A New Beginning – Cleaned up the Painting Desk and “The Tray” Makes an Appearance!

I haven’t done any painting this week since I’ve been cleaning up and reorganising the desk. Yeah, this is cleaned up. It’s like, a million times better now. No exaggeration. There’s a lot more space for me to work, I can leave larger pieces on actual desk, and Marouda can even help me with basecoats or do some actual painting of her own if she likes/I can convince her to. She’s not exactly shit, either, so I don’t quite understand why she’s always so hesitant to do more painting. Hopefully the new, cleared up space is more enticing. (seriously, stuff was just piled atop of more piles of stuff and my actual painting space was about 5 inches deep and 12 inches wide at the edge of one side – pretty much where you see the blotting paper.

There’s also a new part of the plan in this pic “The Tray”. I’ve watched Dave Kay over at Scent of a Gamer (go check it out if you’re not familiar with his blog) develop and use his “The Tray” concept for a little over 2 years now, and so while I was clearing the desk, I asked Marouda to brave the post-apocalyptic landscape outside, armed only with a respirator, a crowbar, and a small chainsaw and pick me up a Tray and some more plastic tubs (for mini storage) from Big W on her Supermarket run so I could put this into action.

I’ll be keeping the “before” pics kinda vague (if I even show them at all) since I like to get some surprises into the stuff I post, and I probably won’t do after ones at all – the main purpose of the tray for me will be to give me a hard limit on what I allow myself to paint, with a bit of variety there but needing to finish it all before moving to other models (in the form of the next tray…) With that in mind, this one is mostly filled with “easy wins”, so hopefully it won’t take too long to work my way through…