Technical August ’18 – Community Round-Up

Faust’s Beholder finally gets a base!

Faust’s weathered Necromunda bases with hazard stripes.

Faust’s Necomunda bulkheads with rust and glowy bits

After a bit of a delay, I’m finally getting this post finished. Better late than never, right?

The first Technical maestro for this month is Faust, from Doubledowndice. He’s been busy in August, having figured out a way to mount that grinning Shapeways Beholder to a base, and has also been working on hazard stripes and rust effects as well as glowing (radioactive) drops to add additional depth and interest to his Necromunda scenery and bases.


Pandoras Bitz Box’ “The Five Day Duel”.

Pandora’s Bitz Box from Krakendoomcool did something new in creating an action vignette featuring an Imperial Fist and a Genestealer locked in Mortal Kombat mortal combat. There’s a lot going on here – snow basing, blood (and ichor) spatter, a bolter round mid-flight as well as some reposing work (often something overlooked). All of this combines with some wonderful paint to create something really evocative.


WestRider’s Noise Marine Dreadnought.

Alexis “Westrider” West (depending on which blog/comments you’re reading) from Cascadian Grimdark completed this Noise Marine Dreadnought, featuring a fair bit of work in kitbashing elements from several different kits along with putty work in a few spots. I’m not sure what that one, pink-ended tentacle is supposed to be, but I’ll probably be alright not knowing exactly what it is. The shoulder-riding slave/master is also magnetised for use as an objective marker or scenario play. The window panels on the legs (and on the arm) feature a marbling effect which was an additional “something new” for Westrider and Technical August.


Thomas’ Tzaangor Twistbray

And the “dark shot”.

Thomas from High Times on the Eastern Fringe completed a pretty awesome Tzaangor Twistbray (Shaman) Voidgazer conversion, including a scrying stone that has some really nice layered effects on it with almost translucent paints – really giving it some nice depth. As you can see from both the light and dark shots above, the use of yellow-green flames really give the model an unusual effect that really looks magical while standing out in a really nice way.


Krautscientist’s Freehand Marine Shoulder Pads.

Krautscientist from Eternal Hunt did some lovely freehand work on a pair of his WIP Deathwatch Kill-Team Members. It’s certainly shaping up to be one impressive unit, both in terms of uniqueness, build and paint!


Alex’ Malal Pantheon of Chaos Champion.

Alex of Leadbaloony fame painted this Chaos Champion (possibly of Malal) from the Panthenon of Chaos Kickstarter. He used a series of washes over a silver armour base in order to create the Deep Purple shades that work so effectively here.


Ellen’s Space Wolf Kill Team.

Ellen from Lavender Miniatures and Gaming created a Space Wolf Kill Team, personalising her models by sculpting wolf pelts onto the unadorned models of the Primaris Reivers using greenstuff. (Along with Space Wolfy headswaps and the addition of other wolfy detail pieces!) Ellen also experimented with several kinds of material in order to give then snowy, winter bases. To top it off, this was Ellen’s first attempt at sculpting using greenstuff. They look bloody good, and that’s a pretty amazing result for the first time doing so!


Mark Morin’s Armorcast 3-Crater Set

Mark Morin began a major overhaul of his gaming table with the addition, modelling and painting of some terrain from Armorcast. The first set being this 3-Crater Set that he based, added materials to blend them in with their new bases and then went to town using a variety of Vallejo pigments and some experimentation with different fixatives. Seeing them as they came over on Mark’s blog and the photo I’ve posted here really shows how successful he’s been here.

Mark’s Armorcast Rusted Sci-Fi Walls…

…and Mark’s Armorcast Ruined Buildings.

Mark also started these walls and ruins in August, but didn’t get them finished until this month (September). Since this Community Round-Up post is so late, I’m fine with adding these in as an honourable mention.


Carlo’s old-school Necromunda Van Saar Juve.

Carlo from Deuteros Games‘ model is both old-school and very contemporary, all at once. It of course is a Van Saar Juve Ganger from the original release of Necromunda. Carlo has done a pretty sweet job of a highly detailed base, featuring cables as well as weathered hazard striping, section edge highlighting and blending across the entire model and even a tint of pink to the Juve’s hair.


Argent Badger’s Trollkin Warders.

Argent Badger of The Bovine Overlord has gone all Warmahordes for the August Challenge. Specifically a unit of Trollkin Warders that show him taking on that bugbear of many of us painters – yellow! Judging from these models, he’s clearly conquered that particular foe, and soundly added the techniques to his personal painting toolkit.


Dreadaxegames’ Relictor plasma gunners.

Dreadaxegames (Dreadaxe?) from Dreadaxegames has gotten his Relictors project up and running – his work for Technical August was on plasma glow. He’s used different shades to differentiate between the traitor weapon and the loyalist plasma cannon. The other new technique he’s used here has been gluing and painting sand and the addition of tufts on the bases of his models.


The Imperfect Modeller’s Duel between a Crusader Champion and a Red Dragon.

Last for August, but by no means least is The Imperfect Modeller‘s diorama featuring a pair of Reaper Miniatures’ figures – a Crusader Champion and a Red Dragon. together on a piece titled “The Dragon Slayer”. He’s got OSL lava glow, modelled lava flow, and also the assembly and painting of a Dragon going here as personal challenges. Something that would be very easy to miss on this model is that TIM is typically pretty much a historical modeller, and that he has only recently begun to dip into Fantasy and other more fantastical genres.


And bringing up the rear is my own rather meagre stuff from Technical August. Though while replying to Faust I realised that the Jawa’s eyes were done with an off the cuff experiment on using a new method that I hadn’t done before of the “hmm.. I wonder if THIS will work?” type. Ah well, I’m not taking the photos again!

As always with these things, it’s very easy to accidentally miss someone’s post, so if I missed your unit post, or one of your units, please prompt me in the comments (with a link!) and I’ll edit this post ASAP! Linking to the initial challenge post with your posts always makes thing easier for me – I can just follow the pingbacks when assembling these round-up posts and it’s far harder to miss anyone!

Technical August: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up and August 2018 Painting Round-Up

Another month where a singular post for both my personal round-up and my challenge outcome works best. Mostly because I got very little done for the challenge this month. Well, maybe that should be completed for the challenge, as I did work on a few other things – just none of them were completed.

As you can see here, not a lot of “Technical” stuff got completed in August on my part. Other stuff I worked on but did not complete included some more experiments with gemstone paints (mixed results), shellac spray primer on Reaper’s Bones models (seems great so far, but not finished or sealed to see the final results), work with decals and weathering on a trio of tanks that got hung up by painting god damned road wheels (super tedious) and another armoured vehicle (ran out of time). So they will no doubt trickle out over the coming months. It certainly didn’t help that August was a much more work-intensive month than was expected (my team leader has been on LSL for the last 2 months, and wasn’t replaced, so a colleague and I have had to pick up all of the firefighting and admin that she would have done as additional work – credit to the colleague for going above and beyond, since my (separate) IT duties haven’t abated, either).

On top of extra work from work, August is cold and rainy. Even when winter’s not so severe here, it’s cold and rainy because it’s still winter. Given that I’m a guy who works best when the weather is nice, the days are longer and I can spray as needed, it probably wasn’t the best month for this challenge for me personally. Ah well, c’est la vie!

So instead I got a bunch of Neglected Models completed, as well as scatter terrain targeted mainly on making Imperial Assault look better. Some IA models as well, and more stuff for Brimstone. One of the models was actually inside for a touch-up when I took the group photo, but has been included into the group shots via the magic of Photoshop. Because of course, I’d already put stuff away when I got inside and noticed. Aaaaand I’ve just noticed one model that I forgot to give a post to. That’s the kind of month it’s been. Expect that one real soon, then.

Overall, 52 models. Not too bad. The scatter terrain really bumps it up as always, but even so, there are quite a few “real” models in there, so it’s still pretty decent for an overall shitty month.

Add to the 382 from Jan to July, and we’re now at 434 for the year.

Community Round-up for Technical August will be published next weekend, so if you’ve got something that you’d like included – make sure that you post in the comments section of the challenge announcement post within the next few days. If it’s not there, trust me, I’ll miss it – even if I’ve liked and commented on it on your blog. 

Neglected Model September ’18: Community Painting Challenge

With a week left to the end of the month, it’s time to announce next month’s Community Challenge – As with February and May, September’s Community Challenge for whoever is interested in participating will once again be “Finish a Neglected Model”. Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

Yeap, at this stage, all those models that you started but didn’t complete for painting challenges in January and February (and March, if you want to stretch it) now count as valid for this month’s challenge, so it’s time to dust them off and finish them off!

This challenge is designed to be Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience. Way back in February, ten of us managed to finish a figure or a few that had eluded completion for a significant amount of time, and by doing so, de-clutter the world’s collection of half-painted models by at least a small amount. In May, we also had ten contributors to cleaning up the world’s supply of half-painted and abandoned models.

Can we hit eleven this coming month? Simply by finishing off that annoying single goblin or space marine on the end of your desk, you could be the one to take us to new heights of neglected participation!

So if you’re keen for it, no need to sign up. Just pick a model that’s been neglected and during the month of September, make it into a completed model. If you’d like to be included in the wrap-up at the end of the month, it’s super helpful if you post a link in the comments section of THIS post, so everything is in one place when I go to stitch it all together. Because someone’s work always gets missed, at least initially!

And if you want some inspiration, just go and check out the wrap-up pages from February and May!

The Jewel of July 2018 – Community Round-Up

Ellen’s Idoneth Deepkin Eidolon

Kicking off this month – The Jewel of July we have:

Ellen, from Lavender Miniature Painting and Tabletop Gaming with a miniature that is so large that it barely qualifies as such, and is also more Turquoise than Lavender, but we’ll forgive that. We have the Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Sea model from Games Workshop’s new Idoneth Deepkin (Deep Sea Elves) range for Age of Sigmar.


Ann’s Yellow-Moldy Poxbringer

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium completed this nasty looking Poxbringer which features quite a lot of colourful and shiny maladies, including a new one – the rather disgusting looking Yellow Mold on it’s pointy-arm. There’s some nice close-up shots on Ann’s blog. Make sure you’ve just finished a full, meaty meal before checking it out. 🙂


Alexis West’s Keeper of Secrets

Cascadian Grimdark‘s Alexis West aka Westrider completed a pretty bloody impressive conversion of a Keeper of Secrets, known as Danglethrust Sinhammer. I spy a Verminlord in there as well as a number of other parts. Alexis also proves that it’s not all that difficult to “jump the fence” and participate in a WordPress-based hobby challenge, even when your own blog is on Blogspot! 🙂


Marouda’s Fimbrethil, Entwife.

Marouda, who (rarely) posts here on Azazel’s Bitz Box completed her first model in over a decade – Fimbrethil, Entwife by Mithril Miniatures. Hopefully she continues to put paint to brush.



Krakendoom Cool’s “Horny Toad” Nurgle Helbrute.

Krakendoomcool‘s Krakendoom Cool created a Nurgle Helbrute “Horny Toad” based on the trailer for the 40k PC game Inquisitor: Martyr and with Emeralds as his Jewel inspiration. Using the Boxed Helbrute as a base, along with any number of additional parts (including the venerable Space Crusade Assault Cannons). A pretty nasty piece of work!


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Norris Thing/Possessed Marine.

Krakendoomcool‘s brother-in-arms on the same blog, Pandora’s Bitz Box came up with two models this month. First up is the Norris Thing/Possessed Marine, inspired by John Carpenter’s classic horror film

Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Imperial Assault AT-ST.

Pandora’s Bitz Box‘ second submission is a rather impressive model in a very different way – the AT-ST from Star Wars: Imperial Assault.


Warbringer’s Magni Warbringer, Techmarine of the Salamanders.

Warbringer, contributor on the Krakendoomcool blog completed this Salamanders Techmarine homage to …himself! And a pretty sweet job he’s done on it, too – especially when you see the work that went into creating the model before brush met paint.


Mark Morin’s Cavalry Squad of Power Armoured Frinx, riding Glyptodons. Because OF COURSE they are.

Mark A Morin completed a project with a long tail. Figuratively more than literally, though you probably don’t want to be swatted by one of these – it’s a squad of Power Armoured Frinx on Glyptodons. One of these models  would have been well enough for July, but, well, you know Mark by now…


Alex’s Kal Jericho and Scabs

Alex of Leadbaloony finished a few figures that fit the Jewel of July categories this month. Hero(?) of the Underhive, Kal Jericho and his offsider, Skab. He’s done a great job on these classics of the original Necromunda.


The Imperfect Modeller’s Indiana Jones Diorama.

The Imperfect Modeller came up with not one, but three dioramas this month. Pretty insane. The first is a Reaper model nominally called “Jack Harrison”, but we know who it really is – Indiana Jones! In this model, it looks very much like Dr. Jones is negotiating the jungle on the way into the temple in the opening scenes from Raiders…

TIM’s Kelainen Darkmantle, Evil Wizard.

TIM also dipped his toe into the genre of fantasy, beginning with another Reaper model – Kelainen Darkmantle, Evil Wizard. I’m not sure if that bottle contains something magical, something really malodorous or is about to be used as a magic grenade. Perhaps all three?

TIM’s “Fantasy Island”

TIM’s third submission for the month (I know they didn’t go up in this order!) is the aptly named “Fantasy Island“. An amazing looking piece that also features a Nienna, a Reaper Elf ranger near the waterfall’s edge. This piece conjures up images of much fantasy art through the years, but personally reminds me of Nagrand, in World of Warcraft – as it is very reminiscent of that particular lovely looking place where I spent quite some time back in the day. TIM has used quite a few new and advanced techniques to create this masterpiece – but you’ll have to visit his blog to see how he did it!


Backtothehammer’s Garagrim Ironfist…

..and his Wood Elven Waystalker

Backtothehammer has completed more than one submission this month – firstly, Garagrim Ironfist, son of Ungrim Ironfist and then in the same post, his second Wood Elf Waystalker, making the left and right hand of Haldrin Stormlight. The twin deaths.


Thomas’ Aramis the Skullstalker.

Thomas of the High Times on the Eastern Fringe has created a truly awful thing. Aramis and Skullstalker. You really need to visit (and fully read) the post to appreciate it in full. I’ll say no more here.


Cousin Nalesk’s submission for the month.

Cousin Nalesk from Elucubrationsursidees completed this figure, the Christmas figurine from 2006 by Freebooter Miniatures, featuring some lovely NMM on the cloak’s embroidery. This served as his contribution for Jewel of July as well as his entry to the Competition celebrating the 1,000,000th visit to The Temple of Morikun blog.


Caseyrog’s Chaos Minotaur for BloodBowl.

Caseyrog from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones completed this Forge World BloodBowl Minotaur.

Mr.White’s Terrorgheist and Ghoul King.

Mr.White, also from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones completed a Terrorgheist for July. He’s done some great conversion work incorporating Stormcast armour and shields to represent their particular delusion.

Jason’s Volturnos, High King of the Deep.

Finally, Jason from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones painted up Volturnos, High King of the Deep, for his Idoneth Deepkin army, giving us a second Sea Elf for the month’s contributions. I particularly love the transitions he’s used here on the Seahorse’s scales and underside.


Wudugast’s Skaven Warp-Lighting Cannon.

Wudugast from Convert or Die has turned out a rather impressive Jewel for the month. A Skaven Warp-Lighting Cannon! His ever-growing horde of WHFB Skaven now have another (centre)piece of heavy artillery to smite their foes with.


Sfjy’s Knight Castellan, in all its imposing glory.

Speaking of Heavy Artillery, Sfjy of Sigmund Freud is Judging You has completed the largest model yet for the month: An immense Knight Castellan. Sfjy painted the panels using the Greenstuffworld Chameleon paints, achieving those really nice, varied metallic tones on the model’s carapace. If only my challenges could motivate my own self to paint something this impressive!


Just Needs Varnish’s custom Panzerjäger V Ausfuhrung A Kobra.

Just Needs Varnish from his eponymous blog built and painted a custom prototype WWII Panzer. Called the Panzerjäger V Ausfuhrung A Kobra (Tank Destroyer Type 5 Mark A Cobra), he based it on a spare Panther hull, some Marder bits, and of course – plasticard.

Just Needs Varnish’s Brummbär.

JNV also turned out another pretty cool model in July, this Brummbär that has had the skirts added from another kit. but seemed adamant that it wasn’t special enough to be considered a Jewel. I personally disagree (and I’m sure most if not all readers here would, also) – and if I’d painted it, I’d certainly be counting it. So in line with JNV’s request, it’s not officially a Jewel, it’s just visiting this post.


Krautscientist’s The Hound, Enkidu Lance, XII Legion 4th Assault Company.

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed an extensive conversion of a Knight Armiger, turning it renegade and creating The Hound, Enkidu Lance, XII Legion 4th Assault Company. Aside from the arms being modular, the carapace is also removable, showing the pilot inside along with his detailed console. Very cool, indeed!


Argent Badger’s Carrion Emissary.

Argent Badger of The Bovine Overlord completed this Carrion Emissary from Malifaux – part of the Resurrectionist Crews. I don’t know much (anything) about Malifaux, but I know a cool model when I see it – and this one certainly qualifies.

Argent Badger’s Anna Lovelace.

Argent Badger also showed off Anna Lovelace, also from Malifaux. An interesting combination of elements – steampunk, anime-bookish and also with a vicious-looking bladed tonfa. Quite the interesting contrast between the delicate pink of her top and the militaristic Battleship grey of the armoured bell-skirt.


EJ Henries’ Night Lord Renegade

EJ Henries of Malefic Design completed this converted Night Lord Renegade, armed with a (Deathshroud?) Power Scythe. Quite a nice build that I’m inspired to rip off be inspired by one day…


Imperial Rebel Ork’s Bruiser and Bully.

Imperial Rebel Ork has submitted Bruiser and Bully, a pair of characters from his immense SkyRaiders project, more specifically from the Junkers faction. If you’d like to know more, and which one is Bruiser and which one is Bully, them I’m afraid you’ll have to click the link and let IRO explain..


Redboarwiiingers’ Blood Bowl Ogre.

Redboarwiiingers from his self-titled blog painted up this cool-looking Blood Bowl Ogre for his human team. I only happened to see the post today (Mid-August) so it’s a good example of why I need those links!


Finally, my own contributions, which can be seen in slightly more detail via their individual posts over the last month, or collected in yesterday’s post.

*Obviously, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have accidentally missed someone despite my best efforts, so if that’s you, please know it was unintentional – just reply to this post with a link to your model post and I’ll edit you in quicksmart.

The Jewel of July – Personal Round-Up & July 2018 Painting Round-Up

How our plans go astray when the gaming gods intervene! The Jewel of July was supposed to motivate me on a personal level to finish a bunch of small heroes and villains from various games, some large monsters and also get some of those Space Marine Heroes for my armies done.

While I somewhat achieved the first of those objectives, my group’s beginning to meet again regularly after a couple of months’ hiatus – and the focus in our gaming sessions primarily being Star Wars Imperial Assault switched my previous painting of IA models from being somewhere to get some easy wins, mixed in with my other models (as with Shadows of Brimstone) into much more of a proper gaming focus for the month and into August.

It’s not been a terrible month by any means, though it kind of morphed into a bit of a neglected model month of sorts (as so many tend to do) as I finally completed things like a sextuplet of Zombicide models representing both the living and (un)dead states of three Survivors that were started at least 2 years ago when we used to play Zombicide frequently.

Similarly, I got a bunch of LotR models finished that I’d done very little on in the past – in fact, all seven of those models had been started to a lesser or greater extent in the past, though most had little done to them before July motivated me to get them done and out of the way. The big nasty spider had been assembled, sprayed and initially drybrushed a dark grey in the distant past, though I went over the top of that with the browns and also created the base. The Big Brimstone Guardian of Targa was started in June, as was the Royal Guard Champion, alongside his brethren. The rest of the Imperial Assault stuff was actually painted start-to-finish during July, as was the Valkyrie. So 23 models completed for the Jewel of July, including 1 for Temple of Morikan

Since the only difference between my challenge models and my overall models this month was a few pieces of terrain, I’m combining both posts into the one, here.

Aside from the Jewel of July models, the 10 ruined columns from Mythic Battles: Panthenon, the 2 bridges from Massive Darkness and the 4 doors from Star Saga provide me with a bunch of improved elements when I get to the appropriate boardgames, as well as an additional 16 pieces of scatter terrain for various wargames as needed.

16 pieces of scatter also works nicely towards my monthly goal of a minimum of one model of some sort for each day of that month – these smaller, but more frequent and constantly reset monthly goals are working a lot better for me overall than the broader “365 for a year.” My total for this month being the 23 for Jewel plus 16 non-challenge scatter terrain brings me to 39 models for this month.

From Jan to June, I completed 343 models, so with the addition of July’s 39, I’m up to 382. More on that later, though!

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie – Heidi Sigrsdotter (Jewel of July ’18, The Temple of Morikun Painting Competition)

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

This statuesque lass represents two things – firstly, my own participation for Morikun’s Competition celebrating the 1,000,000th visit to The Temple of Morikun blog. As well as (obviously) another Jewel of July for my own painting challenge. Now I’m not usually one for painting competitions these days. I have actually won a couple in the (distant) past, but the quality of competition these days is through the roof – and I’m rather pragmatic about painting competitions. If I don’t think I have a chance of winning, I don’t bother entering. I’m also realistic. I ain’t winning no Golden Demon or Crystal Brush. And so I don’t enter competitions. And I’m perfectly okay with all of that.

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

Morikun’s one is a little different, in that there are roughly one billion prizes, so rather than feeling like it’s unpossible, it is actually quite possible to win some small thing. And with that, it feels more relaxed, more like a painting challenge – and as any reader of this blog knows, I’m definitely up for a painting challenge. There are other very cool challenges and competitions out there right now, with some bloody amazing work towards them, but I don’t feel that I have the time for complex kitbashes and conversions right now or anytime soon, so my participation in those is limited to just enjoying the posts and photos that they’re composed of.

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

A bit annoying that the highlights and shading on the red of the cape haven’t turned out fully in the photos, but such is life. Anyway, the theme of Morikun’s competition is that of Ms. Morikun, represented by a feminine figure. I can get behind that, though I’d personally be dedicating my own model more towards Marouda, but like is like. Anyway, the best figures I could find for my oan aesthetic were some of my unpainted metal Adepta Sororitas, or a Shieldmaiden/Valkyrie. I went through my stash of Norsewomen, and decided to go big, picking out this model, Valkyrie – Heidi Sigrsdotter from Heresy Miniatures that I picked up with my last order to Andy.

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

The colour scheme was something that developed pretty much organically, with no planning – I just went entirely by “feel” on this one. My only real concern was to ensure that the colours were in keeping with my actual viking models. The very “Thor” colour scheme was simply how it all turned out, which I noticed about 3/4 of the way through the model. Given the nature of the model, this was fine by me.

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

One small painted change from the intent of the original sculpt I (sort of) made, was the upper chest. I genuinely thought that the breastplate continued up to under the model’s neck, where the cloak’s neck chain is. It wasn’t until partway through painting when I realised that it was meant to be a kind of comic book superheroine cleavage. So naturally I left it in the metallic colours I’d painted it in to represent armour. She doesn’t need a spear under the collarbone!

Heresy Miniatures Valkyrie - Heidi Sigrsdotter

So here we are – my submission to the Temple of Morikun and also another Jewel of July. July ends in a few hours, but the next couple of posts will be the remaining figures I finished over the final weekend in July, plus anything I manage to complete tonight before midnight.

Mithril Miniatures – Fimbrethil, Entwife (Jewel of July ’18, The Temple of Morikun Painting Competition)

Mithril Miniatures - Fimbrethil, Entwife

Fimbrethil had been missing since Sauron’s forces destroyed the gardens of the Entwives during the Second Age. At the time of the War of the Ring, Treebeard had not seen his beloved Fimbrethil for over three millennia.

I have a thing for Ents (hence my Avatar) and was drawn to this miniature because it is a female Ent and I think she looks quite cool and rather pretty.
I started the base coat back in 2010 and have since then worked on the flesh/wood tone on and off. I wanted to go for a light wood colour, her hair and flowers contrast nicely against the light wood. I am really happy with how the skin tone turned out the highlights especially on the face. I remember Azazel recommending that I read a painting guide/tutorial in a very old white dwarf on how to highlight/paint a face.

Mithril Miniatures - Fimbrethil, Entwife

I wanted to go for a red/yellow/orange autumn leaf colour for the hair, and lavender type colouring for the flowers and stems. The fine details made me nervous to paint and gave me an actual headache especially the flowers in her hair, I use a magnifying desk lamp to see/enlarge the detail. I was too scared of loading the brush so ended up using/putting too little paint on the brush, oh well better to be over cautious than be ham handed.

Mithril Miniatures - Fimbrethil, Entwife

The big motivator/push to get this miniature finally done was when Azazel mentioned a ‘competition’ and ‘prizes’ at The Temple of Morikun and I jumped on board. Although I did think of working on her for the ‘Fembrurary’ challenge earlier this year.

Mithril Miniatures - Fimbrethil, Entwife

Before this last week the model was just the skin. I have completed the rest over the last week or so.

Paint List:

Hair: Base Colour: is Citadel Troll Slayer Orange, highlight: Reaper Miniatures Golden Yellow. Wash: Citadel Baal Red

Bunch of Flowers: Base: The Army Painter Warpaints Alien purple.  Highlighting: Zombicide Toxic Boils. Wash: Purple Tone Ink Wash (Quickshade) The Army Painter.

Flowers in Hair: Base: Ultramarine Blue Game Colour. Highlight: Glacier Blue Game Colour.

The Skin Tone was done with browns and greys it was such a long time ago I can’t recall the exact paints. I remember it took me ages to do, the highlighting and shading. I think it put me off getting the rest of the model done. I think I need to take a lesson from Azazel’s book, it’s better to get a model to good enough and finished instead of trying to be a perfectionist and not get anything finished.

For the base, clay cat litter rocks for the stones and real twigs for the twigs/log. I picked out some light moss and some white and yellow flowers.

Mithril Miniatures - Fimbrethil, Entwife

This model is now out of production but can still be purchased from Mithril Miniatures. They have 38 still available when I last checked. Azazel told me that he bought this miniature back in the 80’s (before we had met) to use in Bloodbowl.

I am very happy that Azazel let me paint her, I think she looks beautiful. What do you think? She’s a bit heavy on the flower power, but I think she can get away with it.

Hopefully the next project wont take me 10 years to finish! I think admiring this one in the display cabinet should be motivation enough to get another model done. Maybe you guys can help me pick out my next project?