Pimp My Kickstarter: Shieldwolf Forest Goblins

Today is basically a PSA-type post about Shieldwolf’s latest KS project – which is for Forest Goblins. Sure, there are potential stretch goals down the line for Sci-fi Goblins/Grotz and “regular” goblins, but the meat and potatoes of this campaign should be viewed as plastic forest gobboes.

It’s worth pointing out that – yes, I am generally on friendly terms with Shieldwolf, they haven’t asked me to post this – and certainly haven’t paid me in money or product. I’m blogging about it here because to me, it’s a rather worthwhile project that I’ll be backing, but as a smaller company they can benefit from that little bit of extra attention that my blog posts can bring. As opposed, to, say, Mantic or CMON. Criticism of these renders over on Dakke have been that the spear and sword blades look a bit too big – and although I can see that, I don’t think they’re excessively out of line. SW’s fluff reason for this is because they’re mostly looted weapons, from the other races in their bespoke fantasy setting.

After checking, I can confirm that the four torsos shown above with heads attached do have them permanently attached, and the join for the forth body appears to be flat rather than a ball joint. Both a bit unfortunate – and I admit, I can’t understand why they would have made either of those decisions. Well, maybe the heads are attached because of sprue space? The stuff I tend to see from Renedra (who usually do SW’s plastics) isn’t nearly as efficient with sprue space as GW has become, so maybe it’s a limitation there?

Not dealbreakers, but definitely a shame in my opinion.

The prices aren’t overwhelmingly amazing – it’s not a Mantic/CMON campaign. In fact for me, getting my GW stuff direct from the UK – these models come to a price after shipping that’s pretty much on parity with GW’s current Night Goblins – or a little more, if I’m to be honest. (Because fuck GWAU’s local pricing!) So, with no real price break aside from the resin heroes or later stretch goals being effectively freebies – as with some similar campaigns, I’m backing based on some questions to ask myself:

Do I really want these? Would I buy them if they were at retail? Am I willing to pay a year in advance to help them get made? And how much am I willing to pay for them?

The short answer – for me at this stage, is 2 boxes for US$50+shipping. If the Not-Gretchin unlock, I’ll revisit it then. But 50 Night Goblins for what’s going to end up being AU$100 or so is plenty for me right now.

So there we are. If you’re interested in this, go check it out. If not, then simply go on with your browsing and await the next post in a day or two. 🙂

Shieldwolf “Mountain Orc Hero B” – Savage Orc Boss

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

Today’s model is (was?) my first completed model of 2019. It’s a model I’ve had for a few years now. Bearing the evocative name of “Mountain Orc Hero B” – it was actually a bonus from my Pre-Order of their plastic Mountain Orc boxed set (Not-Savage Orcs, basically) back in 2014. I started it not too longer after I got it, but then I wasn’t happy with the scheme I’d started, so as a result it just sat around for a couple of years. I later restarted it, with a more traditional Orcish flesh tone, but it didn’t get much further than simply (re) base-coating the flesh.

So a couple of months ago, I tried to paint this and a few other greenskins for Orctober, and while I got some Goblinoids done, I also didn’t manage to finish a whole bunch more, including this guy. I tried again for Diabolical December, but again due to all of the things that went on last month – no dice. I put a small amount of work in on NYE, and ended up getting onto him properly on New Years’ Day – getting him completed.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

From the first time I saw the “new” Savage Orcs in White Dwarf, back in 1992 with their blue woad-half-facepaint, and their red faces, and their white faces, I had an idea on how they’d look much, much better. Later, when I ended up with a bunch of them myself, I kept this idea in my head, and now, in Twenty Eigh… Nineteen, I’ve finally painted one of them using that scheme. That scheme of course, being warpaint and bodypaint inspired by the traditional designs of Indigenous Australians, or Australian Aborigines.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

Why? Well, for one thing, I’ve never, ever seen anyone use their designs as a basis for anything on wargames miniatures. Secondly, I’m Australian, so it seems appropriate to represent in a fashion on some (more) of my models beyond my Imperial Guard. Thirdly, and this ties in with the first point to an extent, it looks unique and rather good on the model(s), just as I’d envisioned over 20 years ago.

Shieldwolf "Mountain Orc Hero B" - Savage Orc Boss

The model itself is a nice display piece, but unfortunately alarmingly impractical for gaming purposes. I had to pin him to get him onto the base, and those thin, thin resin ankles make me wince when I look at him. He came with a 25mm square base, because Not-WHFB, but I put him on a 40mm round base instead since those weapons extend WAY out to a ridiculous degree, so it feels like bumping him on a table, or even looking at him funny will snap his fragile looking limbs or weapons right off! Ouch!

Well, that’s today’s model and post sorted. In the next few days I’ll have a couple of other little things that just missed Diabolical December and were instead finally completed on January 2nd, and then I’ll try to get my personal December wrap-up done for Saturday’s post.