Stonehaven Dwarves – Miner (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

Stonehaven Dwarves Miner

The next Orc-Slayer for the month is a Dwarf who I’ve had kicking around in the Neglected Pile for quite some time now – a Miner from the Stonehaven Miniatures Dwarven Adventurers Kickstarter Campaign from back in 2012. To be quite honest, I don’t recall much about the campaign, but it was affordable, delivered either on time or extremely close to it, and was all around pretty pleasant, with some nice models as a result. Not amazing models, mind, but nice.

This sculpt is a little rough around the edges, or more precisely, the eyes. And so after starting him a few years ago and losing all inspiration because of his weird little head, he ended up just sitting around and got shoved away into containers a few times. After completing the Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew and then the Dwarf Lord recently, I found that it did inspire me to continue Dwarf Hunting a little more, and this guy was fished out of purgatory, and given the “git ‘er done!” treatment.

Stonehaven Dwarves Miner

As it’s a kind of odd model with both a fantasy feel as well as a 19th Century one, I decided to just streeeetch that out a little more so that he works ok not only as a Dwarf, but also potentially as a more 40k-centric Squat Miner for a bit of that Rogue Trader-ish feel. He’s not twisted or converted enough for Inq28, but as a lighter hearted Rogue Trader-ish model he works for me. To drive home this conceit, I painted his jacket as an orange work jacket with yellow flouro strips. Because.. well, why not? A bit of weathering powder finished him off, and I skipped the usual patch of grass my dwarves get, because miner, duh!

18 thoughts on “Stonehaven Dwarves – Miner (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

  1. Yeah, he’s a funny little guy because he’d fit in nicely with both sci-fi and fantasy settings. I could definitely see him taking part in some kind of Rogue Trader scenario. Nice work with those stripes on his jacket, they really bring a bit of “pop” to the model that would be lacking otherwise.

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    • Thanks. Short of puttying over the goggles with greenstuff to make new goggles, I can’t think of another easy way I could salvage his dodgy face. And It wasn’t until writing this response that I even thought of doing some putty-goggles over the top of his weirdly-spaced, odd looking goggles….

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  2. This sculpt doesn’t offer a lot of fun surfaces or textures to paint so I can see why he fell into your backlog. I have mixed feelings about the goggles as they make him look a bit cartoonish but they’re also the only thing that gives the sculpt character so a classic double-edged sword there. With that said, I love how realistically dirty he looks. He really looks like he walked straight out of a mine!

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    • It’s kind of a low-detail model with a slightly awkward pose. For me I’m picturing goggles like what the Perry twins sculpted on the Rogue Trader-Era Squats in my mind’s eye, so that idea does work better for me. 😉

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