Mechanical November ’18: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Community Round-Up

mcmattila’s Ork Deff Dreadnought

mcmattila has contributed once more to this last month’s challenge with a really nice Ork Dreadnought/Deff Dread. It appears to be the previous version in metal. and he’s done a bloody nice job of it. I especially like the sharp lines and highlighting on the freehand red Ork Skull iconography across the main body. I also like the work done on the model’s base.


Buck Surdu’s scratch-built Assault Gun

Buck’s Other scratch-built Assault Gun

Buck Surdu’s Soviet T-26 Tanks

Buck’s T-26 with the rare 37mm cannon

Buck Surdu’s Soviet KV-1 and KV-2 tanks.

Buck Surdu from Buck’s Blog went to town this last month with 1/48 (28mm) armour – Completing a ton of armoured vehicles. The first two are a pair of Assault Guns based on some green army-man tank chassis, with the upper hull and main weaponry scratchbuilt. The next ones are a pair of Soviet T-26 Tanks, followed by a T-26 with 37mm cannon. Wrapping up Buck’s armoured output for November are a pair of classics – the KV-1 and KV-2. Quite an impressive output for a single month, I think you’ll agree!


Argentbadger’s Barathrum Warjack

Argentbadger, also known as The Bovine Overlord completed this Barathrum, which is a “named” and unique Warjack from the Cryx faction in Warmachine. To go with that, AB has painted the model in a scheme that’s much more interesting than the standard Cryx scheme or silver and green. Indeed, with the gold edging and black it wouldn’t look out of place in a Black Legion force! There are plenty more photos of Barathrum from additional angles on his blog, so go check them out!


Dave Kay’s Ape-X

Dave Kay, from Scent of a Gamer completed the Ape-X model from Reaper’s Bones line. Cyber certainly qualifies for Mechanical November, and in his post, Dave also came up with the term “TechNovember“, which will definitely be the new name for this challenge next year (and I’ve since been using it this year, anyway!)


Mark Morin’s KV-1a platoon

Mark Morin has also shown us that Soviet Tanks have become a bit of a theme this month with his 15mm KV-1a platoon, which he’s painting for use in “What a Tanker” a game who’s title makes me giggle a little each time I read it. Other Aussies, Brits, Irishmen and Kiwis will get it. 😀

Mark’s French Renault 35s and SOMUA S-35s

Mark followed this up with another hefty output of armour – the French received two Renault 35s and three SOMUA S-35s

Mark’s Soviet BT-5 and BT-7

…a Soviet BT-5 and BT-7

Mark’s German StuG IIIs, Panzer IIC and Panzer IIIE.

…and to even things out a little with all of these French and Soviets, a few for the Germans – three StuG IIIA assault guns, a Panzer IIC and a Panzer IIIE. You can even see the whole lot in action via Mark’s subsequent post and battle report.


Krautscientist’s Chibi-Gilgamesh version 2.0 Chaos Knight

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed an extensive conversion of an Imperial Knight, turning it renegade and recreating GIlgamesh, the Renegade Knight that was completed back at the end of 2015. There’s just one little tweak, though…

Krautscientist’s Gilgamesh, alongside Krautscientist’s Chibi-Gilgamesh.

I think you can see what he did there…

Krutscientist’s Truescale Deathwatch Castigator, Lamentor and Carcharodon Astartes.

Finally, Krautscientist completed his Kill-Team Ulrich, with the above three Power Armoured Truescale Deathwatch models. As always with his stuff, these custom-kitbashed models were gorgeous even before the fantastic painting…


Faust’s Custom-built BloodBowl Dwarf Deathroller

Faust from Double Down Dice finished this scratch-built Dwarf Deathroller for his recently-completed Dwarven BloodBowl team, The Barrier Peaks Brewers. Kitbashed from a collection of seemingly-random items, he’s ended up with a model that you could very easily assume was a third-party “Not-Deathroller”. Faust’s post includes a bunch of the WIP shots, so go over there if you’d like to see what goes on inside the head of a mad dwarf engineer!


Just Needs Varnish’s Marmon Harrington CTLS light tank & Nissan 80 truck

Renowned Scratch-builder Just Needs Varnish has allowed others to do the scratching this month, with some 3D-printed, 1:72 WWII vehicles, a Netherlands East Indies Army Marmon Harrington CTLS light tank and a Japanese Army Nissan 80 truck. As always, the exact colours used in their painting have been properly researched and chosen, for a really nice outcome on both models!


Thomas’ Thousand Sons Forgefiend

Thomas from High Times on the Eastern Fringe has completed a rather epic project – a heavily kitbashed and converted Forgefiend for his Thousand Sons force. This beast took several years from start to completion, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the wait was worthwhile! This beast will certainly have an intimidating effect on the tabletop, so I can only imagine his opponents going all out to kill it off (while his other units implacably advance…)


Maenoferren22’s Dark Future Cars…

…and the pair of bikes, partially hidden behind the car!

Maenoferren22, of the Bogenwald blog painted up some old, old models that really are as rare as hen’s teeth – an original pair of cars and a pair of bikes from Games Workshop’s Dark Future game, circa 1988. For me it’s personally very cool to see these classics painted up and resurrected like this, especially as they’re so rarely seen or even mentioned these days.


Pete’s collection of 6mm/1:300 US vehicles

Pete S /SP of SP’s Projects Blog painted this collection of Cold War Micro Armour – here we have a mix of US Army vehicles: A Command stand and a company of M1A1s plus extra ATGM, mortars and M163 VADS with Vulcan AA cannon.

Pete’s A-10 Thunderbolt (or Warthog!)

Pete’s Harrier GR-3

…and Pete’s SEPECAT Jaguar

Not to leave the Air Power short, Pete also painted up a trio of US and British air support for the ground pounders. Seeing all of these really makes me want to buy into a “modern” armour game. I wonder if I can get Marouda to buy me something appropriate? 😉


Tarmor’s Space Crusade Chaos Dreadnought

Speaking, as we just were, of classic models, Tarmor from Dragons of Lancasm has completed another truly classic model from the past – the Chaos Dreadnought from Space Crusade – along with all three weapon options able to be swapped in and out as needed.

Tarmor’s Chaos Androids/Necrons from Space Crusade

And once again, speaking of Space Crusade, Tarmor also completed a foursome of Chaos Androids, the forerunners to the official launch of what we now know as Necrons. I wonder how many more Space Crusade models Tarmor has to go before he’s got a fully-painted set?


Pandora’s Bits Box’ Imperial Knight

…and very literally bringing up the rear, we have Pandora’s Bit Box, from Krakendoom Cool has completed an impressive looking Imperial Knight, to be allied to his Adeptus Mechanicus Army. This particular Iron Giant was also the subject of a basing tutorial for “heavy” models on the same blog, which is also well worth a look-see. Let’s see if Pandora can convince Warbringer or Krakendoomcool to put something warlike and cool up for December’s challenge!


PatrickWR’s Orctober Orcs

…and Patrick’s Gobbo

As a little bonus, there’s also Comrade’s Wargames‘ PatrickWR‘s models for Orctober, which I missed at the time (due to lack of linkback). I’ll edit them into October’s community round-up when I get a chance (probably next weekend – I’m about done with blog-posting for a few days at least after doing this bloody thing over the last two days!) There are the foursome of Orcs, and also their Goblin boss. In my opinion, I think the Orcs especially came out exceedingly nicely.


Finally, my own contributions for Mechanical November, which can be seen in slightly more detail via their individual posts over the last month, or collected in my personal round-up post.

Welp, that’s it for now. I might read others’ posts and respond to comments when I get a chance, but I’ll be taking a few days off posting after this. I’ve got just over a week to get the Challenge post for January written up. Hint: It’s terrain, plus something else as an alternative for those who don’t want to do terrain that I had an epiphany about, and then forgot(!) – so there’s also that.

*Obviously, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have accidentally missed someone despite my best efforts – though I DID get everyone who left a link in the announcement post, so there’s that in my favour at least. Still if you painted something for November’s challenge and it ain’t in here,  just reply to this post with a link to your model post and I’ll edit you in as soon as I get a chance.

37 thoughts on “Mechanical November ’18: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Community Round-Up

  1. Well done everyone who took part- some great entries there.

    Azazel- go for a 6mm project. It has so much going for it. Cheap, small so easy to store and you get a lot of ‘game’ on your table, easy to paint too (think paint the unit not each individual figure).



    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re right on all fronts here… except it’s *another* scale I’d have to start up from scratch when I already have so much to do (and I hate painting tiny infantry!) I’ll see how I go this year with 20mm tanks and such…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic round-up as always, and thanks again for doing these. The round ups are a great way to see multiple bloggers work at once, and I always enjoy them whether I participated or not.

    For me, your challenges made a positive difference to my painting this year – for example the Ape above would not have been done if it weren’t for TechNovember!

    Look forward to more next year!

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  3. Nice, quite a few I hadn’t seen on other people’s blogs. Thanks Azazel and thanks for everyone who participated (mini or no!). Community is what keeps me going. Reading peoples comments and getting inspired by people’s work. Now hopefully I can wrap up December’s entry soon!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Marouda and I were discussing the “community” thing last week as there are a few group classes at the Gym that are packed to the gills, and how some people like to work out in a group for the “community” aspect of it all while others (like me) just want to be left alone with a friendly nod to other regulars at most. Funny how it works for me here but not in the actual community!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yea, I’m not sure where I would place myself. I think when I’m exercising, I like to turn my brain off for the most part and not focus on communication. Motivation wise, I’ve gone either way. There have been times when it’s helpful to do things as a group, maybe hitting a fitness class together or using apps like RunKeeper that tell me one of my friends just ran 10k, which might inspire me to hit the road when I get off work. Fitness apps were actually one of the best motivators for me overall. I found it fun seeing results like how my mileage was increasing, weight being lost, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

      • If I could find a good and easy fitbit-type tracker that didn’t need a chest attachment and reviewed well for my price range, I’d grab one, because I think I’d find that motivating, but yeah – in the gym I like to be left alone and maybe just talk to Marouda in passing here and there. Maybe if I had friends actively doing the same thing it’d be different, but for now at least – I’m all about the angry music on my headphones and getting in, getting it done, and getting out, as quickly as possible (usually around 90mins later)…


  4. What a very productive month everyone had, with stunning work all round, my link back must have been put in wrong ( not very computer wise ! LOL) but good to see everyone else’s work, and thank’s again to Azazel for giving up his time to do these each month, your a star

    Liked by 3 people

    • Whoops – sorry Dave – despite best intentions I’m only getting to this post’s comments now (as my Dad had the stroke pretty much right after this post went up). Drop the URL in the comments here and I’ll add your stuff in. People *do* come back and check these collections out, so it won’t be lost for good!


  5. Another month of great submission! I have to echo Azazel on Maenoferren22’s Dark Future vehicles, really cool to see those obscure vintage minis. Another shout out to Dave Kay’s Ape-X, makes me think of Cy-Gor from Spawn, which is/was my favorite comic series.

    I’m sorry to point out, but there’s a typo in my name, mcmattila should be two “T”s and one “L”, all lower case.

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  6. Thanks for sharing. What is December’s challenge? I have been crazy busy at work, so these challenges are helping me get SOMETHING done.

    John R. “Buck” Surdu, Ph.D. Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired email redacted


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  7. So cool to see all of these and to be a part of these challenges. Great work by all, and so much fun to see. Amazing stuff that is out of my gaming worlds, but that makes me go whoooooah. Azazel that you do this every month is so great, AND especially with all of your challenges you had AND you cranked out some great stuff also. Kudos and appreciation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very welcome Mark. As long as people can cope with the delays in these compilations going up, it’s all good. Which reminds me, I need to start putting together January’s post.


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