The Others: 7 Sins – Abominations of Greed (Proxy Blue Horrors of Tzeentch)

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Greed

Another half-dozen figures from the 7 Sins Kickstarter today. In this case some fleshy little grubs from the “Greed” faction. As with most of the others, I’ve painted them with the Warhammering in mind. So once again, I’ll just quote myself from a month or two ago – I’m not sure what the “official” paint scheme for these is supposed to be, but let’s face it – I gave (and give) zero fucks about the lore of this particular box of miniatures with a game shoehorned onto it. When I first saw them on the Kickstarter page, I had the very thought that stayed with them to conclusion. Proxy Blue Horrors of Tzeentch.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Greed

Ass, Ass Baby…

Despite their appearance, these models were not painted with GW’s Contrast Paints – they were painted with 2 layers of washes over a pale, fleshy bascoat, though – so essentially the same process. And much the same process I used for many of the not-Nurgle Gluttony guys from 7 Sins as well. Oh, and have I mentioned Vagina Dentata in this post yet? Because, well, just look at their “faces”.

I know there’s the whole “if that’s what you keep seeing, then the issues are with you, not me” argument to be made about a great many things, but my counter to that, is where there’s smoke and also a whole lot of flames coming out of almost every window, then I recon there might just be a fire in there…

I’ve still got both the Avatar and Controller to finish for this next faction to be complete. I suspect that some more Contrast Paint experiemnts might be in store..?

26 thoughts on “The Others: 7 Sins – Abominations of Greed (Proxy Blue Horrors of Tzeentch)

    • I only ever had a few of the original metals. I’ll have to fish them all out and do a bunch of Tzeentch models sometime. The question is (outside of SIlver Tower) should I finsh all my Nurgle Daemons first? (and actually complete a faction/army?)

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  1. These look fantastic and are quite the creepy little sculpts! I agree with what’s said above that these could make an excellent Blue Horrors replacement as these are much more unsettling. Well done!

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    • I have to say when I first saw the render, I just thought “horrors” and didn’t yet pick up on the …other aspect of ’em. Onc they’re mixed in (and I’ve, you know, actually *painted* some horrors, they’ll probably just blend into the pack.)

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      • Ha! I’ve got a bunch of secondhand legit horrors to repaint at some stage, so I’ll have to go through them and see how bad the mould lines and joins are done, and then give them a run of the same painting…

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