WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew (sans Bolt Thrower!) (Colin Dixon, 1998) (Squaddie September ’19)

WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew, Colin Dixon, 1998

Here’s what are my final trio of models for Squaddie September ’19 (Yesterday’s Zombies were October-completed, post-queue-jumpers because of the post time requirements of Zomtober). Not nearly as much as I’d planned to get through (yet again), but I had a shitload of work at work, and a shitload of other stressful shit to deal with (other peoples shit, of course!) When going to work is your respite, you know that something’s seriously fucked up in your life.

Anyway, enough venting for the moment. These three modes have a sort-of-interesting story on how they got to be completed. Basically, I got them out, primed and based them about 2-3 years ago right after painting all those WHFB Dwarves. The normal ones, not the Slayers. The thought was to do something a bit different and a bit more fun after slogging through all those infantry. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way, so they’ve sat on a tray on my desk ever since, pretty much being ignored…

WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew, Colin Dixon, 1998

…that is, until a few weeks ago. I used some of the same blue as I’d previously used on my dwarfs whole repainting the cable on the Necromunda Bounty Hunter. It didn’t take much paint, and because it was a Vallejo Dropper bottle, there was some leftover on my palette. Now I hate to waste paint, so I looked frantically all over my desk for something to use it on (I do this sort of thing often) and spied these three dorfs. So they got their tunics and pants done. Same thing happened shortly afterwards with some off-white, so the loader’s shirt got basecoated. A couple of days ago, while painting the street lines on the Zombicide Abominations to finish them off, I was left with a bunch of yellow, so their belts got it.

After completing the Abominations, I took a look at the three dwarves. Now I really like Colin Dixon’s sculpts from this particular line of WHFB Dwarves, so I decided that they were pretty straightforward sculpts and thought that with a bit of effort, I could get them done in the final three days before the end of September. So I put my nose to the grindstone as much as I could within other time committments, and I got them done.

Of course, I still do need to paint their Bolt Thrower (sculpted by Norman Swales), but that’ll have to wait for a month beyond September. It qualifies for October’s Neglected Model Challenge, as well as November’s upcoming “Mechanovember” Challenge as it’s a mechanical device, albeit a simple one. This means chances are better than 50% that I’ll have it done before the end of the year. Or before the end of next year. Wish me luck…

12 thoughts on “WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew (sans Bolt Thrower!) (Colin Dixon, 1998) (Squaddie September ’19)

  1. Man, the nostalgia I have when I see old dwarf sculpts like this is very high. I painted and collected Warhammer back when the Ogres first came out. Elves were elves and dwarves were dwarves. Bretonnians were still around and the Tomb Kings were awesome. I really miss the classic/more traditional fantasy sculpts! I understand that trademarks and all that have led to their new direction but it is still a bummer. This is probably also why I love LOTR so much even though I should in theory have at least some interest in AoS. Keep your sea elves, GW, and give us more stuff like this! 🙂

    In terms of your painting, the beards look sharp which is quite possibly the most important feature on a dwarf. The leather boots look really nice too which tie this squad together really well. Keep the retro Warhammer minis coming as I clearly love them! 😀

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  2. I had a couple of those Bolt Throwers back in the day. The crew were really fun to paint as I recall. Particularly nice job making the loader’s white beard clearly differentiated from his white shirt.

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    • I think it’s officially heresy to say so, but I honestly find Dixons’ dwarves to be more aesthetically pleasing than the Perry’s. Same deal with Nelson’s Orcs over Kev’s ones. Not that I don’t still love the Perry and Kev Adams stuff – because I bloody well do, but I gotta say I like their successors’ work a little more if I’m being honest…


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