Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth and Razide (Heartbreaker Miniatures)

Nope, not the new Prodos models. I almost went big on their KS during the PM phase, but I asked them a couple of questions and while they did get back to me after a few days, by the time they did I’d already spent my money, and getting that big bundle of cash together again was on my “yeah, I need to do that” list until it kinda got forgotten about and the PM expired. So I missed out on some lovely new figures, and they missed out on my big pile of cash.

Anyway, these models are Heartbreaker sculpts from (when else?) the 1990’s and painted in either the ’90s or the early ’00s. I never played Dark Legion, but picked up the odd sculpt that I felt had 40k crossover appeal, and then later bought quite a lot more during their final “Fire Sale” period. I’ve already showcased a bunch of their Zombies as part of my Nurgle Lost and the Damned force. As such, they were painted with obvious 40k influences, but without going the whole hog in case I decided to play WarZone 1e again some time.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth

Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth with Face Paint.

The Nepharite of Algeroth, with his big-arse chain-halberd thing makes an ideal follower of Khorne. Algeroth in the WarZone canon being the d̶i̶e̶t̶y̶ Apostle of War. Hmmm…

I decided to paint him in a Khorne-inspired palette, but avoid the whole “blood spatter” thing. I gave the Kev Adams face sculpt some face-paint, to bring out the skull-like aspects of his visage even more. His gloves are made of flayed leather skin, and I kept the rest to red, black, brass and iron – with the exception of the Hazard Stripes on his chainblade. Health & Safety at the forefront, wot?

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth

Rear view of the WarZone Nepharite.

From the rear view, we see that the only variation to the palette is the dirty yellow of his butt-tabard. I did dirty this up to tone it down when I rebased him as it was a bright, clean yellow. Same deal with the torn remnants of his shirt. I left the lacquered red of his armour clean and bright, however.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

WarZone Razide with Extensive Tattoos

The Razide I decided for whatever reason to paint as a follower of Tzeentch. I guess the more obvious deity might have been Nurgle, what with the Swamp Thing face and the boil-looking growths on the shoulders and so forth. The tubes were originally painted in way too many colours, which I recently turned into reds, shaded with brown ink. The Tattoos… well, throughout the 1990s one of my biggest influences in many ways was Henry Rollins. I admired the man’s integrity, his no-bullshit ethos, and of course the live performances of Rollins Band were pretty impressive, with all that raw power and intensity. I also thought he made a great template and influence for wargaming models. Remember, this was back in the days when tattoos were mostly the domain of Bikers, people in the military, rather rough types of people, and musicians. They weren’t on every second guy you met, and certainly not on every second girl. The tattoos on the bikers and rougher people I knew (family & friends of) were far too small and intricate to work in miniature scale, so Rollins became a bit of a default for inspiration, with his large, distinct pieces that worked from a distance. I’ll just point out a few of the obscured ones. “LOVE” and “HATE” on his knuckles. With a cheeky ? on the thumb of LOVE = “LOVE?”

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Rear View of Razide and Tattoos.

There’s a pentagram on his right thigh that’s hard to see in the pics, and the text across his lower back says “SCARRED” in a stylised font.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Left view of Razide tattoos.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Right view of Razide tattoos.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Upper Back of the Razide’s tattoos.

And finally, a scale shot with a Metal Guardsman I had to hand. Both are pretty handily Ogre-Sized:

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth, Razide

Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth, Razide and Guardsman for scale.

These two will likely be rolled into other Lost and the Damned forces – Khorne and Tzeentch at some future time when I have a hell of a lot more models painted. Until then, they’re mostly just going to sit in the figure cases. The Nepharite of Algeroth might make it into a Kings of War Chaos-themed force, I guess. He could be a “Minotaur Hero” to the old-school RoC Beastmen.

The Razide is still available from Prince August who bought out the remaining WarZone stock sometime 20-off years ago when Heartbreaker collapsed, but the Nepharite of Algeroth seems to have been sold out. I’m sure they’d be easy enough to pick up from eBay, etc, though.