening, and so here’s the first batch – some generic fantasy scenery. While in many ways it’s not especially exciting, I’ve decided that I want to photograph everything that I finish this year, and on a wider scale, photograph everything that I’ve painted that is still in my collection.

Here’s the Warhammer Fantasy Siege Attackers models. The Siege Attackers and Siege Defenders boxed sets were released years ago alongside the Warhammer Fortress, as well as a few other kits such as Siege Mantlets and Siege Towers. I picked up both of these, as well as a Fortress and a few extra wall and Tower sections back in the day. Never got any of the others, but ended up with some miscast mantlets which I added to a Nurgle Rhino which I never finished.

Warhammer Siege Attackers set.

The two pieces in the lighter shade of wood (the wheeled ram and the metal-capped carried ram) were painted years ago. The other pieces were painted recently as part of sorting through my models and seeing them in a box unpainted, and then deciding to knock them out quickly. I’ve got a bunch of Uruk-Hai siege gear somewhere from the LotR sets which I should do the same with.

(Most of) the Warhammer Siege Defenders Set

My Defenders set is missing a few bits and pieces. The cauldron is missing the cauldron piece (I have the side supports), the rock dumping flat platform thing (I think I saw it recently), and the big rock.

Warhammer Siege Attackers Box

Warhammer Siege Defenders Box

Here’s a couple of box pics for posterity. I’m planning to paint that Warhammer Fortress finally, as well as the extra bits, and I also picked up another Fortress from GW Mail order recently, as to my great surprise they were still stocking it. Well, it turned up as a shipping box filled with the components in individual baggies rather then in the original box. But now I’ll have a decent sized castle when I assemble the new pieces, do some putty work on the old ones and then paint the lot of them. Then I can repaint and detail my original Mighty Fortress. Does this middle-era count as Oldhammer? Probably not, it’s got to be from around 4th-5th Edition WFB. But then again, close enough! I’m hoping to get some specific use out of these siege toys via Kings of War and the Lord of the Rings SBG, but they can certainly make for a cool background and scenario in almost any game we can play on the table…

Scotia Grendel Resin Hero's Grave

I didn’t recall who made this model, so I looked it up and again found it on Scotia Grendel’s website – but I got it 10-15 odd years ago, got it mostly-painted, and then never quite finished it. It may have also come with a casket. I’m not sure. I’ve got one or two resin caskets sitting around unpainted, but not sure if any came from/with this kit. Anyway I finished it up about a month or two ago, and now it’s done and chalked up to 2014’s credit!

Scotia Grendel Resin Hero's Grave

Here’s the rear view. The Warhammer-cross gravestone was a separate piece that had to be glued on. The rear of it had no detail at all, and so I added a thin layer of putty and did the best I could at the time to try and add something that would fit. If I did it today I’d use grey stuff and press-moulding and so forth, but I’m not going to change it. It looks a little rough, but it’s one of those things you’d never really notice unless you were told about it. I suspect now that a lot of the area I added static grass to back then was originally supposed to be simply-sculpted dirt. Ah well.

Another piece of resin scenery from the same era, and again finished a month or so ago. Once again, not sure who created this model initially. Again, Grendel would be the front runner, but I couldn’t find it on their modern website so who knows? I’ve based this one on a drink coaster and added a vampire model from …early Reaper? Ral Partha? Grenadier? Dunno. I’m sure it says under the base, but I’m not about to pry her up. It’s the same figure I also used on one of the pillars I showed a few posts ago. No verdigris this time. Need to keep them a little distinct.

I painted the little fungus things in a deep red mostly because I wanted to avoid whites, greys and bone shades. When I eventually get hold of a couple of the Citadel Graveyard sets, I’ll use some deep red flora to tie it in.

Another piece of scenery I got back in the day. I really bought quite a lot in the several-year period around 1994-2005 or so, and then very little for a long time after – until recently. No idea who made this one, of course, but it’s a nice little piece. Hollow resin. I think it was about $20. It’s a little small for Warhammer models, so I suspect it’s a “proper” historical scenery model.

Just the sort of thing I’d buy more of, if I saw for the same price now. This was actually painted back when I got it, so no 2014 credit here. Obviously this can work well in Fantasy or Historical games. The blue struts are perhaps a little garish for a lot of historical games, and if I were to paint this today, they’d probably be brown, but hey!

Remember those barrels that were in that other post? Well, I found the last one of their set, finished it, and have now photographed it. These will make good scenery for large-scale fantasy battles, smaller-scale fantasy skirmishes, roleplaying/dungeon bashing or even Historical games, such as use in Bolt Action.

The War Room

So, last time I showed off this WIP room was back in January, where we put a ton of work into the space. That link also shows the development of the shed from “full of junk” to the start of what it now is. Also shows many of the first shelves go up, for those interested 😉

By request (and let’s face it – it was gonna happen anyway!) – here’s the (virtual) grand tour:

Bike Racks, out-of-the-way shelf, closed terrain cabinet.

Finally got the bike mounts installed and got them out of the way – giving us much more floor space. Likewise with the high shelving that I finally got finished which gets those detolf boxes out of the way – even more floorspace freed up. Continuing on that theme, the cheap pine shelf will be disposed of. The boxes that fill it are all basically empty. Just being kept for now to rebox stuff that comes out of storage inside much larger boxes after culling. There’s a set of shelves with Rackham prepaint models behind it.


Yep, the metal cabinet is filled with scenery. The GW boxes in the pic are filled with things like fences and hedges and such so they take up less storage space. I reckon it’s about time I finish painting those bloody adobe buildings. At least doing them now, 10-15 years after buying them they will be painted as more generic buildings so they can fit into modern and historical middle-east gaming rather than being covered in checks and dags to become Ork buildings. (though they can obviously do double-duty!)


Two new metal bookcase-style shelving that replaces the old, shitty MDF bookcase that we had for 20 years (and was falling apart). Allowed me to move some of the boardgames out of the inside of the house to a more appropriate place to store them – so I chose “large tabletop” ones to bring out. The Sedition Wars box has been gutted and just filled with 3 copies worth of floor tiles. How I wish I could get my money back for that Kickstarter! The white crate is filled with bottles of homemade pasta sauce which my parents still do every year or so. The bottom right shelf is filled with old roleplaying books from my youth. Cthulhu, Twilight 2000, Judge Dredd and others. About half of that shelf is filled with MERP and Rolemaster (Rulemaster!) I’m wondering if I should palm those off on my friends that I used to play RM with, since they take up a lot of space, and I’d like to have my old WD mags out here.

Alien, Predator, Jeep, models, scenery.

On the neighbouring shelf there’s a bunch of scenery kits that need to be built (some really old now – from the Necromunda era of plastic bulkheads and card). A 1:6 scale 21C Jeep that needs me to find some troops to crew it, and a duo of the Kotobukiya Alien and Predator from AvP. Nice statues, bad film. Top shelf mostly contains resin and metal scenery bits, as well as oversized models that I’ve gotten assembled/primed from eBay – DE dragon, a griffon, and a couple of other things. The LED Lantern was bought on a lark, but I’ve actually found it useful, and should I ever play Cthulhu again it’ll be making an appearance. The lower shelf has a bunch of resin and metal scenery – which like the Fleshhounds just above them were planned for my next set of blog photos about a month ago. So I’ll hopefully get those pics taken in the next week since much of the other work that was stopping me has finally been done.

The other shelf!

And yes, I finally found a place to display some of my Star Wars Kotobukiya statues. They share the space with the Star Wars miniatures AT-AT. It was quite a decent game, and even as a longtime painter and miniatures collector, having a game with prepaints is no bad thing. While it’s a shame that the game was discontinued, I picked up the VAST majority of my collection once the game had gone into liquidation. I was lucky enough to pick up most of the rules (that Sith box is filled with maps and rulebooks) so I guess it worked out pretty well for me in the end. Other than that, it’s the partially-painted KoW Ogre army who have featured in these pages before, sharing space with the partially-painted Elves, the blu-taced Basileans/Lions, some trees and a Dranei Paladin from World of Warcraft.

Desk – ready to work on!

One of our old computer desks is my new workbench out here. I’ve got the ultrasonic cleaner out to strip some figures, who are right now soaking in Simple Green. Need to pick up some cheap lamps later today to use for my light box, so I can take some better quality mini pics from here on out. I probably need to get an A1 sized cutting mat as well. The idea is that I’ll do things like dremelling and scenery building and paint stripping resin moulding and casting and things on the “large and heavy” (and toxic) side of the hobby out here, while the more delicate and arty stuff happens inside. Big box there for the recyclers. We have a fortnightly pickup. We filled our recycling bin and those of our close neighbours up, and three days later our recycling bin was totally filled up again. Looks like we’ll be doing the same again with our neighbours’ help once more when they come again. It’s been a pretty full-on cleaning operation. My old printer also now lives out here as a photocopier (if not for the driver incompatibility we’d have kept it inside – one of the best random late-night purchases we ever made. Going out to buy some blinds this afternoon for the window.

The War Room. Today.

Pretty much the “room shot” – best compared to the following image from before we started at the very beginning of this year:

The Shed full of Junk. January this year.

No need for a pile of text there. I think the two pics say it all.


Not the most exciting photo – but a pretty exciting thing to have. A set of LED spotlights above my gaming table spot. As originally suggested by Chris, the awesome electrician I had in to do my work. A real top bloke and a gamer himself, though more of a CRPG/Console gamer. It was great to be able to have someone doing the work who could appreciate our hobby, and chat about shared interests like games, movies, pop culture and all of the rest.

Another flouro!

Equally unexciting from a photo perspective but brilliant if you’re actually here is the addition of a second flouro light on the opposite section of ceiling to the existing one. Really, really brightens the room. With the original, it was still quite decent, but now there’s really no comparison, especially at night.

Entertainment and Atmosphere

The “atmosphere” is supplied by a 50″ 1080p LG plasma. I actually planned to get a much smaller TV (30-40″ or so)  but then I found this particular plasma model had been marked down to less than the 40″ LCDs. So I did the only thing I could do and bought it, and rejigged the entire original wall-mount plan. The green is one of the burn-in slides that are still cycling through. Added another floating shelf, picked up a new, cheap Blu-Ray player and put it in the bedroom, brought the old one down here, added a WDTV Live box and a bunch of appropriate DVDs and Bob’s your uncle. I know it’s right next to the window, but the tv is padlocked to the wall mount, the alarm unit has been moved to right there, the “flyscreen” is actually security mesh that will apparently break your hand if you try to punch through it (I’ve declined to try it out myself) – we got every window covered in it before we moved in – much nicer than shutters.

Games table, and some junk.

Not the best photo, I guess. But you can see the shelves we put up earlier in the year. The lower level is filled with models and such while the upper contains empty boxes and some more random things that aren’t too heavy. The big white board is the games table, in storage mode. The white cabinet behind it is a cheap pantry cupboard that we bought to use in our previous shitty rental that had no clean storage space for the kitchen. Now it holds hills and unsorted scenery objects.

Spray paints and more junk.

Finally, the final corner of this long-winded panorama. Some art supplies (Ink, PVA glue, etc), latex and resin for moulding that I never quite figured out to any decent skill level, spray paints for modelling, a desk that needs to be disposed of. The remaining junk boxes of the moment that still need to be sorted through, and more scenery and things to make even more scenery with. And a bunch of HeroScape stuff.

Welp, that’s it! A bit more sorting, throwing junk away and cleaning still to go (does that ever end, though?) Blinds. A split system cooler/heater in the future perhaps, but that’s pretty much one gaming room ready to roll. After so many years of wanting and planning for it to happen, it’s still pretty unbelievable for it to actually be a thing that exists. Now I just need to make sure I use it!

War Room – The Grand Opening and some games got played!

It’s been quiet on the blogging front for a few weeks now. While other lucky gamers around the world have been at Adepticon and Salute, I’ve been working on the room, which was all but complete by last Saturday, and had the electrician in again yesterday for the final touches (installing a second flouro light and some spotlights, as well as cabling the alarm and some other stuff). Now all that’s really left is a bit more clean-up, some blinds, and perhaps even a split system aircon/heater (at my awesome wife’s suggestion!)   So just shy of the lights being installed, some friends came over for a gaming night on Saturday. We started with a big game of KoW where I GMed/refereed the three players per side (I only remembered to take one pic, so no battle report unfortunately). Three of the six players had never played anything like this before, and so it was good to see just how easily non-wargamers could pick up the basics of the rules. They all had lots of RPG experience, so it wasn’t incredibly difficult.

The grand battle begins!

A 600-pt Pan-Elven force of Blood Elves (GW High Elves) and Dark Elves (GW) using the Twilight Kin list ally with 600 pts of Basileans (hastily assembled using Rackham Confrontation Lions pre-paints) and a small 300-pt contingent of Gondor/Kingdoms of Men infantry (GW) square off against 1200pts of Ogres (old GW & Mantic) and 300pts of “nature” (GW Wolves and GW Ent using the KoW Goblin rules for a Giant and Wolfriders). Through a combination of superior manoeuvre, the main ogre general being distracted the whole time, and some eagle-eyed sharpshooting and resilient defence from the Gondor contingent, the humand and elves carried the day in the end. The Ogre Warlord’s final devastating rampage through the Elven/Human lines not being enough to carry the day before he too was pulled down under weight of numbers. After that, we ate pizza and pasta, played a couple of games of SJG Frag!, and then finished up.   The following day, my 74-year old Mum came over for a visit. She ended up playing a game of KoW against my wife, while I once again refereed and offered advice to both sides.

The setup – Basileans vs Elves.

Allies just the previous night, the Elves and Basileans turned on one another and met across a green hilly field. My mum took the Basileans and my wife took on the Elves this time.

The armies clash!

Once again I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but the final outcome was a close one. It basically came down to a single (un?)lucky dice roll where the Elven Halberd (spear) phalanx survived a final round of shooting and magic from the Basileans, leaving the Elves with enough troops to declare the day victorious. If the Halberds had broken, it would have essentially been a drawn game. Which is not too shabby for a 74-year-old woman’s first wargaming experience. Once again, both sides enjoyed the game, which is what it’s all about for me. I also got all the bits of the “box” part of a light box sorted, so now I just need to pick up a (couple of) lamps tomorrow, and I’ll be good for photographing figures again – and at a higher quality (hopefully)!