Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties – Standard Zombie Fatties Complete!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

Here’s my second-last post of models completed in February – the other half of the Zombicide 1st Edition Fatties to go alongside the female fatties that I painted for Fembruary. Quite the bunch of ugly bastards! As you can easily notice, there’s not a whole lot of variety in the sculpts here – just the one monopose sculpt for all the male Fatties! Luckily, their repeated tradie outfit offered a lot more flexibility in the way it could be painted compared to the females (without going into stuff like dress patterns that was more effort than I was willing to do). So four types of overalls/coveralls and a variety of singlets, gloves and boots!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

I decided not to bother going too far with designs on their singlets (why do Americans call them “wife-beaters”?) …you know what, don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know. Anyway, I gave one a classic Aussie blue-collar logo and two others got easter eggs from a very old decal sheet. You can kinda see here the sweat stains I added to the white singlets around the pits and manboobs, though the spatter adds a lot of visual noise there!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

I also really didn’t want to go so far as to add ink to these guys, but that many bare arms on tradies just looked completely wrong. I mean, this being 2020, a good half of the female fatties would be just as inked up, but they can pass more easily than these ones. So I did another pass before completing them and added what I think of as “impression” tattoos. Mostly faint, squiggly lines that give the impression of detailed tattoos without being too painful to paint on. It’s not like you can really see what most people have on their skin from more than a couple of metres away anyway, amirite?

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Fatties

And here we are – at long last, all of the Fatties from my Original Zombicide set complete. Now I guess I need to start on working through all of the walkers and runners (and the special walkers and runners). That’s going to be…. a. lot. of. fun.

Zombicide 1st Edition: Female Zombie Fatties #Fembruary 2022

Zombicide 1st Edition: Female Zombie Fatties

Sure, they’re not a set of models that placed highly in the pre-February poll, but they’re something I did need to get done – Zombicide is one of those evergreen games that we play around here, and as I’ve slowly been working my way through the survivors (and zombvivors!) and the Fancy types of zombie fatties, it was time to get the basic ones done. This month being February, it made sense to concentrate on the Fembruary challenge set of them first, and so we have this set of ten models. They weren’t as fun as some of the others I’ve painted, due to the limits of only two sculpts, both wearing pretty similar dresses (and me not wanting to bother to go to town on them with repeating dress patterns and such) – but they’re now (finally) done and will be a regular feature on the table from here on in. Now I’ve still got the eight male ones, which have a slightly better/more flexible sculpt to paint in interesting ways – but there’s only the one sculpt!

Oh, and to make a point on the whole Contrast vs Speedpaint thing – here’s my “first draft” with these the other week, using Contrast. Didn’t like how they came out. The black, blue and green ones were immediately painted over with normal acrylics. The red and yellow ones were overpainted with acrylics to make them look decent. No waiting, no varnishing needed. Also, the skin tones are made from thinned contrasts, and in most cases, multiple layers of thinned contrasts to give mixed purple-over-green and green-over-brown (etc) tones. Again, wait to dry, no varnish, no reactivation. At this point, these are pretty much exclusively the ways I use Contrast paints – very rarely does the “official” way of one thick undiluted coat “and done” work for me on anything.