The Good Boy – Aximillion the Canid.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

I alluded to this model the other day – it was another one that Marouda chose for me to paint that had been sitting primed on my desk since …well, not too long after the Rogue Trader box was released two years ago. A nice, but extremely tiny model, I was able to get Axi done from start to finished over the course of about 24 hours, which is always nice. Of course, it still leaves the rest of the Rogue Trader Crew – and their opponents to paint, but you can’t have everything in a day.

Kill Team Rogue Trader - Aximillion the Canid

Personally, I’d love to see more of this sort of thing in miniatures, especially in 40k. We could use more doggoes and kitties.

As a little bonus, here’s the third of the models(? pieces? sculpts?) that Marouda chose for me to finish out of that first batch – along with the Slaaneshi champion, the Cultist – and before Aximillion. Basically, I repainted the two kitties on it to resemble Leonard (who is one of this blog’s mascots, and unfortunately much more of a Naughty Boy than a Good Boy with his predecessor and spiritual sister, Siousxie – better known to us over the years as “Little Girl” or “Lil’ Grill”.

I’m not sure which of the two would be smarter, but she was definitely a lot tougher. So she gets the upper spot here. Lil’ Grill’s fur looks a fair bit more dirty here than it does in hand. Damn contrast “white” – but the more important thing is that it looks good in hand.

Chaos Cultist (Paul Muller, 1999)

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999

Here we have the final model of this particular batch – and the one that initiated this little batch of five-seven models being tweaked and completed. This model is my second of my trio of Chaos Cultists released kind of out of the blue in 1999, sculpted by the very talented Paul Muller. There were only 8 total models in the range and were a kind of “blink and you missed them” release, similar to the Frateris Militia from roughly around the same time. On looking at these pics, I see I missed getting his shoulder tattoo properly. just rest arrured that he is indeed wearing some ink, which blies a very subtle nod to his true allegiance… 😉

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999

As you can see, the whole “black and flaming” thing works well on this particular range of Chaos Cultists just as well as it fits on actual Proper Preacher models, Flagellants as noted yesterday and of course the Redemptionist and Cawdor models this guy was painted alongside.  The newer plastic Cultists are more in the vein of post-apoc scavengers and Imperial Guard renegades than the “robed and masked” thing that these older cultists have going, but that’s fine. A variety of styles for me just means the models can be used in more ways! This guy was actually the second of the three models that Marouda picked out off the table for me to finish off a week or two ago, along with the Champion of Slaanesh and a non-gaming-miniature that I just finished last night and have yet to take a photo of – followed by a rather good boy. I’ve picked a few more models myself to polish off, and then I’ll get her to choose some more and see how long I can keep this run going for!

Chaos Cultists. Paul Muller, 1999

I thought I should throw in a pic of the new blood alongside his Muller-Cultist brother. There’s still the third one of these from that long-ago blister (really wish I’d gotten more of them now). Not sure where he is, but I suspect (hope!) that he’s nested in with my unpainted Cawdor and Redemptionist models in whatever box they’re in. I’m writing this post during a WAH break, as my mind has started to melt from the last several hours of sitting, typing and working out things on documents. After this I’ll have to get up and walk around, and then get back to the grind for another hour or so before clocking off for the day. Oh yeah, another model for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. In fact, it’s almost like this next photo works really well for it…

Chaos Cultist. Paul Muller, 1999. Necromunda '95, Cawdor, Alan Perry, 1995. Redemptionists, Gary Morley.

Finally, to finish off this post, I thought I’d throw up a group shot of the Cawdor/Redemption/Cult models that Marouda’s pick of today’s highlighted model led to me getting done. Not too bad, I don’t think – and as you can see, the models from these three ranges and three sculptors work exceedingly well together. Of course the paint gives them a lot of unity, but the sculpts really work well together as well. I’ll get my old Cawdor models that were already painted photographed shortly as well – but before I do that I want to find where the preachers and flagellants and other related models are first for a big group shot when I post them up!

Necromunda ’95! – Redemptionist Zealot with Eviscerator and Deacon with Grenade Launcher. (Gary Morley 1996-8.)

Getting sick of seeing Necromunda models of robed and hooded religious maniacs yet? If so, that’s a shame because we’re not quite finished yet. There’s also a few types of method behind my posting patterns – there’s breaking up similar models (like Cawdor and Redemptionists) into distinct posts which makes it easier when people GIS search for different models – especially older ones. It also let me get more posts up – which can be more work but it does (often) help with my own motivation in getting more models painted – and then of course there’s posting stuff as I get them finished – which often ties into that previous point.Anyway, this pair of Redemptionists are also Gary Morley sculpts, and once again they’re models that I really do like.

I’ve (obviously) continued with the flame motif, and the Redemptionist with Eviscerator owes a debt to mcmatilla’s Preacher with Eviscerator. After seeing his work, I knew I had to add some text to the ridiculous chainblade. May they slay the Emperor’s foes together in his glorious name! It was pretty satisfying to finish this pair after more than a decade half-painted as well, and as such I’ll throw them in for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge as well.

Necromunda ’95! – Redemptionist Deacon and Cawdor Heavy Stubber. (Gary Morley 1996; Alan Perry, 1995.)

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, Alan Perry, 1995. 0043/7, 0043/8. Redemptionist Deacon, Gary Morley 1996. 0053/7, 0053/8.

Today’s pair of models also hail from the original release of Necromunda back in ’95. This time we have the same model as posted in my last update – the Cawdor Heavy Stubber model alongside someone from the Cawdor’s spiritual brethren – the Redemptionists. (or The Cult of the Redemption). Odd that the Redemptionists (essentially like Cawdor, but a lot more extreme – and probably more well-financed then New-Cawdor). The Redemptionists were sculpted by Gary Morley – and quite a good job he did on them if I don’t say so.

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, Alan Perry, 1995. 0043/7, 0043/8. Redemptionist Deacon, Gary Morley 1996. 0053/7, 0053/8.

Like the previous pair, these models were worked on due to Marouda’s picking out of a stylistically similar model, which then motivated me to work on a whole little clutch of semi-related models at once. This pair was actually “finished” a long time ago. The Redemptionist Deacon actually had a place as a “heavy” in my original campaigns in the 90’s (I’m pretty sure), but had a couple of bits that were way too garish on him that had to be toned down and repainted. I also added the tattoos on his left arm, some stylised flames around his deltoids as well as “Ignis” across his bicep and tricep. The heavy was yet another white guy, and given that I have three of this model I decided to repaint his flesh to a darker tone, and then covered his right sleeve with islander-esque designs. They’re not super distinct, and are really there to give the impression of a heavily tattooed sleeve in the way that looking at someone with a sleeve from a few metres away gives an impression of a “sleeve” rather than the individual designs that it’s composed of.

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, Alan Perry, 1995. 0043/7, 0043/8. Redemptionist Deacon, Gary Morley 1996. 0053/7, 0053/8.

The flames and most of the other kit didn’t need reworking (aside from the flamer tanks and pouches on Deakin Batista’s belt), and once again we have a touch of camo that will (eventually) be key in the future squad-ability of the Cawdor models. As these two were really more touch-ups than painting models, I’ll call them “finished” in April, but refrain from adding them in for Ann’s painting challenge.

I took a few days off posting on the weekend. Now I need to get stuff up pretty much daily for the remainder of the month. Help me, Davekay!


Necromunda ’95! – Cawdor Leader 2 and Heavy Stubber. (Alan Perry, 1995)

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Leader with Boltgun and Powersword, 72909/21, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, 0043/7, 0043/8. Alan Perry, 1995

Today we have a pair of models from the original release of Necromunda, back in ’95. A pair of models that hail from House Cawdor. The Leader model is the alternative model to the one that came in the boxed gang, armed with a Power Sword and Bolt Gun, he’s pretty unrealistically armed for a game of Necromunda. We always “close enough’ed” models like this, so if in a game he had a sword (or even a chainsword) and any kind of “normal” gun (lasgun, autogun) we’d have considered it fine. We really only got nitpicky about “proper” special weapons like Grenade Launchers, Flamers, Plasma, etc as opposed to a bolter.

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Leader with Boltgun and Powersword, 72909/21, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, 0043/7, 0043/8. Alan Perry, 1995

His offsider is the boxed set model, with just a couple of slight tweaks (it’s harder to tweak metals!) The pouches on his backpack have been replaced with a canteen and a lasgun and the pouch on his right arm has been completely removed, leaving just an armband behind. Small changes as I have another of this model, finished long ago. I’ll take pics of my older “original” Cawdor in an update shortly.

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Leader with Boltgun and Powersword, 72909/21, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, 0043/7, 0043/8. Alan Perry, 1995

Both models have been based with “dirt” bases rather than industrial ones. This is how I based all of my original Necromunda models, and instead of rebasing these (they were part-painted for over a decade) I’ve decided to leave my Cawdor with dirt bases as it fits the updated fluff of them being one of the poorer clans, and also allows them to fit in more readily as Imperial Guard/PDF/Imperial or Chaos Cultists in games of Warhammer 40k. Hence the little touch of camo underneath their culty-flame tabards and black Grendel-hoods.

Necromunda '95, Cawdor Leader with Boltgun and Powersword, 72909/21, Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Stubber, 0043/7, 0043/8. Alan Perry, 1995

This pair of models would obviously both count as Neglected Models, and so they definitely fit into Ann’s April “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge being run this month. For those people who got hit by my deleted post yesterday – sorry, I’ve been pretty busy with the whole work at home thing and so I missed week 4 of the Osprey freebies entirely, so had to delete it quickly. Ooops!

Realm of Chaos: Champion of Slaanesh (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge) (Jes Goodwin, 1988)

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

My next model for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge is this Chaos Champion of Slaanesh from the Slaves to Darkness releases of 1988. This particular model has been sitting around, somewhat part-painted for …I dunno. 15? 20 years? A hell of a long time. When I say part-painted, I mean I’d done a rougher vesion of the turquoise armour, and based it on a 25mm square base with green railroad flock. 3 or 4 years ago when I was doing some of my other old, unfinished chaos models I fished it out of the figure case and it’s been sititng on a tray on my painting desk ever since, with no real sense of urgency to work on since I didn’t really like the figure. After completing the Dwarf the other week, I asked Marouda to choose three figures for me to work on completing next. She chose this figure, no doubt because the various shades of Aqua and Turquoise are “my favourite colour” as well as another two – both of which are still WIP and one of which led to a block of 5 being worked on sort-of-together.

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

I kept the aqua-turquoise armour, and went with a brass for the helmet, which had sat, primed white since I could never figure out what to do with it. The bondage glove and sock went from the dark purple that they were basecoated in to something with much more pronouced highlights, and the crest stayed in the original yellow, but with more emphasis on the highlights and shading. The corset and right bracer had enough in common with the right pauldron in terms of sculpting that they all got the same treatement – pearlescent red (which you cannot see in the photos at all) with a subtle red wash. The other metal accoutrements also got given the same brassy treatment as the helmet, as did the metal furniture of the weapon. Red gemstones and that was mostly that.

Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Jes Goodwin, 1988

The shield, naturally had to be one of the original plastics from the era of the sculpt. I went with one of the smaller “chaos” shaped shields in the end, as the main issue I have with a lot of them is that they end up covering a lot of the hard work you put into these lovely classic sculpts. I followed the same overall palette that I used on the rest of the model, with a freehand rune of Slaanesh that looks a little reminiscent of a dancing humanoid figure, due to the angles. I also gave the crescent on the end a bit of a crab-claw shape, as a nod to the daemonettes. Gloss varnish on the steed’s tongue for a nice, extra-slick look.

So thanks to Marouda’s choice (which admittedly was greeted with “that one??”) I have another model in that camp I rather like adding to – models I pretty much disliked, didn’t want to paint, and now have a real fondness for as finished pieces. Yeah, I’m happy with this one.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Navy and Ork Waaagh! Ground Assets Set – Completed!

Back in November or December, I finally completed the last, small, uninspiring parts of this set. The counters! Now in mid-April I’m finally posting them on the interwebs. The only exciting thing about this whole thing is that it did finally complete all of the parts from the AI accessories boxed set.

I used the same techniques described in the two previous posts to get these done, though it took longer because I wasn’t excited about painting them and being double-sided, they were a bit more of a pain in the arse to do.

And for more-or-less completeness’ sake in this post, here are the main of the two factions in the box – Orks and Imperial Navy. Now at some point I just need to start assembling and painting the actual kits that come in the core box. And then maybe think about perhaps playing a game at some stage…