The Good Boy – Aximillion the Canid.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

I alluded to this model the other day – it was another one that Marouda chose for me to paint that had been sitting primed on my desk since …well, not too long after the Rogue Trader box was released two years ago. A nice, but extremely tiny model, I was able to get Axi done from start to finished over the course of about 24 hours, which is always nice. Of course, it still leaves the rest of the Rogue Trader Crew – and their opponents to paint, but you can’t have everything in a day.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

Personally, I’d love to see more of this sort of thing in miniatures, especially in 40k. We could use more doggoes and kitties.

As a little bonus, here’s the third of the models(? pieces? sculpts?) that Marouda chose for me to finish out of that first batch – along with the Slaaneshi champion, the Cultist – and before Aximillion. Basically, I repainted the two kitties on it to resemble Leonard (who is one of this blog’s mascots, and unfortunately much more of a Naughty Boy than a Good Boy with his predecessor and spiritual sister, Siousxie – better known to us over the years as “Little Girl” or “Lil’ Grill”.

I’m not sure which of the two would be smarter, but she was definitely a lot tougher. So she gets the upper spot here. Lil’ Grill’s fur looks a fair bit more dirty here than it does in hand. Damn contrast “white” – but the more important thing is that it looks good in hand.

Chaos Cultist (Paul Muller, 1999)

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999

Here we have the final model of this particular batch – and the one that initiated this little batch of five-seven models being tweaked and completed. This model is my second of my trio of Chaos Cultists released kind of out of the blue in 1999, sculpted by the very talented Paul Muller. There were only 8 total models in the range and were a kind of “blink and you missed them” release, similar to the Frateris Militia from roughly around the same time. On looking at these pics, I see I missed getting his shoulder tattoo properly. just rest arrured that he is indeed wearing some ink, which blies a very subtle nod to his true allegiance… 😉

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999

As you can see, the whole “black and flaming” thing works well on this particular range of Chaos Cultists just as well as it fits on actual Proper Preacher models, Flagellants as noted yesterday and of course the Redemptionist and Cawdor models this guy was painted alongside.  The newer plastic Cultists are more in the vein of post-apoc scavengers and Imperial Guard renegades than the “robed and masked” thing that these older cultists have going, but that’s fine. A variety of styles for me just means the models can be used in more ways! This guy was actually the second of the three models that Marouda picked out off the table for me to finish off a week or two ago, along with the Champion of Slaanesh and a non-gaming-miniature that I just finished last night and have yet to take a photo of – followed by a rather good boy. I’ve picked a few more models myself to polish off, and then I’ll get her to choose some more and see how long I can keep this run going for!

Chaos Cultists. Paul Muller, 1999

I thought I should throw in a pic of the new blood alongside his Muller-Cultist brother. There’s still the third one of these from that long-ago blister (really wish I’d gotten more of them now). Not sure where he is, but I suspect (hope!) that he’s nested in with my unpainted Cawdor and Redemptionist models in whatever box they’re in. I’m writing this post during a WAH break, as my mind has started to melt from the last several hours of sitting, typing and working out things on documents. After this I’ll have to get up and walk around, and then get back to the grind for another hour or so before clocking off for the day. Oh yeah, another model for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. In fact, it’s almost like this next photo works really well for it…

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999. Necromunda '95, Cawdor, Alan Perry, 1995. Redemptionists, Gary Morley.

Finally, to finish off this post, I thought I’d throw up a group shot of the Cawdor/Redemption/Cult models that Marouda’s pick of today’s highlighted model led to me getting done. Not too bad, I don’t think – and as you can see, the models from these three ranges and three sculptors work exceedingly well together. Of course the paint gives them a lot of unity, but the sculpts really work well together as well. I’ll get my old Cawdor models that were already painted photographed shortly as well – but before I do that I want to find where the preachers and flagellants and other related models are first for a big group shot when I post them up!