D&D Monster Manual 50: Tomb of Annihilation – Girallon

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

I thought I’d break up the relentless monotony of scenery posts with a miniature. Remember when I used to paint those? It is another D&D board game model, though I think it’s a pretty nice one – from the Tomb of Annihilaiton set. The Girallon is apparently a four-armed, white-furred gorilla with tusks. Ok, I’m fine with that. It’s a lot less silly than many other D&D critters I’ve painted and posted here over the years, after all!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Pretty straightforward to paint. I added a tiny bit of purple and then brown washes to the grey-white fur to give it some hopefully-subtle depth and variation, though not so much to make him look like a punk rock fan out for a night on the town. I’m quite happy with how well the flesh tones came out. A pretty nice model in the end, and something I’m happy enough with for the 50th D&D post!

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Monster: Tomb of Annihilation - Girallon

Since the Tomb of Annihilation board game seems to be set in a thickly wooded outdoor area, I’ve modified my D&D monster bases for that set just by a subtle amount. There’s more brown in the grey of the flagstones, and I’m adding some cut down moss tufts to give a little more colour and reference the wild outdoors, while still leaving them sparse enough to fit in with the other games’ models. After all, a bit of moss growth between cracks in a dungeon is also feasable enough, right? Just ignore how large these “moss” tufts actually are…

Last Night on Earth: Another 7 Zombies (Zomtober 2020)

Last Night on Earth Zombies

With all that’s been going on, I’d actually forgotten about Zomtober this year until a couple of days ago, so these models weren’t painted for Zombtober, but painted during it. (A shame last month wasn’t Zomtober in a lot of ways!) We have here a fourth set of seven Zombies from the Last Night on Earth board game. I’ve done these ones in blue, since the core game comes with Green and Brown, and then there’s the expansion Red set. The standalone expansion Timber Peak came with another 14 zombies, this time in Dark Brown and Dark Green. Since I’ve already been using a mix of light and dark on my colour-themed zombies, I decided to skip the “dark” versions of the existing colours and just go for a new pair of colours – so Blue for these, and the last set will be Purple. I’ve got that last set of standard zombies outside just needing some primer, so maybe I can get them done before October ends….

I’ve spent a bit of time looking for the “headquarters” of Zomtober in 2020 to add a link to these (and find out if appropriate urban and ruined terrain for a Zombpocalypse counts), but can’t seem to find it….