Mantic Terrain Crate – More bits of painted scatter: Treasure Piles and Armour Stacks.

Mantic Terrain Crate. Treasure Piles, Armour Stacks.

A bit of an intermission post today. I’ve already spent a few hours assembling the Community Round-Up post from November, and with luck it’ll be done tomorrow. I’ve got 10/17(18) people’s stuff done so far. Anyway, here’s some (more) bits of simple scatter from Mantic Games’ Terrain Crates. Beregond of Gondor and an unnamed Reiksgard on foot provide us with scale.

Mantic Terrain Crate. Treasure Piles

First up are the treasure piles. Useful for Role-playing, and perhaps games like Frostgrave. I’ve attempted to make them just subtly different from one another, and I’ve painted the odd coin silver in the piles to give them a fractionally less uniform look. Kind of like when you pick out the odd brick when doing a brick wall. Something often not directly noticeable because it looks more natural. I may add some gemstone paints to the armoured breastplate-things in the front middle two. Not sure. Any thoughts?

Mantic Terrain Crate. Armour Stacks. Mantic Terrain Crate. Armour Stacks.

Finally, a couple of more detailed shots of the armour stacks. The PVC is thin and bendy, and my heat-resets didn’t stick. Yes, I could replace them with wire and so forth, but as with many of these things – they’re not worth the time it would take to do so, especially since these took WAY longer for me to get finished than I’d originally intended – about 2 months, when I’d hoped for a weekend – that’s what happens when something is pretty much “meh” in terms of how much it excites me to paint. Adding wire to them would just make all of that even worse and further dragged out. In the end, they look decent with the paint and the decals – and most importantly of all – the bloody things are done!

19 thoughts on “Mantic Terrain Crate – More bits of painted scatter: Treasure Piles and Armour Stacks.

  1. Did they come with the decals? I’d say a dab of gemstone paint would be good. Didn’t even realize those were breast plates. They look good either way though. The copper and silver interspersed is pretty nice. It looks like one of those things where I’d be scratching my head the whole time and f it all up. So kudos on making that jumble look awesome!

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    • Come with decals? Hell no! The crosses are just paint and the icons are from old WHFB Empire sets. The other things are odd-looking, but I assume that they’re fantasy-style breastplate with integral spiky-shoulders, as that’s the only thing that they really look like.

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  2. Great work mate, the gem paints could add some extra colour to the piece to break it up, or you could add areas of tarnish to the coins to break up the shapes. or leave them alone as there done

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    • It’ll only be the breastplates amongst the coins getting gemstone paints, in the middle of the sternum. Trying to add any more tarnish or such to the brown and sepia washes will only muddy them up. They’re just soft-detailed PVC pieces, so not good at holding details nor worth the time. 🙂


    • I’ve got a hobbit burglar or two done, though there always seems to be more of them to do! A dragon is something I need to paint sometime, preferably sooner or later. Would you believe that in 30+ years of doing this, I’ve never painted (to completion) a dragon?

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  3. Looks good as is, and fine work to be sure. If anything I’d rust up the armor, but for what you’d use them for that’s even overkill. You know what they say, the enemy of good is better, and the enemy of better is best…but they don’t have as much stuff left to paint as we do!

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    • I guess I’ve gone for “pile of loot” rather than “pile of discarded gear” by the cleanliness of all of the pieces in there. You’re right though – no time for further faffing about on these when there’s so much more to do (except the few seconds to gemstone those breastplates). There’s also plenty more rust on the WIP horizon…

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