Terrain & Neglected Models Paint Challenge February 2019 – Community Round-Up

Model Man Pat’s Completed Medieval Castle Diorama

Kicking off this month’s dual-mode challenge of Neglected Models and Terrain, we have Patmcf, aka Model Man Pat from Pat’s 1:72 Scale Military Dioramas brought this piece to final completion in February – The Medieval Castle. While at first glance you’d be entirely forgiven for asking “Hang on, didn’t we see this one before? Last month, actually?” the difference here is that Pat has turned what was essentially an impressive piece of scenery into a fully-blown diorama, with the addition of several dozen painted models – giving a great deal of life to the complete work, as you can see a number of small mini-narratives taking place across the breadth of the scenic piece. I strongly encourage you to check out Pat’s blog on the links above to see much, much more of this work.


Dave Stone’s Chaos Soulgrinder

Next up is Dave Stone, from The Gamer’s Cupbard blog and his impressive Chaos Soulgrinder. Dave also sculpted the disgusting, green phlegm attack coming from the Daemon Engine’s maw. Nice. I mean, ugh.


Ann’s neglected Nurgle Poxwalker

…and another!

Ann, of Ann’s Immaterium completed another Poxwalker for the Neglected Model challenge. The first one marked fourteen of twenty, and then the second Poxwalker of the month took her horde to fifteen, so the end of this mob of poxies is close to hand now…


Backtothehammer’s Citadel Wood

Backtothehammer from his eponymous blog, Backtothehammer painted up this lovely and vibrant looking Citadel Wood in what he claims was only two nights(!) I know I get a lot of models done, but when I see something this big that looks this good done in such a short space of time, I’m still amazed and jealous!


Mikko’s straight walls…

…and his corners and rubble end-pieces.

Mikko,of Dawn of the Lead is (finally) on board for a challenge – welcome mate! He’s completed some walls and corner pieces from Fenris Games’ “Rubble City” range.  While Mikko says that some of them were finished awhile back, he’s picked them up again and retouched them – so it totally counts (I do this all the time with older models). I feel that the grime and subtle coloured shading on them makes them look incredibly realistic.


Argentbadger’s Trio of Trolls

Argentbadger, from The Bovine Overlord finished an impressive neglected trio of models from the Trollbloods faction of Hordes. A Troll Bouncer, looking suitably brutal to have the title of “bouncer”. A  Troll Impaler. (If you ask me, he could be called a Whale Impaler.) And finally, a Troll Axer. Who carries a very big axe. No doubt, for axing things it doesn’t like. So many angry blue trolls….


mcmattila’s Stormcast Liberators – five with Hammers and five with Swords.

mcmattila of mcmattilaminis has finished off two sets of Stormcast Liberators in his Silverlions scheme. The first five are armed with Hammers while the second five are armed with Swords. I feel like I’m selling them short if I leave it at that, so I’ll just recommend that people take the time to check out both posts for more detailed shots of both sets of models. Your eyes will thank you!


Sunfire’s Vengeance Knights Primaris Marines

Sunfire, from Rhoda’s Reach has completed a pair of Primaris Space Marines in the livery of his Vengeance Knights chapter. These Neglected Models originally came from the Dark Vengeance starter box. I’m not sure how many more await us, but I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of their force!

Sunfire’s Zone Mortalis Walls

Sunfire didn’t stop there, though – also completing some scenic items for the other half of February’s challenge. Specifically, some 3D-printed walls and tiles to be used with Zone Mortalis and Necromunda (and I presume anything else that needs some sci-fi walls!)


dave2718’s Neglected Helldrake

dave2718 from Faith&Steel completed a rather impressive Neglected Model this past month – a Chaos Space Marine (and probably also Daemonkin, in a few days) Helldrake. I have to say that I have one of these kits, and given how complex both the assembly and painting looks to be, I haven’t even considered starting on it. More credit then, to Dave for getting the thing done!


Mark Morin’s destroyed Panzer IV-D

Mark Morin, of Mark A Morin did something around Tanks for the February terrain challenge, making excellent use of a mispacked Panzer IV from Battlefront Miniatures by turning it into a destroyed and burnt-out wreck of a Panzer IV. I especially like the damaged running gear scattered across the base

Mark Morin’s Blast Markers.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Mark also put together a foursome of smoke/blast markers, built around some LED tea lights. Instead of typing more, I’ll just say look at them!


The Imperfect Modeller’s “Mad Jack”

The Imperfect Modeller from The Imperfect Modeller completed “Mad Jack”, The Lighthouse Keeper. This completed piece, with the model from Artizan really qualifies for both of the February challenges, as we have both a Neglected Model as well as a terrain piece. While a simple piece in many ways, the composition is nonetheless quite evocative and effective.


Wudugast’s Neglected Escher Gangers.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die completed some figures to do double-duty across a couple of challenges, with the four Escher models shown above featuring not only here as a quartet of Neglected Models, but also in Alex’ Fembruary 2019 Painting Challenge (go check that out, if you haven’t already!) It was actually Wudu’s write-up here that prompted me to show off Marouda’s growing assets in my own Fembruary post the other day – so thanks for that, mate! 😉


Pandora’s Bits Box’ Genestealer Hyprid Aberrants

Pandora’s Bits Box, from the Krakendoomcool blog completed the above five Genestealer Hybrid Aberrants for his Neglected Models. I admit, I didn’t realise that Tooth and Claw was 6 months out already, but that’s how quickly life passes by with GW’s rapid release schedule right now, I guess! The highlight on these ones for me is the lovely blending on their skin tones.

Pandora’s Crashed Aquila Dropship.

Of course, Pandora also completed something for the terrain component of February’s challenges – that being the Crashed Aquila Dropship from the 4th Edition “Battle for Macragge” 40k Starter set from 2004. The funny thing about this kit is that both Krautscientist and myself also attempted to get this kit completed over the past couple of months, but neither of us managed to get them done yet. Ah well, there’s always the next terrain month – or anytime before then!


Just Needs Varnish’s Scratch-built 20mm Cottages.


Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish created a number of terrain pieces. From scratch, of bloody course! First up are a pair of cottages (WIP pictures included on his post) and then something even more impressive, a large bridge piece that looks to me like it could be one of those premade MDF kits that are all the rage these days. Once again, John’s ability to scratch-build models that look like commercial kits manages to astound me.


Alexis West’s Neglected Models.

Alexis West, aka Westrider from Cascadian Grimdark, completed quite a few Neglected Models over February. With a full squad of 10 Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids in the front, joined by two pairs of civilians/crew types. One pair of GW Imperial Guard Crew models, and also a pair of female Spaceport Crew from Statuesque Miniatures.


Pete S /SP’s Ruined European House

Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog completed this amazing looking Ruined European House. An Airfix 1/72(ish) kit, Pete has done an outstanding job of turning a standard kit into something that will really be a highlight on the table for his 20mm battles, with the addition of interior details, rubble and so much more.

Krutscientist’s HeroQuest Heroes

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt has gone old-school for his Neglected Models in February, by beginning a cool little project – painting the entire set of models from the original 1989 HeroQuest Boardgame with his 2019 painting skills. First up we have the four player-character heroes.

Kroutscientist’s HeroQuest Orcs

KS rapidly followed this up with a HeroQuest-sized horde of Orcs.

Krutscientist’s HeroQuest Undead

And then, Krautscientist turned out a very impressive three sets of Undead from the game. The Zombies, Skeletons and Mummies. I have to say that especially on these sculpts, KS’ excellent paintwork really shows that these thirty-year-old sculpts really still hold up well today. It’s going to be amazing to see the whole game painted up, and at this rate it won’t be long!

(Each set of 3+ models will also qualify as a “unit” for the March Challenge, as well!)

Spalanz’ Grey Knights Captain.

Finally, we have a carryover from January’s Challenge (which I’ll edit into that post later) – Mark Griffiths aka Spalanz from Spalanz completed this Grey Knights Captain as a centrepiece model. I missed it at the time because it wasn’t posted as a link on the WordPress, and then I thought I remembered it, but couldn’t find it posted on his blog when it was time to assemble the Community Round-Up. I spotted it the other day, on Twitter, so I’m adding it in here, today.


Viva Forever?

And in a first for this, my own Personal February Round-Up will have to be added in later, as due to various personal events in February, I had a hard time getting stuff photographed, and also wasn’t up to posting for various periods of time. As a result, I’m still in the process of doing both for my own February models – but importantly, I didn’t want the community round-up to lag behind massively as happened in January.

Speaking of… is your own February Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

Terrain & Centrepiece Models Paint Challenge January 2019 – Community Round-Up

Eve Winterfang, from The Twitter has submitted a rather impressive centrepiece model for her debut challenge model – a Renegade Nurgle Knight known as Lief Percival Breckenridge and his Knight, Aegir. One day, I’ll manage to assemble a knight of my own after seeing so many of them look so good, month after month after month!


Buck Surdu’s Sarissa Precision Peel Tower

Buck Surdu of Buck’s Blog completed this impressively sized Peel Tower by Sarissa Precision. And yes – each of those many floors are able to be separated and played in! Visit Buck’s post to see more!


Maurice Micklewhite’s Bramble patches

Maurice Micklewhite from The Mosquito on the Tenth Floor scratchbuilt a set of Bramble patches for his tabletop adventures. Made from MDF and rubberised horsehair, as well as model foliage, he’s turned some otherwise unpleasant materials into a model representation of the kind of area that most of us would find unpleasant to be traipsing about in!


Sunfire’s Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought.

Sunfire, from Rhoda’s Reach has completed both a centrepiece model – the above Contemptor Dreadnought of the Death Guard Legion. Ancient Praeferox here has magnetised weapon options, featuring the Assault Cannon that we see here as well as a Multi-Melta.

Sunfire’s 3D-Printed Power Generators.

Sunfire also 3D-printed this pair of Power Generators for the scenery aspect of the monthly challenge. They’re pretty cool looking, though we’ve really only got the doors to judge scale with. We’ll have to request some with-model shots alongside them as well at some stage. 🙂 Sunfire’s blog is a newer one, with some nice stuff on there – particularly if you’re a fan of the Horus Heresy or the Death Guard, so go check out what he has to show!


Dave Kay’s Reaper Bones Green Dragon.

Dave Kay, of Scent of a Gamer completed this Green Dragon from Reaper’s Bones line, specifically from the Bones III Kickstarter campaign. Dave tells us that the model is very big and towers over infantry and cavalry, so I’m sure we’ll get another look at it in future.


Wudugast’s large Sector Mechanicus terrain piece.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die has built and painted this large and rather impressive looking piece of Sector Mechanicus terrain, as part of his own ongoing “Mean Streets” terrain project.

More of Wudugast’s completed Mechanicus Terrain pieces.

Not to rest on his laurels at that point, though – Wudugast also completed several other pieces – a Thermic Plasma Regulator, a small ruin from the original Manufactorum kit, an Ork barricade and an Escape Pod. They can all be seen in much more detail via the link above.


Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog started the month’s challenge in 6mm, with a variety of piecesStorage Tanks, a TV Station with removable antenna, a Police Station and a pair of Portacabins from Leven Miniatures. To this, he adds a pair of “nodding donkey” pumpjacks from Perfect 6 Miniatures.

One of Pete S “Two Sheds” /SP’s sheds.

Pete S /SP’s Telegraph Poles

Following this, Pete scaled up to 20mm with a reworked plastic shed and a nice set of laser-cut telegraph poles. I’m sure the poles could work well in a variety of scales, and even have a place on his Necromunda table.

Pete S /SP’s Necromunda Terrain

Speaking of… Pete next scaled up to 28mm by also having a bunch of terrain done in 28mm scale – in this case, a bunch of nicely detailed Necromunda pieces.

Pete S /SP’s Dug-in E100 tank.

Finally, Pete completed the month with this dug-in tank, specifically, a German E100. To me, dug-in tanks very much fit into the same ground(!) as my own Imperial Turrets, so I’m good with calling this a terrain piece – especially since it can easily be used in that manner. Besides, an E100 on it’s tracks would easily be a centrepiece model anyway! Certainly a ton of output from Pete in January!


Krautscientist’s Daemon Primarch Angon with Display Base

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed a bit of both aspects of the month’s challenge – finishing a Forge World-style display base for his converted, customised Angron, Daemon Primarch model using the Shattered Aquila terrain piece along with some more sacrificial Ultramarines. Making an incredibly impressive piece even more impressive!


Thomas’ Tzeentchian Daemon Prince, Thonarash the Netherking

Thomas, of High Times on the Eastern Fringe continued his Tzeentchian theme of past months with his unique Daemon Prince, Thonarash the Netherking. Built from various bits and pieces on the base model of the Avatar of Khaine from the Dark Elf/Witch Elf/Daughters of Khaine faction’s Cauldron of Blood model. the creation of this model is also chronicled over a series of posts on Thomas’ blog.


Patmcf’s Medieval Castle

Patmcf aka Model Man Pat from Pat’s 1:72 Scale Military Dioramas completed a rather epic project in January – a Medieval Castle. As you can see from the picture above (and I encourage you to check out the others on his blog post!) – it’s not simpy a castle kit, but a moat with water effects applied, a drawbridge and gate, as well as some of the area around the fortification. It’s one epic piece, and although it will eventually be turned into a diorama piece, it’s definitely the sort of thing I’d love to game on and around as well!


Mark Morin’s DAK Tiger I

Mark Morin, of the Mark A Morin blog continued with his recent drive to paint all of the tanks, by completing a tiny centrepiece for his DAK force, nominally for What a Tanker – the Tiger I. While this model looks impressive enough on it’s own merits, Mark also completed an additional 16 tanks and armoured vehicles to pretty much create an instant German Motor Pool for WWII gaming.


mcmattils’s Imperial Objective Markers and Scatter Terrain.

mcmattila of newly-minted blog, mcmattilaminis has opened January with some very nice pieces, including a set of Imperial Objective Markers and Scatter Terrain. He’s also got some equally-nicely painted stuff up there that’s not terrain based, so I urge you to go check it out!


One of Faust’s scratch-built bulkheads/walls.

Faust’s Necromunda Terrain in action.

Faust from Doubledowndice completed a WHOLE LOTTA pieces for Necromunda that can be used as shipping containers, walls, bulkheads, and general industrial-style terrain. Made from balsa, other bits and plastic panels from various Robolog and Mantic scenery pieces, he’s achieved a nice variety within the uniformity of the dimensions of the blocks. As you can see above, they also look very effective on the tabletop!


Justneedsvarnish’s Forest

John, AKA, Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish put together a series of modular forest pieces that are suitable for pretty much any genre of wargaming. The trees just sit atop the bases, so that they can be moves around for unit bases, or reorganised, or just placed separately while the stumps add detail and interest.


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Tyranid Toxicrene

Pandora’s Bits Box, from the Krakendoomcool blog brings us a lovely centepiece model in this Tyranid Toxicrene. It’s quite a brightly coloured beast, and it’s clearly showing what it thinks of drab paintjobs by the Raven Guard marine being crushed beneath it’s clawed hooves.

Pandora’s Bits Box’ Promethium Forge

Not one to skip any part of a challenge, Pandora’s Bits Box also completed this Promethium Forge as a submission for the terrain part of the month’s challenge. To take it a step further, he’s magnetised many of the sections, and so they can be set up in a myriad of ways on the tabletop. Check the post to see some examples. I might have to rip that idea off for myself…


maenoferren22’s “hill”.

maenoferren22 of Bogenwald seems to have just been taking the piss for January’s challenge.

maenoferren22’s completed “grave hill”.

Oh, wait. He turned that mass of expandable foam into this rather lovely piece. A Grave Hill, to be a centrepiece of his graveyard.

maenoferren22’s hillocks.

maenoferren also created some smaller hillocks, as well as having a few pieces that didn’t quite make the end-of-January Deadline. Hopefully, we’ll see them in February, then?


Alexis West’s Inquisitor Daemon Huntress

Last but not least, we have Alexis West, aka Westrider from Cascadian Grimdark, who completed this Daemon Huntress model from the Inquisitor game released by GW, way back in 2001. It’s an impressive piece, in the 54mm scale that the game used – and I have to admit that I’ve not seen this particular model before, either. Certainly a lovely job on a very cool model – and a great way for Alexis to have started off 2019!

Alexis’ initial batch of Shadespire Terrain

On the scenery front, Alexis got stuck into making her games of Shadespire and Nighthaunt more visually appealing with several pieces from the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Terrain from the recently released set.

Alexis’ additional pieces for Shadespire – painted last year it turns out!

These were quickly followed by this mix of pieces from other sets to find a home in Shadespire – A Statue Head and Crypt Casket from the Shattered Dominion set, Soulsnare Shackles from the Endless Spells and even a pile of rubble repurposed from a Dreadfleet piece. – edit – Alexis has since clarified that these were painted last year, but only shown on her blog for the first time in January. So I’ll leave them up here anyway, since I already did the work of compiling the photos and adding the links. :p

Alexis’ Ryza-Pattern Building Ruins

Alexis also completed this set of Ryza-Pattern Ruins. She’s chosen to paint the two sides of the walls differently in order to give boan an exterior and interior look to the pieces. What brings them up and beyond for me is the fact that she also took the time to pick out the smaller detailed parts of the kit.


Finally – here’s my own stuff, posted up last week and shown in much more detail throughout the last month of my blog posting. Ok, the Orc and Plague Toads aren’t quite centrepiece models, but I forgot to take more photos at the time, so that’s what we get.

Is your own January Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

As regular readers know, I’ve had a bit of family health stuff to take care of recently, which has put a pretty huge damper on my posting. I’ll be posting more of my models and scenery soon, as well as putting up the Announcement post for February’s challenge (a little later, than usual, I know – sorry!) – I’ll still give this post 2 days as the many people’s hard work arrayed above deserves some extra time to sit at the top of my page.

Ruined Watchtower: January Terrain 2019

Not a GW kit for a change, today’s terrain piece is a ruined watchtower. I can’t tell you who produced it, though – as I picked it up quite a few years ago now in a job lot with a whole lot of other bits and pieces.

Speaking of pieces, it was in several until I finally assembled the thing earlier this month, with this month’s challenge and the good spraying weather finally motivating me to finally get the thing done!

It went together simply, if not easily – with some drilling and clipping needed to get the pieces together. The different segments don’t fit together perfectly, but they’re close enough so that it can be difficult to notice.

Once again, the sheen from several layers of varnish combined with a lot of lights belies the more matte appearance that it has in person. It looks almost like flowing mud here! What can I say? My lighting options for larger pieces are pretty shithouse! It’s kinda hard to see, but I’ve attempted to have the orientation of the grass on the tufts “flow” with he contours of the model, as the whole thing has a pretty windswept look to it.

That big section where it looks like it’s fit together extraordinarily badly is part of the sculpt – it’s intentional – rather than being the result of my terrible modelling skills. I’ve mounted it on an inexpensive wooden teapot stand to give it a nice sturdy base, and rather than trying to bevel it to the ground or try to paint the edges in an awkward (to me) brown so it “fits in better” with my table surfaces, I just went full fuggit and gave it a similar black rim as I do with many of my bases. I did roughly sculpt some simple flagstones in the ground, giving the indication of a small path that may or may not continue on the battlefield surface.

The scale of this model seems a bit smaller than most “heroic” scale models. Here we have it with a few Heroes of Men from the LotR range, with their slightly smaller scale showing the sizing. True historical models would be a touch smaller yet, so would fit in even more nicely with the tower. I also thought our friend The Imperfect Modeller would appreciate how close this almost gets to a proper diorama! I’d just need an appropriate figure to put in Gandalf’s place there, and a pin to hold them there on!

FInally, as a point of contrast, I thought a couple of more modern-scale AoS Bloodbound figures (ok, one is at least 50% Shieldwolf) would be a nice counter to the above – as you can see, it’s still very much usable for Fantasy of pretty much any stripe. And the number of times that Space Marines have fought their foes over terrain that resembles Terra’s ancient medieval castles must be beyond count!

Breaking News: February’s Paint Challenge goes dual-mode. Terrain added to Neglected Models!

Well, here’s the news. I’ve had long service leave approved for February after the mess that that was the end of last year (not to mention the entire preceding year) so I’m taking the entire month off from work. To keep things moving along, I’m going to continue painting terrain pieces like a bastard, and so I’m adding it to the month’s challenge. As always, feel free to participate if it’s your thing, or completely ignore it if it’s not your thing. I’ll still do one round-up for both modes once the month is done, especially as (for me, at least) a lot of terrain qualifies as both terrain and Neglected Models.

Large pieces, huge pieces, game boards, tiles, scatter terrain. It’s all good.

Just be sure and link your completed pieces in the comments of this post or (preferably) the original February Challenge post so I can compile them.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape (January Terrain 2019)

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Today we have a terrain piece that I picked up back in 2014, though the piece dates back to (at least) 2009. My reasons for getting it were no doubt tied to the triad of having recently (at the time) purchased my own home, the price (a surprisingly cheap AU$30.75 from my local GW source) and the fact that it looked pretty simple, so it should be a doddle to paint up quickly, right?

I lost that skull & crossbones sign long ago!

Well, we all know how well that last point goes, all too often. So long story short, it’s been sitting a corner of the War Room for several years, trees assembled, side hatch glued on, both top hatched glued on and broken off due to flimsy design, and sprayed a lovely shade of gloss brown.

Sprue Shot taken from 2009 review on Johns Toy Soldiers Blog.

So getting this thing done, along with quite a few similar projects was part of the impetus of January being Terrain Month (I’ll probably repeat it next year as well – so bloody many terrain kits to assemble and paint!)

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

My personal brief, from way back in 2014, was to paint the kit in a generic enough way so that it could be used regardless of which forces were fighting over the tabletop. This immediately meant that the Rhino needed to be painted as a burnt-out husk, so as to avoid being in the livery of any particular force. The same applied to the bits of Space Marine scattered around the piece (a couple of helmets, a backpack, a bolter).

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

So I did what I do now – look up a ton of reference pictures. I wanted the trees to look like the husks that are left after a bushfire, so an ashy grey. That also meant that I needed to make the dirt on the ground look suitably ashen. One of my reference pictures showed an AFV that had been destroyed in Ukraine, and it was severely rusted out. I thought it looked pretty effective, so I now had a new direction for my Rhino husk. Burnt out, and then rusted over time.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Given that the Rhino now had been there for long enough to rust out, this meant that a decent amount of time had passed since whatever explosive/shelling incident had caused this terrain piece to become. So this meant the additional of a subtly small addition to the entire piece. Spots of new growth. Again, reference photos provided the inspiration.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Unfortunately, the matte varnish has left a bit of a sheen that comes up in photography – especially with the extra lights turned on the table. It’s not quite as bad in person. But before all of those finer details, the first thing I needed to do was to finally complete the build, by filling that gaping hole to the tabletop left inside the rhino, between the hatches.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

I’d tossed up various ideas to fill it over the years, and my best option was to mount the whole piece onto an MDF placemat, though it wasn’t quite large enough to have the whole, oddly-shaped piece fit. There was still a bit of overhang. Luckily Krautscientist’s recent WIP post on the Crashed Aquila Lander and a deceptively simple solution to that piece’s gaping hole to the tabletop (apparently a common issue with their kits of that vintage) provided me with inspiration on doing the same to my own long-neglected one of the same kit. After doing that (hopefully to be painted soon!) I immediately decided to do the same, simple trick to this model using some textured “small tile” plasticard for visual interest.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

It was a little trickier due to the lack of contact points underneath – there’s a lot of plastic cement, greenstuff and superglue underneath, and the floor isn’t parallel to the roof – but it works.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlescape

Now, finally the kit is complete. Now, could I have spruced the thing up by adding additional details and such? Of course! But since that’s always the case, these things become a bit of a triage situation, where you need to weigh up whether it’s worth the time to do so. And I’ve got SO many more terrain kits to take on that I’m happy to finally call this one done and dusted!

Azazel’s 2018 Hobby Reflection and goals for 2019 aka This is What 581 Models Look Like.

Well, 2018 was quite the year. As far as painting productivity goes, it was the best year I’ve ever had. As far as wargaming goes, it was decidedly mediocre – I think I managed to wargame about three times. Personally, the year was a fucking dumpster fire, starting with the immediate aftermath of my mum’s passing a week before Christmas, larger than usual work stresses, a knee injury that’s still an ongoing issue that affects my mobility (can’t run, can’t walk long distances without paying for it later) and workcover/admin issues taking six months to get me some treatment, and them my father having a stroke a few days after the anniversary of my mother’s passing. If you’re wondering how I paint so many models, I’m sure that keeping my mind occupied at every waking moment has a lot to do with it. – Stay Busy, Don’t Think.

I’m not going to dwell on all of that a whole lot more right now, though I’ll come back to the knee in a later post because it becomes relevant again. Probably in January’s round-up, since this thing is already excessively long!

Part I: 2018 all laid out together.

Somehow it looks a lot less than I’d imagined that 581 models would look. That scatter terrain – boxes and barrels and hedges take up a goodly chunk of that number, though – and the boxes all mesh together pretty tightly.

Part II: 12 Months – Condensed.

I am now going to run through my monthly round ups, because I think it’ll be nice – for me if no-one else – to see them all collected in one place. It’s my blog, I can be self-indulgent if I want to.

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

Also, June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

So not a bad outcome in the end. Sure, there’s a lot of scatter terrain in there, and no end of Neglected models that were already at some point in the paint process, but I’m pretty happy with it all. Now let’s see how it all stacks up compared to my stated goals for 2018 from last January:

Part III: 2018’s Goals – Successes or Failures?

(it’s a mix, because of course it bloody is!)

1. Paint and finish some 2+1 marine forces/bump up existing small groups to this as a minimum.

By this I mean small forces of Space Marines – 2 units of infantry, plus a leader and something cool, like a dreadnought, tank, flyer, etc. This at least makes them playable or easily allied to other armies. Right now, forces which I’ve shown that still need to be bumped up to this level are Black Templars, Celestial Lions, Fallen Angels and Deathwatch, though I have another one on the go right now, and plans (oh dear, the plans) for several more. I’d also count finishing my 2006 Ork force in there.

Well, this didn’t really happen. None of my many marine forces got turned into playable-sized forces, though a couple took some steps towards it. I did manage to complete the 2006 Ork force, though – so that’s a solid positive.

2. Reinforce the existing 40k armies.

Specifically, both Minotaurs and Iron Warriors need some proper reinforcements. Even more specifically, there are two vehicles for the IW that have been staring at me for years, as well as another squad that I prepared the figures for and another hero model. Then there’s that mass of Tactical Marines for the Dark Angels I’m working on.

Towards the end of the year I got a little more done for the Minotaurs and Iron Warriors, but overall, not nearly as much as I’d hoped for either. I didn’t touch that huge mass of Dark Angels in the end.

3. Sort out the stuff that’s painted but needs reorganisation to be playable in 8th edition. I’m very much thinking of my Imperial Guard here.

*cough* moving right along…

4. Finish more of the stuff I started but never finished.

I must say, I did pretty good here. I completed a lot of individual models and units that were started a long time ago and had sitting around. Unfortunately, I reckon if I did nothing but paint Neglected models, I could probably do nothing else for all of 2019. So I’ll do as many as I can once again, but it’ll probably take me a couple more years to get through them all. I can only imagine how it’d feel to have little to no half-painted models sitting around in containers and shelves!

5. Complete all of my metal Dwarf Slayer models.

Did I paint any Slayers in 2018? It seems not, with the closest thing being Queen Helga (also the only dwarf I painted in 2018!) – so total failsauce!

6. Complete all of my metal Viking models.

I finished a few more metal Vikings, but not all of them by a long shot.

7. Get a Nurgle Daemon army up and running.

You know, I think I managed to do this one. I’ve been a bit slack for half of the year though, so I should get back to this one sooner rather than later. I also need to take a couple of “army” shots really badly.

Mrowr! Leonard Strikes!

8. Get a Grey Knights army up and running.


Look upon this beautiful man and be distracted by my lack of progress on these painting goals.

9. Get a second Chaos Legion force up and running. Death Guard? Thousand Sons? Black Legion/Sons of Horus? Word Bearers? So many choices, so little time to paint!


10. Skirmish forces & small miniature boardgame models updated/ready to play. Necromunda, Shadespire, Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, SAGA (aside from Vikings)

Oh. I said *aside* from Vikings… No Necro or Blood Bowl or Shadespire teams/gangs/warbands completed, but I did get a fair few Shadows of Brimstone and Imperial Assault models done, though!

11. Two small opposed forces for Bolt Action.

We’re talking in the 2+1 kind of size here, but we’re getting to a lot of figures I’d like to paint at this point.

Yeah, no. I painted some tiny tanks, though!

12. Then there are unfinished terrain pieces, projects like the Graveyard and the Mighty Fortress, and scatter scenery, and…

Well, I did at least do pretty okay here in 2018…

Part IV: Looking Forward – 2019’s Goals.

Given that mix of success and failure, I should make some new goals for this coming year – let’s recycle the last set, but with some modifications. I’ll sprinkle photos from my 2018 collection in here to help you avoid falling asleep!

1. Paint and finish some 2+1 marine forces/bump up existing small groups to this as a minimum. By this I mean small forces of Space Marines – 2 units of infantry, plus a leader and something cool, like a dreadnought, tank, flyer, etc. 

I’d still like to do this. The most realistic contenders are much the same – Black Templars, Celestial Lions, Fallen Angels, Deathwatch – plus Flesh Tearers. It’s also very doable to at least get a couple done – if I’m able to focus on them.

2. Reinforce the existing 40k armies. Specifically: Minotaurs, Iron Warriors, Dark Angels, Nurgle Daemons and Orks.

Also very doable. I have a Squad of Minotaurs who I might manage to get done for next month’s Neglected theme. After that it gets a bit harder, as I’ll need to assemble any further Iron Warriors (even though I have the parts ready) – because I’m probably going to have a stronger focus on neglected models across the year over new assemblies. I’ve got a few more metal Daemons to finish before I allow myself onto the plastic (not counting the metal Nurglings), and I’ve got both plastic and old-school Rogue Trader Orks on the painting table.

3. Sort out the stuff that’s painted but needs reorganisation to be playable in 8th edition. I’m very much thinking of my Imperial Guard here.

Doable, but it needs 2 things: Time to do it and an impetus. Unless I get playing with some regularity, I’m probably not going to get around to doing this because my spare time is more limited than ever now.

4. Finish more of the stuff I started but never finished. 

That’s Neglected Models. It’ll be a running theme throughout 2019. Not an exclusive one, but I’ll do my best to keep it consistent and get as many of them done as I comfortably can.

5. Complete all of my metal Dwarf Slayer models. There’s a few that got started but have now been sitting on the desk for over a year.

There’s not all that many of them overall, but with each essentially being a character in terms of how I paint them (tattoos and such). Like most of this list, they’re doable, but there’s only so much time I’ll get to paint and finish models.

6. Complete all of my metal Viking models.

Exactly what I wrote about the Slayers applies again here, but with shield designs instead of tattoos. Hopefully I can keep plugging away at both.

7. Skirmish forces & small miniature boardgame models updated/ready to play. Necromunda, Shadespire, Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, SAGA, Kill-Team, Gaslands, TANKS!/What a Tanker!

I’ll also roll Kill-Teams, Gaslands, TANKS! and What a Tanker! into this category this year – so the “Second Chaos Legion” goal as well as the “Start Grey Knights” can fit in here. I’ll continue to sprinkle in boardgame models like Imperial Assault and Shadow of Brimstone. I’ve also been mulling over trying to do a Shadespire/Nightvault warband each month, but that might be too much, start-to-finish with also trying to hit monthly painting challenges and an overall monthly target….

8. Two small opposed forces for Bolt Action. We’re talking in the 2+1 kind of size here, but we’re getting to a lot of figures I’d like to paint at this point.

Probably unlikely to happen, but it would be nice to finish a few tanks for both Allies and Axis forces. Then in 2020 I can try to paint a couple of platoons of infantry!

9. Then there are unfinished terrain pieces, projects like the Graveyard and the Mighty Fortress, and scatter scenery, and…

Hopefully going to get onto one of those Fortresses this coming week. I plan to keep hammering away at large terrain over February as well, and then probably mostly scatter and smaller pieces until next summer. Wish me luck!

I know that these “New Year” posts traditionally get written and posted in the opening days of January, but I’m a rebel. A maverick who plays by his own rules! That, or it just took me ages to get around to laying all of the figures out on the table, and then time to write this text up. Eh!

Neglected Models February 2019: Community Painting Challenge

Here we are – a year on from when these Community Painting Challenges really kicked off – I thought the original reprise of Decembruary was going to be more of a one-off in terms of people being interested in participating. In light of that, I thought I’d actually recycle much of the round-up post from last February, so the many people who have joined over 2018 have another chance to check out these models. (don’t worry – I won’t do this every month! Probably.)

But what is a “Neglected Model Challenge“? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds – Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting awhile ago, but still sits unfinished. I suggest 6+ months, but that depends on what your backlog is like.

So if you’re keen for it, no need to sign up. Just pick a model that’s been neglected and during the month of February, make it into a completed model. If you’d like to be included in the wrap-up at the end of the month, it’s super helpful if you post a link in the comments section of THIS post, so everything is in one place when I go to stitch it all together. Because someone’s work always gets missed, at least initially!

Krautscientist from Khorne’s Eternal Hunt completed his converted model of Interrogator Chastity of the Ordo Hereticus.

Alex from Leadbaloony finished this Necron-with-no-name, hiding out on the Imperial fringes.

Just Needs Varnish completed a trio of 20mm Japanese Type 89 Medium Tanks.

Mikeland82 from Starship Vorenus completed three sets of models this month – finishing a repaint of an old-school/oldhammer Emperor’s Hammer Space Marine Rhino APC that had been outstanding for some time.

Mikeland82 also completed this trio of Primaris Space Marine Reivers. (Space Marines can’t spell, apparently!)

Finally (firstly, actually) Mikeland82 completed this rather wonderful female Soviet Sniper, hitting both the Neglected model challenge as well as the Fembruary Challenge.

Wargamer Eric would be quick to tell us that “I AM THE LAW!” Or his figure would, at least, with a Dredd-inspired Forgeworld Imperial Enforcer.

Steinberg Shed Space finished a model that’s pretty familiar to me recently, the 2nd release of the Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

Argentbadger has painted Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist for Malifaux.

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium completed a Chaos Cultist that had been bugging her for some time.

Ann also painted up Sebelex: Devourer of the Dead who had been languishing for a year or more to join her Plaguebearers.

Backtothehammer completed a ton of Wood Elf Spearmen/Crimson Guard (shields coming soon!)