Reaper Miniatures 02828: Thornback Troll

Azazel: Today’s post comes from Marouda, who I’ve convinced to start up her own WordPress account so that she can add the odd post to the blog. Her last contribution was adding her thoughts and perspective to the review of Dungeon! back in Jan 2013. This model is Reaper’s Thornback Troll by Ben Siens, Released in 2004.

Anyway, over to Marouda:

I selected this model to paint for a Reaper Miniatures painting competition in 2011. However I never got him finished in time, so he sat unfinished for a while. Originally he had a bright orange yellow loin cloth, which Azazel suggested that I tone down. The shading and highlighting on the muscles took ages to do as it involved many, many layers.

I enjoyed painting his club and his pimples. I am very much a beginner painter, but it’s very handy having Azazel who has been painting for most of his life coaching me through the various stages and layers of painting. Last week I decided to finish the model and further highlighted his belly brows, jowls and muscles with a pale highlight. I did all the painting on this model myself apart from the very fine detail work of the pupils of the eyes, some of the teeth and the base.

This is the second model that I have ever started and just recently finished apart from some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I painted more than 10 years ago. I also started and finished a water unicorn model at the same time I started this troll. I have a female Entwife figure from Mithril Miniatures that was started some years back that I should really get finished. I also really like the GW Tomb Kings models although that involves some very fine work and a very steady hand.


Azazel: I did the basing so that the model remains consistent with the rest of the miniatures. The model was based on a round back when this model was started, and since it’s as much a display model of Marouda’s as a gaming piece, I’ll leave it on the round instead of rebasing to square as the other trolls are. Tufts of course tie the model in with the other trolls in the collection, so this purple guy can fit in nicely enough in a unit with the various others.

12 thoughts on “Reaper Miniatures 02828: Thornback Troll

  1. I have to say Marouda has done a great job. I particularly like how realistic the club looks. She’s captured the colours of an old branch really effectively – that’s not an easy thing to do.

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    • Thanks for your comments :D. I will have to photograph my other model(s) for the blog. Azazel has a project for me to help him finish some Obsidian Golems involving placing a pale wash in the cracks of the rocks. I just hope I don’t stuff them up, I often overload the brush.

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  2. I also like how the wooden club came out. The thorns provide a good contrast and the face is veyr expressive, furthe renhanced by the picking out the details. The dude has a bit of a bulldog face, not unsuitable for a Troll of renown. Looking forward to more stuff from Marouda.

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    • Thanks for replying to my post 🙂 and that you like my painting, it’s encouraging to have gotten such positive feedback. I have resumed painting another model that I started some years back but never finished, It is a female ent model although it is coming along very slowly I can see it taking shape. I have changed the original base coat to a lighter ashen colour and am at the stage of highlighting the face.


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