May 2023 Monthly Round-Up & Monster MAYhem Challenge

Here’s May’s Round-Up! I wanted to get this one up closer to the first of the month, but had that thing happen where there was a lull in getting models finished, followed by a flood at the end – and I prefer to have more individual posts for a model type or two over larger volumes – makes it much easier for me to find my stuff later. So now that you’ve had several days of non-stop D&D Boardgame models, we get the round-up and in a couple of days we can get back to the D&D models (and hopefully some other stuff!)

Looking at this picture I actually noticed that there’s a total of zero Warhammer/Games Workshop models here. I’m not even sure how unusual that’s become. The funny thing is that I really don’t feel that in my painting sessions, but perhaps that’s because I’m actually regularly working on some GW models, even if they don’t hit the finish line every month while I concentrate on these various boardgame projects.

The breakdown of the month’s efforts comes down to 6 D&D Heroes (2 of which are good models from GF9), 10 D&D Boardgame enemies and 2 Villains. A pair of Gricks from Nolzurs as well as a Slaad and Dire/Hell Board from Reaper’s Bones. 2 more Investigators from Cthulhu: Death May Die and 2 Mythos Creatures for them to battle. 2 more of the Zombicide 2nd Edition KS Bonus Abominations and one from Black Plague. And finally, the Basilisk/Giant Snake from Mythic Battles Panthenon. Emphasis on finally for that one.

The model-finish count then is 30 models for a month of 31 days – FAILSAUCE! Don’t worry son, I’m not angry, just disappointed.

But not very. May was looking like this from the start. Blame Dead Island 2. Getting to 30 given the number of Zombies that Marouda and I slaughtered last month was actually pretty good in my opinion. Anyway, we’ll add that 30 to the 87 I had at the end of April and we’re at 117 at the end of May, the 151st day of the year – looks like I’ve got some serious catching up to do! Will it be 15mm WWII models or tons of tiny bits of scatter terrrain that artificually pumps up my numbers? 😀


May was also the month of the Monster MAYhem challenge, once again hosted by The Angry Piper (who seems much more pleasant than his moniker would suggest) at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging. If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend that you pop over there to see some very nice models. There’s quite a few on Instagram as well, but given that bots kept trying to log into my account last time I had one, I had to nuke the whole thing from orbit, so I don’t get to see a lot of those models unfortunately. Then again, fuck Mark Zuckerberg and Meta/Facebook. 😀

I always find the two monster painting monthly challenges – Monster March and then Monster MAYhem each year to be incredibly useful for motivating me to get these larger models done – they essentiually work as a team for me mentally in a three month block to finally get models finished and new models started. There’s always tons more than I can get done, of course – games like the Zombicide Series and now Death May Die have an endless swarm of giant beasts – and I’ve got another of the giant Mythic Battles monsters in a box that I shelved last year due to lack of motivation to finish during these challenges, I’ve got the Marauder Giant still in pieces because that Patchwork tunic has been cockblocking me mentally for several decades, a trio of Forgeworld horribles that I based and primed for last year’s challenges and didn’t get beyond that, and then didn’t work on at all this year, and at least three Citadel Ogres of various kinds that I did a little on, but not enough to get through.

So yeah, getting through eight of these models in a month is something that I can definitely credit Monster MAYhem with having a big positive impact on – especially on that bloody Basilisk/Snake and Wolverine Scissorhands there – both of which have been hanging around for a LONG time (a year and years – plural).

This month (June) I’ll be trying to finish off a few of the Monsters that didn’t make the month’s end -which still gets me more of these bigger bastards finished and potentially onto the table – so the tail of the Monster March-MAYhem challenges also helps my painting for the following month.

Anyway, that’s enough blather from me for the time being. Stay tuned in a couple of days for another post filled with trashy D&D boardgame models unless I manage to finish something more interesting before then!

Mythic Battles: Pantheon – Echidna’s Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

Just over a year since I completed the previous two large models from this boxed set, the Chimera and the Teumessian Fox, I’ve finally force-motivated myself to complete the Basilisk – which in this case has the form of a giant snake as it’s the mythic form and not the D&D form.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

I originally hoped to paint in the scale patterns using the sculpted scales on the model, but the original 3d sculpt as shown lost a lot of it’s sharpness and refinement in the transition from render to final product, and so my plans were a little …ambitious. The result was that I ran out  of steam and the model sat on the desk for several months before being “filed” away in a storage tub.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

With this year’s “Monster”-themed challenge months, arriving (Monster March and Monster MAYhem) I dug this thing out of the tub where it’d been for at least half a year and then it sat on my painting desk until about a week ago, when I just put the “force it through” mentality into practise and just started dotting in individual scales in one pattern, then the next, then the next – doing as much as I could stomach each session (often while doing something else) over the course of about five days until finally completing it a few hours before I sit (sat) here typing this text.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

In the end, I gave up on trying to fill in the scales based on the soft ones on the sculpt and just dropped them in as dots where I wanted them. There are messy areas, areas where the dags and jags are too big, or too small, a couple where due to the curvature of the snake’s coil that a jag or two are even missing altogether. The close-ups really emphasise the messiness of the scales, but in hand at actual size with that satin clearcoat, the model works pretty well.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake)

In the end, the dotted-in scales actually seemed to work to give the snake both a shaded and textured effect, and using a satin varnish on the model helped to accentuate the positive and hide the flaws. And yeah. I’m pretty happy to have finally completed this thing and gotten it out of here and out of the way! Thanks to Angry Piper’s Monster MayHem ’23 painting challenge for the motivation!

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Echidna's Children: Basilisk (Giant Snake), Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

As is custom for monster models, Chainsaw Girl Berkeley once again provides us with model scale (and yet another trophy for her wall!) In this instance, a bare-knuckled Conan would also have worked…