Iron Warriors Rhino APC (Diabolical December ’18)

So it’s apparently been over a year since I finished any models for my Iron Warriors. I think we can all agree that that is a bit rubbish. (And no, that Atilla that I just finished doesn’t count!)

This Rhino is actually one of the first “proper” Iron Warriors models that I ever got – it was part of the purchase made from the same guy who sold me the Forgeworld Dreadnought/Helbrute linked above back around 2005-6 or so. Like the dreadnought, it was fully painted, albeit not to the standard that I was fully happy with, and it had a rather odd, heavily converted tank commander hanging out of the top. I’m not sure what I did with him, but I did see it somewhere last year. No matter, as it didn’t fit my own vision for the Iron Warriors.

Speaking of “my vision”, this thing was covered in spikes. Specifically, those bloody “fence railings” that come in the Chaos Vehicle “upgrade” sprue. Now, I don’t *hate* them, but they do become a bit tiresome when you seen to find them on every bloody Chaos vehicle around. I can certainly see them making sense in my vision of a Night Lords or Word Bearers force, but for me, the Iron Warriors are more about blunt force than an excess of spikes, so they had to go. So anyway, I pried them off and cleaned up where they had been affixed.

Other things I changed from the original paint were the slightly uneven hazard striping on the doors to black and a complete do-over of the top hatches’ hazard striping. Essentially using the original paint as a coloured undercoat/rough guide. I added all of the shading to the bronze areas, and picked out each individual rivet in silver, added all of the paint chips, wear and weathering, redid the grey highlights on all of the black areas and cleaned up some of the highlights/edging on the silver areas.

I also reworked the rear access hatch, redoing the Eye of Horus in red gemstone paint and adding a blue tint that you can’t see in the photos to the roundel around the Eye. My new commander (and hit hatch) also pops in and out of the hole. I went with a custom combi-plasma mostly because I couldn’t find a combi-bolter or a storm bolter, but did find half of a storm bolter, so I got an old-school plasma gun and a set of paired grips and did a little bit of cutting and gluing to make it work okay on the mount, but went with the “at rest” weapon pose. The commander is made from the standard lower legs from the Rhino kit, and an upper torso from my ill-fated Puppetswar purchase. There’s even a bubble-hole on his chest, but it’s less obvious due to the placement of the guns, and on this guy we can just call it a touch of battle damage (I couldn’t be arsed filling it). The head is from a plastic Grey Knight. I gave him the grey-purple-greenish complexion that I’ve done on my other unhelmeted Iron Warriors. I liked the combination of exposed cable and the skullcap, which I painted in a leather brown as a nod to the leather helmets worn by WWII tank crew (and Donald Sutherland’s Oddball!) I did putty over the =I= symbol on the forehead, though!

The chain was already affixed, but it was plain, shiny metal, so adding a paint/wash mix to it gave it some depth also made it no longer stand out from the rest of the model in an awkward way. Originally, I’d painted the interior of the commander hatches in a duck egg green, since that’s a real colour used for that sort of thing, but it didn’t “feel” right, so I redid it at the last minute (as in, after the “final” coat of varnish in my custom Necromunda Blue, and then revarnished by brush. Much better.

So now I only have one more of the models to go from that original IW purchase all those years ago! Not sure if I’ll manage to get it done in December, as there are two other models I’d like to prioritise – but we’ll see how it all works out…

WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator (Prodos Games) (Diabolical December ’18)

WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator, Prodos Games

Now, before anyone accused me of supporting Prodos, I picked up a bunch of WarZone models cheap on clearance from Firestorm Games in May last year with an eye of using them in some form with my Iron Warriors. I almost went in on their Kickstarter, but due to some unclear stuff in their pledge manager, I missed the deadline and saved myself a ton of money and missed out on some awesome models as well as what was apparently an absolute nightmare clusterfuck of “fulfilment”. They went on to make an even worse mess of the Aliens vs Predator Kickstarter, and now moved almost all of their assets to a couple of other companies in a (probably deliberately) confusing mess and are continuing to dodgily launch new projects that they may or may not own any rights to or have any intention of fulfilling.


WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator, Prodos Games

Anyway, they did/do make rather nice models, and I picked up a few of them on clearance for incorporation into various 40k-related projects. As much as I enjoyed 1st edition WarZone, I doubt I’ll ever really have the proper opportunity to play it again. I barely get to play anything at all these days, after all! So with that in mind, the Atilla got a proper “Iron Warriors” paint scheme, which admittedly does risk being mistaken for a Necron in some ways, so a big hazard-striped shoulder was pretty much mandatory. I left the hazard striping at that, since I didn’t want to overdo it on the model, though there are also some echoes in some of the exposed cabling.

WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator, Prodos Games

I actually started this model… a long time ago. Maybe it was last year? I can’t honestly recall at this stage. I’d mounted it onto and painted most of the base, as well as having done the base silver and some of the wash work. I’d hoped to complete it for Mechanical November, but that didn’t work out, so I managed to spend some time getting it completed this past weekend.

WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator, Prodos Games

The face hasn’t come out all that well in the photographs, and the black wash looks messier than it does in person, but thems are the breaks with miniature photography and figures being blown up to many times their size (excepting you phone browsers out there!) I’ve also got a trio of Enhanced Machinators which were started alongside this guy that may or may not get finished anytime soon. I’ll (hopefully) get a unit or two worth of models done in December, but I really want to focus on getting some more impressive pieces and heroes done.

WarZone Atilla MKI Exterminator, Prodos Games

Here’s a size comparison pic – showing the new Atilla alongside the original model as well as a Primaris Space Marine and a regular Space Marine. Definitely bigger than he first appears!

Not sure which rules/profile I’d use for him at the moment. Perhaps the rules for UR-025 from Blackstone Fortress in friendly games? He towers over that particular model as well!

Necromunda! Necro’17 Barricades (MechaNovember ’18)

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Ok, now I’m feeling (mostly) better and the insano-weeks of work are over, it’s time for me to try and get this shitshow back up and running. We’ll start by posting up the remainder of November’s painting in the next few days, then I’ll do my round-up, then the community round-up, then I’ll start posting my December stuff. So be ready for a few days of consecutive posts…

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Once again, inspired by Wudugast’s recent painting shenanigans, I pulled my batch of Necromunda Barricades from my pair of Necromunda ’17 sets out of the tub I’d kept them in since clipping, cleaning and spraying them, and set to work.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

They were a good project for the past couple of weeks since I’ve been doing a lot of work from home, as they were something I could very easily dip in and out of for the most part, with a kind of staggered-assembly-line mentality, and the use of so many washes and thin layers necessitated frequent breaks from the models. As such, I tried to use them to cleanse my mental palette.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Originally, I’d planned to do them all completely in metallics, and then just weather them up. Then I had the bright idea of painting some of the doors in chipped and worn metal. Then I added another colour to the range of the doors. Then I decided that if I was doing this with the doors, I may as well do the same with the bulkhead barricades (which, incidentally, is the reason I never managed to get a single OriginalNecro Bulkhead painted. I really liked the appearance of the “filled in” ones in WD and rulebook images, but it seemed like WAY too much work back in the day…

So.. yeah. The palette of these grew organically.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Initially sprayed with a Krylon dark metal, then zenithally sprayed again with a custom metal that’s basically Ironbreaker.

Washed & wiped with 5:4 Dark Tone and Lahmian Medium (I think), then Vallejo Model Wash Dark Brown.

Then colour fills:
custom “Necromunda Blue” shaded with 5:4 AP Blue Tone and Lahmian Medium, Highlighted with VMC Ice Blue
Vallejo Heavy Blackgreen shaded with 5:4 AP Strong Tone and Lahmian Medium, Highlighted with MSP Meadow Green
VMC Iraqui Sand, shaded with thinned Citadel XV-88, Highlighted with VMC Pale Sand
Khorne Red, highlighted with Mephiston Red, then Evil Sunz Scarlet, shaded with 5:4 AP Strong Tone and Lahmian Medium

Foam-dabbed paint-chip damage. 2-tier – first VMA Black Metal then AP Plate Mail Metal. Overall Darker on light background, lighter on dark.

Solid spray with gloss varnish before further weathering & staining.

Shading across the board (shade & wipe) and some broad but thin-coat streaking with Vallejo Model Wash Dark Brown

Targeted shading (shade & wipe) on rivets and some fine streaking with Vallejo Model Wash Rust

Damaged edges feather-frybrushed with Vallejo Game Colour Smokey Ink.

Oxidised (new, dry) Rust with (variously) Vallejo Pigment: Dark Red Ochre & Kromlech Weathering Powder: Orange Rust.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

I know that I probably “should” probably paint up the “objectives” half of the set that’s also sold as the Necromunda Barricades and Objectives set, but instead the next thing up on the workbench of this nature will probably be some of the new GorkaMorka Speed Freeks Ork-styled Scenery (though it’s pretty nicely generic for post-apoc and hive world environments as well!) Then perhaps some more bulkheads. I’ve already clipped the ones off of the Rogue Trader Sprues…

And finally, another thanks to Wudugast. These got started (and even finished) painted because of your post!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #15: WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires (as Poxwalkers): TG9511PB & TG9505PB (Unit-Ed October ’18) (Zom’tober?)

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

Yeah, another bloody mouthful of a post title. Maybe the worst yet. Still, there’s a lot of crossover with the content of this post.

Firstly, the models themselves. They’re 7 of the 8 models from the two old-school WarZone blisters, TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires and TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires. Clicking those links will take you to Prince August’s site where both are still available from original stock after all these years. Pretty good sci-fi zombies, to be quite honest. Old-school WarZone collectors often get in contact with me and ask if I have anything to sell so I like to point out when the figures on show are still available where possible. (If I ever do sell any, I’ll post them up here – I promise!)

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

The missing eighth of the models was actually painted a few years ago. Now, I haven’t played WarZone for many, many years at this point – but some of the models were real crackers (some were awful as well, no argument there!) These sci-fi zombies with guns were always pretty cool looking, but I never really had much of a use for them. Still, I did a bunch of Blessed Legionnaires when I gave the Nurgle Cult army a first-go-round back in 2015 or so. Need to rebase that Spawn of Demnogonis as well onto a proper 32mm base.

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

Obviously, this lot fits in with my own monthly challenge – that of Unit-Ed October. Because it’s a unit of models. A unit of 7 in fact – Nurgle’s (un)holy number! Coincidence, yes – but a fitting one. Paint scheme-wise, I painted 6 of them in the same Auscam as the main elements of my Imperial Guard force – the 11th Terror Australis Regiment. The 7th has his carapace armour painted in greys in a nod to his Warzone Bauhaus roots.

TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

And finally, I found out via Rantingsfromunder’s blog that there’s a thing called Zom’tober in the minis blogging community – though it’s one of those Blgospot ones, and we know that WordPress and Blogspot are a pain in the arse when it comes to getting on with one another. Unfortunately, it seems that Zom’tober has some pretty specific rules about completion that rule me out participating  …pretty much ever.

To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by that week’s Sunday (we use Sunday’s as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means posting one or more newly painted Zombie or Survivor minis each week on or before the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th this year.

Doesn’t really work for me. I finished 4 of these suckers at once 2 weekends ago, and then the final three last weekend – with the blood effects across all of them applied yesterday evening in two sittings. I mean, they’re zombies! Are there any other figures that lend themselves so well to batch painting?

TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

So while they don’t exactly fit into the Nurgle Daemons army, I’m sure that nobody reasonable would complain about a bunch of poxwalkers thrown in there as well. I’ll have to figure out where I’ve stashed the Blessed Legionnaires and that other zombie and pool the lot of them together for the next time I do an “army in progress” type shot for the Nurglites.

Oh. And after taking the above photos, I found the 8th model. While he’s fully painted, he does need a bit of touch-up to get him to the point where he’ll nicely fit in with the rest of his cohort here. I might attempt to get him done before the month ends, so I can bump my monthly total up that little bit more towards the 31 I want to have done…

Edit – Got that last one touched up, retook three of the photos tonight (following night to original post) and replaced the original pics of three with the four.

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #15: Plague Toads (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Back to Nurgle again today. Finally. A second trio of Plague Toads. Even though it’s been almost exactly two months since the first trio that I shared, I actually started on all of my Plague Toads at once, I just ended up splitting them off into their overall colours, and so the “brown” ones got finished first, and now, finally, I’ve finished the “green” trio.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

These are some really nice models, really – but so very busy, especially when compared to the smooth lines of the new plastics. I’ve got a few more old-school metal Nurgle models still to assemble and get through before I go onto the plastics, though – as well as a bit more resin and a couple of extra surprises that I’m already working on.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

As with the brown trio, I gave these green ones some broad stripes of darker green across their backs, the rear view being where they stand out the most. I felt that it gives the green a bit more depth and makes these unnatural, daemonic beasts look that little bit more “natural”.

I also ran some thinned purple and yellows through them in various places – again to vary their flesh tones that little bit.

Now here’s some individual portraits of the three of them – I’m basically out of words, so enjoy the photos!


Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

Here’s the next few models from my Sedition Wars Terrain Sets. I’ve featured some of this stuff before in the past, specifically the Barricades and the Crates.

As I’ve mentioned before in those posts, the add-on terrain set was the best part of that particular ill-fated Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got most of them in a storage tub, waiting for when I either want to knock out some bits and pieces or could use some of them for a game.

These got painted for the latter reason – while playing Imperial Assault, we ran into some turrets during one of the missions. Rather than the counters, we used the turrets I painted recently for Shadows of Brimstone, but I felt that they were a little big. With his in mind, I picked out four of the less-wonky Sedition Wars turrets (the articulated arms were glued down in the factory by indifferent workers) and eventually got to work.

As you can see, they’re simple, but decent enough models (feels like I write something like that pretty often lately!) I’m sure they can be used pretty easily in whatever kinds of sci-fi or near-future games as needed, but more importantly, if we run into any more turrets in IA, I’m prepared (I bet we won’t, now…)

Here’s a rough depiction of what seems to happen when we open the average door in IA. RUN! (and yes, we’re the using WotC figures for a lot of stuff while I slowly paint the “official” models.)

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #14: Plague Toads (Forge World) (June-It ’18)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Back to the Nurgle Daemons today. It’s been awhile, I know, but these three have been a slow march, mostly because other stuff keeps taking their spot in the queue. Now, finally though – it’s their turn to shine! Or glisten.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

I’ve actually had these Forge World resin models for years now, but like so much in my collection, they were bought because I wanted them to eventually paint up for [army] and then they just sat there. Since this year I’ve been doing the Nurgle Daemon thing, they finally got their time. I still have a bunch of other metal Nurgle mobs to paint up before I allow myself to start on the plastics, but I’m allowing resin models to be painted thoughout.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

There’s not really a great deal to write about these things. They’re pretty nifty in the current edition of 40k, and I assume quite nasty in AoS as well, though I honestly haven’t looked up their stats there yet. I’d have had these posted up earlier, but we’ve had an entire day and a half of rainstorms and occasional thunderstorms here, along with quite cold weather – which has meant a rather unsuitable climate for spraying. As we move into midwinter, that will of course only get worse, so I foresee a more sporadic posting schedule to come – where it will only be every few days (or on the weekends) I can manage to spray new models, so we’ll have “dead air” here on the blog while I wait for a suitable day and completed models pile up, followed by a mass of photos once I’ve had a spray day that gives me a backlog of stuff to spray.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Depending on how that goes, I might end up doing some more “thought” pieces, like finishing that post about paints that sits half-finished in my drafts folder, or some painting tutorials (provided I can remember to take the photos. I still need to do one on iron/metal, and I’ve been thinking of documenting how I paint Isengard Uruk-Hai and their skin. Provided I start painting the bloody things!

Here’s the usual size comparison shot, showing how they stack up to a couple of friends and a couple of foes.

They’re pretty nice models, all in all – at least in that messed-up Nurgle way. They’ve also got a pretty impressive stature to them, and are quite a bit bigger than I’d expected when I first ordered them, oh so many years ago.