Destino December ’19 – Community Painting Challenge.

One of the hardest parts about these challenges is coming up with (semi) interesting concepts, rather than just cycling through Units/Neglected/Something else each month. Well, that and doing round-up posts. 😛

Now December brings us Christmas, and so with both of these things in mind, I’ve decided to do something slightly different. It’s time to find a miniature (or a few) that you’ve really wanted to paint – or get finished. Now they could be a model you’ve had for decades and still not gotten around to painting. It could be a brand new release. It could be a model that’s been out for four years that you just finally picked up.

I’d count something like this for myself. Because whenever I saw it sitting around, I WANTED to paint it!

So yes, it’s basically a “finish anything you want” type month, though the onus is on you to be honest. I mean, I’ve got a unit of shitty plastic dwarves I’ve been wanting to finish for awhile – but that’s because I want to get them done and out of the way. They’re not models that inspire me, so they really don’t count at all.

To paraphrase Marie Kondo, we’re looking for a model (or models) that “Spark Joy” when you see it/them.

Here’s some personal examples:

  • Almost any of the AoS models (End Times+ era) that I’ve picked up that I’ve been “saving” until I get more of the neglected backlog done.
  • Forge World Chaos Ogres, Forge World Fimir, Forge World Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs.
  • Various Primaris Heroes.
  • That squad of Primaris Marines on my desk
  • That squad of OG Marines that need a resurrection
  • That Ultramarine* Terminator Captain conversion/kitbash on my desk that I started in 1992.
  • Redemptor Dreadnought on my desk.
  • That old Predator tank that I just rebuilt from garbage model parts.
  • Quote a few of those Classic Ork models.
  • …and heaps more.

This one fit the bill for me…

Here’s some that don’t qualify (again, for me) – examples of things that I need to finish that don’t “Spark Joy” to me: (doesn’t mean I dislike them at all, but they don’t give me that little burst of excitement/enthusiasm endorphins when I look at them).

  • That BA-ish captain on my desk.
  • That IW Hero on my desk.
  • That unit of Dwarves
  • That unit of Uruk-Hai
  • Sam Gamgee x4
  • Endless Endless Spells
  • Not-Shadespire Terrain
  • A fair few of those classic Orks.


Hopefully this helps to illustrate what December’s challenge is about. Think of it as finishing model(s) that will serve as a Christmas present to yourself!

Now go, and fulfill your DESTIIIIIIIIIIIIINO!

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Razorback AFV (MechaNovember ’19)

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Razorback AFV

Something new finally for my neglected Flesh Tearers force! This Razorback was purchased second-hand from an internet-friend in Tasmania (Nerdfest), along with a bunch of other tanks and models. Many of the infantry have been reborn into Various Minotaurs that I’ve painted and shown here, while the vehicles have sat in a bit of a limbo, since I seem to be bad at getting that sort of thing completed.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Razorback AFV

Nerdy actually did the basic build as well as added all of the bones to the front, and had even basecoated the thing red and then done the subtle black fade on the lower portion. He’d also masked much of the lower portion with blu-tac which I then just needed to strategically rub off to show the silver base underneath and create the paint chipping. My contribution was adding the 3D-printed Flesh Tearers icons, painting the metal and black, the details and adding more paint chips where I felt he vehicle would have more wear (on the ramps where they touch the ground, around hatches, etc) and the weathering. And obviously I also needed to paint the bones.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Razorback AFV

The turret is made from pieces that clearly come from either two or three different resin kits. I’m not 100% sure if he’d intended for the shroud to go with the assault cannons on this, as they’re clearly from different kits and needed a little bit of filing and bodging to get together, bit they look alright once glued together. Both the turret and top plate of the Razorback are removable as well, so I could theoretically turn it into a Rhino APC or even A Predator Light tank (sans sponsons).

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Razorback AFV

Still, I’ve had this thing sitting around for a few years now, and even though updates have been difficult to get up, having these challenges (which started simply as personal challenges) has still helped me on a personal level to get stuff done – it’s the only reason I managed to motivate myself to pull this thing out of the cabinet and complete it! I’m now working on trying to get another (much older) Rhino completed as well for a different force, and have started on another of my ex-Nerdfest vehicles to add to the Flesh Tearer’s motor pool!