Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape (January Terrain 2019)

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Today we have a terrain piece that I picked up back in 2014, though the piece dates back to (at least) 2009. My reasons for getting it were no doubt tied to the triad of having recently (at the time) purchased my own home, the price (a surprisingly cheap AU$30.75 from my local GW source) and the fact that it looked pretty simple, so it should be a doddle to paint up quickly, right?

I lost that skull & crossbones sign long ago!

Well, we all know how well that last point goes, all too often. So long story short, it’s been sitting a corner of the War Room for several years, trees assembled, side hatch glued on, both top hatched glued on and broken off due to flimsy design, and sprayed a lovely shade of gloss brown.

Sprue Shot taken from 2009 review on Johns Toy Soldiers Blog.

So getting this thing done, along with quite a few similar projects was part of the impetus of January being Terrain Month (I’ll probably repeat it next year as well – so bloody many terrain kits to assemble and paint!)

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

My personal brief, from way back in 2014, was to paint the kit in a generic enough way so that it could be used regardless of which forces were fighting over the tabletop. This immediately meant that the Rhino needed to be painted as a burnt-out husk, so as to avoid being in the livery of any particular force. The same applied to the bits of Space Marine scattered around the piece (a couple of helmets, a backpack, a bolter).

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

So I did what I do now – look up a ton of reference pictures. I wanted the trees to look like the husks that are left after a bushfire, so an ashy grey. That also meant that I needed to make the dirt on the ground look suitably ashen. One of my reference pictures showed an AFV that had been destroyed in Ukraine, and it was severely rusted out. I thought it looked pretty effective, so I now had a new direction for my Rhino husk. Burnt out, and then rusted over time.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Given that the Rhino now had been there for long enough to rust out, this meant that a decent amount of time had passed since whatever explosive/shelling incident had caused this terrain piece to become. So this meant the additional of a subtly small addition to the entire piece. Spots of new growth. Again, reference photos provided the inspiration.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Unfortunately, the matte varnish has left a bit of a sheen that comes up in photography – especially with the extra lights turned on the table. It’s not quite as bad in person. But before all of those finer details, the first thing I needed to do was to finally complete the build, by filling that gaping hole to the tabletop left inside the rhino, between the hatches.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

I’d tossed up various ideas to fill it over the years, and my best option was to mount the whole piece onto an MDF placemat, though it wasn’t quite large enough to have the whole, oddly-shaped piece fit. There was still a bit of overhang. Luckily Krautscientist’s recent WIP post on the Crashed Aquila Lander and a deceptively simple solution to that piece’s gaping hole to the tabletop (apparently a common issue with their kits of that vintage) provided me with inspiration on doing the same to my own long-neglected one of the same kit. After doing that (hopefully to be painted soon!) I immediately decided to do the same, simple trick to this model using some textured “small tile” plasticard for visual interest.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

It was a little trickier due to the lack of contact points underneath – there’s a lot of plastic cement, greenstuff and superglue underneath, and the floor isn’t parallel to the roof – but it works.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Now, finally the kit is complete. Now, could I have spruced the thing up by adding additional details and such? Of course! But since that’s always the case, these things become a bit of a triage situation, where you need to weigh up whether it’s worth the time to do so. And I’ve got SO many more terrain kits to take on that I’m happy to finally call this one done and dusted!

Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & 80034: Weapons Locker (Part 1) (January Terrain 2019)

Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & Reaper Bones 80034: Weapons Locker

More terrain today – though these have been on the go for months in a neglected sprayed-silver state. I could have finished these next month for the Neglected Models challenge, but I wanted to get them done this month for Terrain Month. We’ve got a pair of Reaper Bones models in a harder plastic – one Dumpster and also two Weapons Lockers.

I tried a different method for the chipped paint for these – I have (had, soon!) a little bottle of Vallejo Masking Fluid, so I added bits of that to the silver (after a gloss spray again) before going over it with the dappled greens and browns. Unfortunately, as I rubbed it off, it left a horrible sticky mess and was shitful to work with, so I’ll be disposing of this bottle. I might try it again with a freshly purchased on and see how it goes.

I’ve got another two “Weapons Lockers” and two more dumpsters, though I’ll be doing them in a couple of different colours, and they’re nowhere near finished yet – and as these ones are done, you can see them now!

For a bit of a laugh, the size comparison pic has some Dark Angels Marines posing while the whole lot is on a green background. Fairly nice bits of terrain, but that’s one fucking HUGE dumpster compared to every one I’ve seen in my own life…

Shieldwolf “Mountain Orc Hero B” – Savage Orc Boss

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

Today’s model is (was?) my first completed model of 2019. It’s a model I’ve had for a few years now. Bearing the evocative name of “Mountain Orc Hero B” – it was actually a bonus from my Pre-Order of their plastic Mountain Orc boxed set (Not-Savage Orcs, basically) back in 2014. I started it not too longer after I got it, but then I wasn’t happy with the scheme I’d started, so as a result it just sat around for a couple of years. I later restarted it, with a more traditional Orcish flesh tone, but it didn’t get much further than simply (re) base-coating the flesh.

So a couple of months ago, I tried to paint this and a few other greenskins for Orctober, and while I got some Goblinoids done, I also didn’t manage to finish a whole bunch more, including this guy. I tried again for Diabolical December, but again due to all of the things that went on last month – no dice. I put a small amount of work in on NYE, and ended up getting onto him properly on New Years’ Day – getting him completed.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

From the first time I saw the “new” Savage Orcs in White Dwarf, back in 1992 with their blue woad-half-facepaint, and their red faces, and their white faces, I had an idea on how they’d look much, much better. Later, when I ended up with a bunch of them myself, I kept this idea in my head, and now, in Twenty Eigh… Nineteen, I’ve finally painted one of them using that scheme. That scheme of course, being warpaint and bodypaint inspired by the traditional designs of Indigenous Australians, or Australian Aborigines.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

Why? Well, for one thing, I’ve never, ever seen anyone use their designs as a basis for anything on wargames miniatures. Secondly, I’m Australian, so it seems appropriate to represent in a fashion on some (more) of my models beyond my Imperial Guard. Thirdly, and this ties in with the first point to an extent, it looks unique and rather good on the model(s), just as I’d envisioned over 20 years ago.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

The model itself is a nice display piece, but unfortunately alarmingly impractical for gaming purposes. I had to pin him to get him onto the base, and those thin, thin resin ankles make me wince when I look at him. He came with a 25mm square base, because Not-WHFB, but I put him on a 40mm round base instead since those weapons extend WAY out to a ridiculous degree, so it feels like bumping him on a table, or even looking at him funny will snap his fragile looking limbs or weapons right off! Ouch!

Well, that’s today’s model and post sorted. In the next few days I’ll have a couple of other little things that just missed Diabolical December and were instead finally completed on January 2nd, and then I’ll try to get my personal December wrap-up done for Saturday’s post.

Dauntless/Diabolical December 2018: Personal Round-Up

So here we are. The night of January 9th, 2019 and I’ve finally taken the photos of my December stuff.

Not quite what I’d hoped to get done, but not too bad, considering how December turned out. In the middle of my final week of work, the week before Christmas, just when the torrent of craziness of work had finally subsided (like, literally, the day before), I was at the front door in the morning, literally leaving to go to my Physio appointment, and then to work when I got the call that my father has suffered a stroke and the ambos were on their way there. I literally wrote literally too many times there, but fuck it.

Long story short, the stroke(s) weren’t huge, he spent a couple of weeks in hospital, including Christmas. We brought him BBQ and had Christmas Lunch in a Hospital courtyard. Not the best Christmas, but also not the worst I’ve had, either. He showed a good attitude, did the exercises they gave him like a madman, recovered the use of his arm very well, and we were able to take him home just before New Year’s. He’s still not 100%, and Marouda and I are around there constantly bringing him food and doing all the little things, but after how last year turned out, this isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

Still, that took a lot of time, and even once things had settled with the Nurses looking after him as he started to recover giving me a chance to stress a bit less, there was still a lot less hobby time, as you’d appreciate. Daily visits across town are real timesinks in travel time alone. So my blogging and catching up on people’s blogs has obviously suffered, but I’ll catch up as best I can, when I can. I didn’t write about it at the time and just carried on as best I could here because the last thing I’m interested in is a pity party – especially after talking about how shitty the last few months have been a few times. So now that things are mostly okay and we’re past that stage, I’m not fussed. I’ve also been really busy in these opening weeks of the new year besides all of that which has delayed this post (and the Community Round-Up for December), but I’ll talk about that in a future post.

So under the circumstances, I think this has been an okay number of models overall. It works out to 12 or 13 figures including the APC depending whether I count the removable crewman as an extra, as well as 29 pieces of scatter. So that’s 41 or 42 for the month. The 3 Uruks are included in the photos, because they missed their Orctober pic.

I was up to 536 at the end of November, so adding these 41/42 to the total, plus the 3 Uruks, I’m brought to 580 completed models for 2018. Or 581.

Here’s what I managed to complete for the actual December challenge in the end. Not nearly as many Dauntless and Diabolical heroes as I’d hoped and planned, but not too bad, either. Some of the ones who didn’t make December  will be turning up in the next few days and weeks. I’ve already got a backlog of new shit to post up, because even though I haven’t been posting and my commenting and replies have been limited, I’ve still been painting.

I’ll try to get the December Round-up done by this coming weekend. That’s only halfway through January, so it’s still okay, right? I’ll also have a 2018 reflection-roundup once I find all 580/1 models, set them up together on a table, take the photos, and write the actual post. So basically, after I’ve had time to do the whole bloody lot.

Mechanical November (MechaNovember!): Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up and Nov Painting Round-Up

My combined hobby output for November!

Once again, I’m just using one post for my personal round-up for November. Unfortunately due to work and illness (and some long Fallout 4 weekend sessions earlier in the month), I drastically underperformed against what I’d hoped to get finished, but shit happens, and I still got 40 pieces completed, so I’m satisfied, even if I’m not absolutely over the moon about it.

The “Mechanical” part of November’s output. And yes, I was happy to include any scenery involving mechanical construction using metal. Because motivation!

I’d also hoped to get a bunch of fellows in powered armour completed as well as some more vehicles, other mechanical models, and scenery – but alas – it was not to be. Not in November, at least. Luckily some of it will fit into Dauntless-Diabolical December. So on we go!

For the count, this 40 added to the 496 that I had at the end of October and we’re now at 536 for the year so far. As much as I’d love to hit 600, I think getting a total of 64 more models painted in the next 3 weeks is a bit of a stretch. Especially since I’m still at work for the next two weeks. :p

I’ll try and get Mechanical November’s Community Round-Up done this weekend, but compiling those typically takes quite a few hours, and Christmas holidays haven’t yet started, so don’t expect it on Saturday morning or anything!

Mechanical November ’18: Monthly Hobby Challenge

So, something a little bit different for November, but hopefully something that’s still flexible enough to fit in with people’s existing projects (and half-painted/abandoned models).

The idea for this month’s theme is to paint mechanical models. Now, this might seem restricting, but the way I see it, the theme can be applied pretty broadly. Tanks and indeed, any kind of vehicles work, including Steam Tanks that Dwarfs or Renaissance humans might use. All manner of Droids and Robots, obviously.

Lots of terrain pieces work – particularly some of the new-ish stuff from Games Workshop (Sector Mechanicus) but then also a lot of other terrain works well also – Mantic’s Inductrial Battlezones for instance and of course no end of resin options from a hundred different companies.

Even smaller stuff like some of the Sci-fi terrain I’ve been doing lately can be shoehorned in there.

Not the crates here, but certainly the sci-fi automatic doors and the terminals.

Walkers of all types, obviously are appropriate. Star Wars, AT-43, DUST, Konflikt ’47, Martian walkers.. you get the idea – as well as the obvious 40k stuff.

Didn’t get your Dreadtober piece finished (or started?) No problem, finish it in November and post it up for this month’s challenge!

Some armies are obviously better served than others here. Necrons being a standout – but I’m happy to consider power armour of whatever kind to be mechanical.

Some things that don’t immediately come to mind as mechanical are absolutely that. Most fantasy war machines fit the bill and even moreso for historical ones – after all, what is a trebuchet, if not a mechanical device?

So have a look at your painting desk, your shelf of shame or even the grey hordes and see what you wanted to get done anyway that you could fit in here.

This challenge starts on the 1st of November and as always, runs until the end of the month. if you finish the model at 11:58pm on the final evening, that’s fine – just get it varnished and photographed in a few days and I’ll include it in the community round-up. I always give a few days grace period.

There’s also no special criteria as to who can or cannot participate. If you’d like to participate, then you can. Simples. Just link your post/models back to this post or leave a comment below with a link so I can find your stuff during the round-up time.

That’s pretty much it. If you might be interested, you’ve got a few days for thinking about it before the challenge starts – though if you’re keen there’s also no reason you can’t be working on your models. Because it’s only about completing models in November! 😉

Neglected Model September ’18 Painting Challenge – Community Round-Up

The Imperfect Modeller’s Andrea Miniatures Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne)

The Imperfect Modeller has gotten into the Neglected Model act in September by completing this model that had been neglected for a decade or more. Depicting John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 original of True Grit. As always, the entire model is amazing, but that Horse is a real thing of beauty.


mcmattila’s completed Tactical Marines

…and his completed squad!

First time participant, mcmattila has submitted the above Combat Squad of Tactical Space Marines, which combined with the first batch to form a full-strength squad. Some very nice painting here! As mcmattila doesn’t have a blog at this time, I’m putting his pics up here – hopefully he’ll continue to participate in these challenges!


Argentbadger’s Trollblood Fennblade Officer and Drummer

Argent Badger of The Bovine Overlord has continued with the Warmahordes theme in September’s Challenge, painting a command pair of Fennblade Officer and Drummer. His blog post features a group shot of them alongside their unit, looking very cool – so go check it out!


Just Needs Varnish completed another nice batch of figures in September. This time a mixture of Infantry, Armour and Civilian vehicles which all have a location and time in common – specifically the early Pacific War campaign in the Philippines.


Wudugast’s Skaven Plague Furnace.

Wudugast from Convert or Die completed a pretty impressive centrepiece model in September – a Skaven Plague Furnace. I’m aware of how redundant it is to mention when an enormous amount of work goes into a model like this one, but if you check out his post you really can see it in detail.


Red Boar Wiiingers’ Baruk-Khazâd Bastards Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

Red Boar Wiiingers from Presenting The Red Boar Wiingers! completed this Dwarf Blood Bowl team – The Baruk-Khazâd Bastards. They don’t look like a group of lads you’d want to mess with – on or off the pitch!


Dave Kay’s original Warhammer Quest Bats.

Dave’s Skeleton Jester.

Dave Kay, from Scent of a Gamer completed these old-school Warhammer Quest Giant Bats. Now they definitely look the part! Dave’s second submission was this Skeleton Jester which he picked up for Warhammer Quest, though I think it also has a very Mordheim feel to it as well.


Bifur’s Deathshroud Terminators.

Bifur of Sigmund Freud is Judging You completed this trio of Deathshroud Terminators of the Deathguard Legion. I know the pic is tiny – maybe we’ll see a larger version at some point in the future?


Backtothehammer’s Wood Elf Waywatchers…

…and his Ungrim Ironfist.

Backtothehammer was so enthusiastic about September’s challenge that he finished and posted these models on the 21st of August! A unit of Wood Elf Waywatchers as well as The Slayer King – Ungrim Ironfist!



Alexis “Westrider” West of Cascadian Grimdark had a very productive September – finishing quite a variety of Neglected models in the month of September. The Shadespire warband, Spiteclaw’s Swarm; a selection of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Heroes/Antiheroes; several Tzeentchian Daemons from The Warp, and finally – the containment chamber from the 40k Battlefield Objectives set.


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ trio of Tyranid Hive Guard

Pandora’s Bitz Box from the Krakendoomcool blog got his neglected unit done in contrast to Backtothehammer’s August submission – PBB got this unit of Tyranid Hive Guard completed this month, in October! Still, motivation is the key and given how late this update is I’m not going to be an arse about anything. On reflection, they could have easily been a submission for this month’s challenge of Unit-ed October.



Thomas’ Neglected Servitor.

Not sure how I missed regular Challenge Challenger Thomas from High Times on the Eastern Fringe‘s submission for September, but apparently I did. I usually see all of Thomas’ posts, but apparently I missed this one completely. I guess September wasn’t the greatest month on my end, so this sort of thing can happen. Anyway, Thomas completed this nicely-worn and weathered Servitor over September. The plan is to eventually mount him on a larger piece or diorama, which explains the plain base that he has at this time.


Joe’s Dark Eldar/Drukharii Voidraven Bomber.

Joe, of Joesavestheday painted a rather lovely Dark Eldar/Drukharii Voidraven Bomber. It turns out that Joe actually wrote a series of three posts on his Neglected Model entry progress, though I didn’t know they were a thing until just now. I’m genuinely not sure how I missed them, since Joe linked to the blog itself and more importantly, also to the post. Maybe WordPress won’t recognise a trackback to Blogger’s posts? I’m guessing that for non-Wordpress bloggers a direct comment might be needed.


Then there’s my own stuff, highlighted both in my last post, and in detail across last month’s posts on this blog.

Once again, I have to offer a hefty congratulations to all of the people who managed to get something done. The last months have been a real challenge for me to keep motivated myself, and this post is now half a month behind, but the doldrums that often hit me this time of year have indeed hit, and hard this year. I’ve got one unit done, and a probable second close to done with luck. With one more weekend left of the month, I don’t think I’ll be getting any Dreadtober stuff done, but there’s always a chance, I guess.

and finally…

Did you paint a neglected model during September? Did I forget to include you? Did we discuss neglected models in the comments of one of the posts or someone else’s blog comments and now you’re not included here? Just let me know in the comments below.

Not to be a nagging bastard, but that’s why I ask you to link back to me. I don’t need the money or the fame of a trackback, but it makes it a million times easier for me to round up the community posts and make all of the links. 😉