Wizards of the Coast 25th Anniversary Series Human Fighter (Male) WOC40004

This model is one that (all together now) I purchased and started many years ago. This time for some RPG campaign or another. I can’t seem to find this model on Reaper’s site, and it’s not a GW model. I did rebase it onto the citadel base, but I did so by cutting off the metal base entirely and gluing his feet down, and even that was years ago. So I’m not sure who the maker is or which range it’s from. The shield and axe are my own additions, both come from Reaper’s Weapons Pack III.

Anyway, whatever roleplaying he was a part of has been forgotten to the mists of time, along withhowever I’d planned to paint him, so being that the only parts started were the cloak and chainmail, and it’s kind of a “nothing” model in terms of fitting into a game I’m building any kind of force for, it just sat in a series of different locaitons for many years until (you guessed it) I chose it for my first Tray. And now he’s done and dusted! Which I think we can all agree is a good thing.

In terms of use, and despite being pretty specifically dressed, armed and armoured, he’s also generic enough to be used for a bunch of assorted minis games like Frostgrave as well as various fantasy boardgames and whatnot – not to mention vcarious D&D-ish type endeavours! Oh, and if you know where this model is from, please do let me know and I’ll edit the post title! I wonder if a GIS will come up with anything after my photos are posted and Google’s crawlers do their work….?

Editbig thanks to both Joe Kushner and Phil Curran for identifying the model for me! 🙂