WAAAAGH! Pt.25: All of My Painted 40k Rogue Trader Space Orks (so far!)

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3, RTB02 Space Orks (1988, 1989), Kev Adams

A very simple and straightforward post today for my 25th on the Orky topic – a single pic featuring all of my currently completed Rogue Trader Orks. Not a ton of Boyz by today’s 40k-horde-standards, but I think a decently respectable little group of models from the day. There will of course be many more, bit by bit…

38 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.25: All of My Painted 40k Rogue Trader Space Orks (so far!)

    • Cheers mate – I may have fallen down at the end stretch, but the majority of those models (20 of ’em) got painted because of your post. And shortly, the final five that I “owe” you… 😉

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    • Yeah that one looked interesting to me – It’s set post Horus Heresy, and has some intriguing aspects to it. Let us all know what you think of them once you get stuck into the series as I’ve considered picking them up! 🙂

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      • Gonna be a while… I have book 8 in the series, but do not know if it can be read as a stand alone yet. just got it cause it was cheap and a hardcover on my trip to SA.

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      • Either way, you’re still doing a lot better than I am – and I’m noit exactly reading up a storm right now anyway, so I have nothing but patience on that front. 😉


  1. They look great all together. The funny thing is that 30ish years ago this would have been pretty much your whole army; now you could expect to lose this many Orks and more to a single turn of enemy shooting.

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    • Well, maybe not all the time – we had some big games even back then – but yeah it would have been a playable force on its own without too much more!


  2. I really like the personality and variation in the old sculpts. They look amazing as a squad and you did a great job painting them up. I think these would look awesome in Kill Team games in the near future but if you’ve got more laying around, I’d love to see them painted up!

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    • Thanks Kuribo! This is (very) roughly half of my old RT-era Orks, I think. I aimed to paint up the more boring half of my collection first, so after completing those the others would be more fun to paint and keep my enthusiasm up.

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    • Thanks Warburton. Not quite as bright as the second edition stuff, but I still like to throw a few nods in there on these older models. Once I get to my 2nd-Gen Orks (not many of them left now) there’ll be more of those touches! 😉

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    • You’re in luck, mate! It’s about 90% based on this tutorial video:
      The main difference is that I use a patch of Agrellan Badlands and also a patch of Agrellan Earth to give more variety in the cracked textures.


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