40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest (Neglected October ’19)

40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest

Something a little more recent than those Rogue Trader Orks this morning. This …sewer vent(?) comes from the 40k Urban Conquest boxed set, which comes with some campaign rules for 40k as well as a sprue of terrain, which I dutifully clipped off the sprue, cleaned off the mold lines, sprayed this piece, and duly lost the rest of the kit into some tub or another somewhere. This thing, meanwhile sat around on the painting desk for most of that time with very little done on it. (Sprayed black, sprayed dark metal, basically). So as is often the case, I finally picked the thing off and made myself finish the damned thing.

40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest

It wasn’t so bad to finish off. The weatheroing powder seems to have come up a little harsher than I planned, though it’s looking a little messier here than in hand, as I want it to have a nice dusty and worn look so that it plays nice on a variety of table surfaces, I’m still good with it.

40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest

It’s a nice little piece, really. I’ve got a fair bit of smaller pieces of scenery that I need to complete before I crack onto any more of the ones from this set. As much as I’d like to get onto more of them, there’s a ton of other stuff to get done first.

40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest

Here’s a scale pic of it alongside yesterday’s Orks. Old-school 40k alongside new-school 40k! Works pretty well in my books!

25 thoughts on “40k Cities of Death Sewer Vent from Urban Conquest (Neglected October ’19)

    • Thanks Dave. Good to hear the weathering works well in the pics. I think the weathering came up a lot nicer in hand (a little more subtle) so its gratifying that it doesn’t look shitty to others. 👍

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  1. I think it works as well and of course you can never have too much scatter terrain both for gaming or taking varied pictures or whatever else floats one’s boat. 🙂

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  2. Great RT work. You might like to take a look at The Emporium of Rogue Dreams old school gaming group on Facebook.Mark (Emporium keeper).Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  3. I really like the weathering on the grate. Its perfect for 40k! If you had some Genestealer Cults (or maybe even Tyranids) popping out of that thing, it could be make for a really cool looking moment in a game (and a fun sounding game to play as well)! The only thing better would be a couple more pipes or grates for them to pop out of! 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo. I’ve certainly got a fair few hatches. Pipes would probably need to be some pretty big bits of PVC to work for most minis inside, though! I do have a bunch of GSC models I’ve not started on yet, as well as a large unpainted unassembled Tyranid force and a tiny painted and assembled one that desperately needs rebasing. Maybe this coming ummer?

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      • That is a good point about the pipe size. I figure you could play the scenario so there are a bunch of potential entrances and roll a die to determine which one unit(s) come out of. You could also make it so the units are touching the pipe without actually literally moving out too. With all of these specific ideas I have, you’d think I play 40k or even like Tyranids (I don’t)! 😀 The GSC are pretty darn cool though. Either one could be a great a project for you if you have the time and desire to paint them up 🙂

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      • I think GSC and especially some of the smaller ‘nids could well fit through those mroe cramped tunnels. At some point I’ll (hopefully) get to both of them. I do want to rebase the small ‘nid force I already have, so probably/hopefully this coming summer.


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