Citadel Lord of the Rings – Moria Goblin Captains

Citadel Moria Goblin Captains

More Lord of the Rings stuff today. I recently finally finished what felt like an endless run of metal Moria Goblins. I know some of them were definitely released as “Captains” while others were probably released as them, and others might have just been released essentially as metal grunts. No matter! If they’re metal, I’m promoting them to captains – to keep the unruly and also-endless horde of plastic plebs in line.

Citadel Moria Goblin Captains

Because of the piecemeal nature of how I acquired these figures over quite a few years, there was no strict rhyme nor reason why I have any given models. No attempt has been made to differentiate them from one another, with the exception of slight variations in dirty-hair colours. They’ll all stand out well enough when dropped into their own units.

Citadel Moria Goblin Captains

I could do with a few more spearmen and a few less swordsmen, for their Kings of War use, but c’est la vie. I added the little bits of slate in order to more easily distinguish them from their plastic counterparts when playing SBG and for friends less well acquainted with the various sculpts.

Citadel Moria Goblin Captains

The slate also serves to tie them in a little better with the model of Durbûrz, who will be one of the leaders of this force in many instances. Stones on bases becoming a mark of leadership – at least of sorts.

Citadel Moria Goblin Captains

The usual group shot of the models from today’s update. This many “Captains” will help fill out quite a few units for Kings of War, LotR SBG or anything else I might wish to play using them. I’d have taken pics of them slotted into their units, but it would be long and repetitive, and as such, bloody boring. So I thought I’d skip that.

Citadel Lord of the Rings – Rangers of Gondor

It’s back to Lord of the Rings models for this post. Showing off some models recently painted, as well as some models a little less so.

Blackroot Vale Archers Command

Hornblowers of Blackroot Vale.

These four – 2 of each sculpt – are the Citadel Blackroot Vale Archers Command. Some of the last waves of metals I bought from Maelstrom Games shortly before GW brought into place the ROW embargo onto UK retailers and customers in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Blackroot Vale Archers Command

Banner Bearers of Blackroot Vale. Or Ithillien.

They’re reasonable models, though the sculpts are nothing special. Solidly on a par with many Historical sculpts – though far more expensive – and not up to the same high standard that much of the LotR range is. It appears that I started them about a year ago, and finally forced myself to get rid of them from my painting desk a couple of weeks ago by knuckling down and completing them. I’m not sure why GW decided to go with the Blackroot Vale moniker, as they’re not really correct for those troops anyway and Faramir’s Rangers lacked a command section for WotR or so forth. In my thinking they’ll be used (thematically) as part of the wider force of the Rangers of Osgilliath.

Blackroot Vale Archers Command

Two command stands, only a year late for their comrades.

They were the final models needed to complete these two units for my Kings of War Army of Gondor. I had thought these were painted earlier this year, but looking through my painting list it seems they were actually finished in July last year – the first batch one day off from a year earlier to their commanders.

Rangers of Middle-Earth.

The troops, made from the Rangers of Middle Earth catch-all plastic box are to be quite blunt – poor models as far as modern HIPS plastic kits go. Softly and mushily detailed, slightly oversized to the rest of the LotR range, and featuring overly-chunky details in their cloaks and clothing. They are a lazy boxed set marketed in a lazy manner – replacing all of the previous metal ranges of rangers. I’m ok with mine – as I got them all second-hand from eBay – and seeing what the sculpts were actually like I decided to paint them with the effort that they deserved. So I used base coats in a series of naturalistic colours, added minimal highlighting, and washed them all in Army Painter Dark Tone (aka Devlan Mud). I did the skin in a speed-paint version of my usual way, and did bother to pick out the eyes, but they’re simple wargame models painted as simple wargame models – not as “nice” pieces. They look good enough and appropriate in a block on the table.

Rangers of Middle-Earth, Blackroot Vale Archer Command

Rangers of Osgilliath.

Rangers of Middle-Earth, Blackroot Vale Archer Command

Rangers of Osgilliath.

I have a bunch of the “proper” metals, and they’ll be painted either this year or next since I want to finish off all of my Gondor (and Moria) stuff ASAP, but for the time being they’re down the priority list while I continue to try and clear other models from my desk. In the meantime if I get around to playing through the LotR scenarios in the SBG books, there’s enough of them painted now to cover most instances from the first several battles they appear in as well as two units for the mass battle KoW tabletop.

Rangers of Middle-Earth, Blackroot Vale Archers Command

2 Regiments or 1 Horde of Gondor’s Finest Rangers.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #7 – Great Unclean One & Devout Tormented

These guys provide the final set of newly-shared figures (for now) of my Nurgle Lost & Damned force. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get a fair few more painted up before too long.

The Original Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

Oldhammer Great Unclean One of Nurgle

I want YOU! For Papa Nurgle.

I bought this figure back in the Realm of Chaos days, and started painting him not long after in the browny green olive tone above. Unfortunately, I stalled out for whatever reason and it took over a decade before I’d get back to him to finish off. I did so about 4-5 years ago now, and did so with a combination of The Dip and normal highlighting and shading. Basically, I wanted him to look properly disgusting, which seems to have worked decently well.

Oldhammer Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Nurgle’s Twerk! And some dripping behind him.

Oldhammer Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Big hands, hungry tongue.

The nice thing about these models was the fact that you could essentially build your own unique Greater Daemon – as there were multiples of all of the main components, so you could really put together a series of unique models, and your Greater Daemon was unlikely to be identical to your friends’. Something replicated somewhat these days with the new plastics, but still not to the extent of old (without a bunch of kitbashing, anyway!)

Oldhammer Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Lower angle shot.

I might have another one of these somewhere with different components – I’m not 100% sure. I do have the later one that came out in the mid-90’s, though I have the early version with the horns and prehensile tail. I also have a FW one here as well, though neither are painted, and it’ll probably be at least a while before their numbers come up.

Chronopia’s Devout Tormented – As a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

This big dude is probably unfamiliar to most readers. It’s a Devout Tormented from the Chronopia line of the mid-late 1990’s. Chronopia was essentially Heartbreaker’s take on Fantasy Skirmish following on from the Success of WarZone. Unfortunately, with the fall of Heartbreaker, both games fell. WarZone has had several resurrections over the years, but Chronopia has sunk into the dust, mostly forgotten.

Chronopia's Devout Tormented - As a Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Tormented Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

I had this model sitting around for quite some time before I decided to use him as part of The Lost and The Damned. As is often the case, the idea behind him is for multiple use. He can play the part of a Chaos Spawn when needed, but also fill the role of a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. He’s a good size, and is much more of a unique model than the usual Daemon wearing Space Marine armour. I’ve got a couple of those to build one day as well, but it’s nice to have something very different as well.

Chronopia's Devout Tormented - As a Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Tormented Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Obviously the sculpt has some Nurgle-friendly elements. Being torn in half and still draging himself along the ground like a Zombie Crawler is one thing, and the large mono-horn ties in strongly with the Plaguebearers. As such, he can also fit in with my eventual “proper” 40k Daemon army, and in my Kings of War Abyssal (Daemon) Army (of Nurgle). The two will be mostly the same figures dual-purposed, as you do.

Chronopia's Devout Tormented - As a Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Tormented Daemon Prince of Nurgle – Dismembered!

Shortly after painting the “Gym Cultists”, I painted this guy. I used a similar palette to tie him in with them, and used “The Dip” via brush on his exposed viscera and dismembered sections, to tie him in with the Great Unclean One. It hasn;t come out well in the photo above, but the back of the base shows a trail of blood and general disgustingness behind him.

Chronopia Devout Tormented & Damned box.

This is the boxed set he came from. Along with a very Dragon Ogre kind of model – the Damned. Both are mostly resin with metal detail accessories. Unfortunately, they’re the resin of the time, so don’t expect something like McVey or Mierce’s stuff here. The resin is “drop-cast”, like Scotia Grendel’s scenery and while the Tormented here is fine due to his design, but all of the space underneath the Damned’s torso is filled, and you’re kinda expected to paint it black etc and try not to notice it. I suspect that the resin components of this kit might have even been outsource-cast by Grendel.

Oldhammer Great Unclean One, Plague Marine, Chronopia Devout Tormented

Great Unclean One, Plague Marine, Devout Tormented Daemon Prince.

A group shot with the Plague Marine Sergeant shown recently, to give a sense of scale for the two models. Not huge by today’s standards and more recent models, but they were both big for their time, and I think retain a lot of their presence simply by being cool models.

Nurgle Lost and the Damned – Army Shot! – Click to embiggen.

The whole army for the time being. It’s probably not a legal force, with a tiny points value with all of the zombies and cultists – and there’s obviously more to come, but this was the first time I ever managed to get the whole lot of them together on the table. So it’s nice. Marouda also took some photos at the time, so I’ll have to get hold of her photos and if they’re any good add one final update (for now) of close-ups of the force…

The One About The Age of Sigmar

So here goes.

With all of the drama, wailing and gnashing of teeth about Age of Sigmar, the freshly-minted replacement for the venerable Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I’ve been tossing up writing a little about it myself – I’ve certainly participated in some of the discussions, and frankly, I’ve found the extremes of both sides rather amusing. On one hand you have the WHFB faithful – angry, ragequitting, and simply not willing to play a game that’s been replaced and discontinued. On the other hand you have the new converts – so enamoured by the (lovely) new models and provision of free, simple rules that they’re overwhelmed by the new shinies and can’t wait to move on.

In the middle, there are an awful lot of people wondering aloud about whether they should rebase their existing WHFB armies, wondering how the tournament scene for AoS might work, and unsure about what to do.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition. AKA “Oldhammer”

As for me, I gave away WHFB years ago. I started in 3rd edition – now enjoying a renaissance as “OldHammer”. I gave it away during 4th/5th and HeroHammer since I hated the dominance of heroes and magic (and magic items). I wanted to play a game of fantasy troops, war machines and monsters with Heroes and Wizards acting as support. So I’ve got no current attachment to the game, but I do have an attachment to the background and fluff. From WHFB3, Slaves to Darkness, Zaragoz and Konrad through to Bill King’s books and (almost) everything produced for the FFG edition of WHFRP. Not to mention a shitload of the miniatures. So with that, I am sad. I’m sad to see the 30 years of world building flushed away, but more importantly, I’m sad that many of the models I’d have liked to purchase will be discontinued and become more difficult to source – even via eBay.

On the other hand, the published materials still all exist. They’re all still available, both through retailers, eBay, the secondhand market – and of course, “digital” sources – should it come to that. That’s how and why 3rd – aka Oldhammer is still a thing. And to be frank, I don’t know how important it is for us to receive any new background and fluff for the Warhammer world. The whole thing about The Old World is that it’s a melange of many other sources and inspirations anyway – and it’s pretty much complete. If anyone wants to run Cathay or Nippon, there’s nothing stopping any one of us from combining some real-world history with Warhammer-ish fiction for our own army background. People have been doing the very same for role-playing games for decades, and it’s still done on a daily basis for people’s homebrew Space Marine Chapters.

Willy Miniatures “Griff” Fantasy Football Figure

So… much like Mordheim, Necromunda and Blood Bowl – if you enjoy WHFB 1-8 or any combination of them – there’s no reason to ragequit or throw the baby out with the bathwater – just keep on playing! (Though I’m looking out for nicely priced /ragequit armies!) With AoS retaining much of the WHFB catalogue, at least in the near term, and an increasing preponderance of fantasy-friendly army figure suppliers out there (Shieldwolf, Mantic, Avatars of War, Reaper, Perry…) there should be no problem building Warhammer armies for years to come. We’re not in an EPIC 40,000 or Battlefleet Gothic situation here, where appropriate figures might be difficult to get hold of. Necromunda. Blood Bowl. Inquisitor (28). Mordheim. “Oldhammer”. Even GorkaMorka. All discontinued GW games that live on easily through easily-accessible models despite the lack of “official” support. The thing that will hurt the tournament scene is if players stop playing – and let’s be honest, that was becoming a thing for WHFB anyway.

Shieldwolf HIPS plastic Mountain Orc Infantry regiment.

If you’re in the fence. Interested in AoS but still want to play WHFB. Too bloody easy. The rules don’t ask you to rebase your models, so unless you really want to do so for aesthetic reasons, there’s no need to do so. In AoS you (oficially) measure from the figure – not the base (though I’ll be house-ruling that particular bit of silliness!)

If you’re over Warhammer 8th due to Workshop’s shenanigans – that’s ok as well. There have never been more options on the horizon for fantasy players. Obviously, there’s Kings of War (my personal game of choice). Shieldwolf is working on a set of mass battle game rules with square bases and casualty removal. the WHFB3/Oldhammer community is (mostly) welcoming of new players even if their models aren’t all 25 years old. For skirmish, the pot is already deep – and about to be even deeper. There are rulesets like Celtos and Wrath of Kings available right now. SAGA and Lion Rampant – both historical rulesets but ones that work well for fantasy warbands – and Dragon Rampant (December) and a rumoured Fantasy variant of SAGA on the way. Mordheim, as mentioned before is still very much a thing. Song of Blades and Heroes (and its umpteen variants). This is just off the top of my head and without getting into “maybe one day” rulesets like the ones mooted by Red Box Games and Minion Miniatures and so forth.

Converted SigMarine Model from Khorne’s Eternal Hunt.

As for Age of Sigmar – I’m certainly willing to give it a go myself, and from the couple of YouTube reports I’ve watched, it looks like it could be a bit of quick, easy and simple fun – nothing wrong with that at all. And I have to admit that I like the SigMarines – they look perfect for use as KoW Basileans in some form, I’ve seen some amazing conversions using them as a base, and to be quite blunt – I like them on their own merit as well. They’re not Empire, but then they’re not supposed to be. Similarly, I’ve always had a soft spot for much of the overdone chaos and Khorne stuff GW has created, so I’m keen to get my damn dirty paws on those as well. I’ve got a pair of boxes winging their way to me still. Hopefully they’ll be here before August. The thing is I’m thinking I might need another 2 boxes on top of that to sate my desire to have fodder available for 40k conversions as well as ones to use as intended. Hm… maybe next pay.

My main concern with the AoS rules (and it’s a big one) is the lack of any kind of balanced points or other method of creating equal armies. I’m all for friendly games with Marouda and my friends who come over, but even then I don’t want to be horribly outmatched, and I certainly don’t want to outmatch her. Because a Goblin ≠ a High Elf Swordmaster and I have both on my shelf and want to have the freedom to use them all quickly and easily – and above all – fairly.

Should I end up playing around with it, some rules – like measure from the model and not the base will simply be ignored wholesale from the get-go – but even that description shows what I think of AoS – I’m happy to play it if we can balance it, but won’t take it in any way seriously. Not that games are SRS BZNS anyway, but this seems to be on a par with Munchkin in terms of taking it seriously. It’s certainly not going to be on a par with a WHFB or KoW or SAGA – which is of course why we have angst and /ragequits in the first place.

For people affronted by the “silly” rules found in many of the free BattleScrolls but otherwise interested in the game – just ignore them. I had a back and forth with a gamer who self-describes as having ASD, and he was rather upset to the point of feeling personally affronted at feeling required to kneel, or fart, or dance, or compare moustaches in order to play. You can always opt out of the silly stuff and just use the mechanics. It seems to me though, that most people spending their time grousing about the silly rules were just using them as an excuse to bitch about AoS, when I can’t personally think of anything more easily ignored.

Demigryph Knight by Stuff of Legends/Stuff of Demons


As to why they’re even a thing – it’s obvious. The silly amateur-theatre rules are there for the sake of in-store sales in GW retail. Simply put, they are “WAAAAAAGH” writ large. If I were the right age and mentality to go into a GW store for demo games, I’m sure that these silly rules with an (over) enthusiastic redshirt GMing the game with a bunch of other like-minded young’uns would combine to create an amazingly fun experience. GW may proudly boast that they do no market research. but they clearly have enough marketing staff on hand to understand psychology and sociology in retail. Which miniatures do you like the look of? Those Demigryph riders? Those Orc Big’uns? Those Daemons? Sure, you can use them together in a game. Nope, you don’t need any of those boring looking humans in pantaloon pants to have the Demigryphs. That’s why our new game is so awesome! 


I just got my copy of Lion Rampant two days ago, and I’ve already paid for/preordered my copy of Dragon Rampant. Frostgrave may or may not be something I add to my rules collection. Celtos and Wrath of Kings are both just sitting around here, and I’ve got a copy of someone else’s Kings of War PDF because I’m still waiting on Mantic. I’m not short on rules to use with my models. having said that, AoS will probably get played precisely [i]because[/i] it is so simple – at least through the scenarios in the book. Though I have the feeling that I’ll ultimately be treating it like Munchkin in terms of taking it seriously or frequency. Something to have a quick muck around with occasionally and a bit of fun before moving onto the main event of the gaming session.

Mostly though – I’ll be playing SAGA for skirmish – probably with fantasy figures to get started while I work on my Vikings and their little mates, and KoW for the big battles using everything from AoS figures to Citadel to Mantic to Reaper to Shieldwolf to Rackham prepaints and Schleich animals. And everything in between.

If you’re looking for a new game, I obviously recommend trying Kings of War since it’s my game of choice, but if you’re not at all interested – that’s cool as well. Keep playing 8th. GW can’t stop you, after all.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #6 – Plague Lords and Plague Marines

Nurgle Plague Marine Terminator Lord Conversions.

The Twin Powers of my Lost and the Damned Forces.

Despite having collected rather a lot of them, I’ve only ever finished a couple of “normal” Plague Marines. These are those few.

 Plague Marine

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion.

First up we have one of the Two Nurgle Lords in Terminator Armour. Both of these figures were shown in the very early days of this blog about 5 years ago – but as with several other models, new photos and a new context. This guy is a Terminator Champion of Nurgle. Converted for me by my mate Dave who had a good supply of figures and was willing to cut them up (I was unwilling to cut up my own metal models after a certain point in time.) Simple enough, it’s a Chaos Terminator base, Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion head, terminator combi-weapon and left shoulder with a Abaddon Lightning claw, with beckoning fingers to finish. I can’t remember if Dave put the tentacles on it or if I added them myself later on.

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion, Plague Marine

Abaddon’s claw is still a fantastic “bit”. Makes for a great “come, try it” beckoning look.

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion, Plague Marine

I left his shoulder pad plain black. Kinda tempted to go back and paint a design on it, but then again it’ll be a pain in the arse to do with that tentacle in the way. I thought the work metallic green looked quite good on him, and it was the thing that inspired me to paint the copper-tinted guys below. Who in turn got me started on a green-tinted squad based on the Terminator’s colour scheme that I never got finished…

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion, Plague Marine

Plague Marine Terminator Lord Conversion.

Another Terminator Champion of Nurgle. I think Dave started this guy but I was unsatisfied with the result so extensively reworked it myself. Abaddon body, Chaos Warrior right arm with the original Chaos Terminator Power/Daemon sword on the end of it. I’m pretty sure I swapped out the original left arm for the GorkaMorka-era Ork Bioniks Claw and swapped in the plastic Chaos Champion head. I also drilled out the various tri-abcesses in the armour, added the bloated torso with putty over the top of some plastic Zombie intestines, added the dismembered heads, sculpted the simple hooves and added the tentacles.

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion, Plague Marine

Nurgle Terminator Lord Conversion, Plague Marine

This guy in his olive-coloured armour has much more of a traditional Death Guard Plague Marine colour scheme of the days when I painted him. When I get back to my Plague Marines and past the half-finished ones, I need to figure out a scheme to go with for the rest and then try to stick with it. Greens? Browns? Grungy Metallics? Death Guard White and Green?

Plague Marines of Nurgle

Plague Marine “Combat Squad”.

This combat squad of 5 is all I managed to finish. I went copper/black with metal and some hazard stripes. This was years before I decided to build an Iron Warriors force (that I also need to get back to!) but the stripes will integrate the two of them nicely. The Plan (which never got finished) was for the second squad of these guys to have a very similar scheme, but with metallic green replacing the copper.

Plague Marines of Nurgle

“Interest” shot of the Plague Marines.

I didn’t want to go too nuts with pictures, so the group only gets one to show off their “best side” when they have one. GorkaMorka bionic bolter for the Sergeant, and some paint-over-decals for the others. And if you’re wondering just WTF that one Plague Marine is doing – he’s giving his enemies the “crotch chop”. Because I am nothing if not classy.

Plague Marines of Nurgle

Plague Marines “Family” shot.

Finally, the group shot. As always – click to embiggen.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #5 – More Plague Mutants & Zombies (From WarZone 1e, & DUST)

Some more painted figures from the LatD Army-oriented models.

WarZone 1e Dark Legion Heretic

WarZone 1e Dark Legion Heretic and Iron Maiden T-shirt.

I’m still pretty proud of this figure, another from the WarZone 1st Edition line – he’s a “Dark Legion Heretic“. I’m not especially a fan of Iron Maiden, but with that face, could he actually be Eddie in miniature form? I clearly thought so! Replicating their well-known font on a tiny miniature t-shirt was always going to be a bit much, so I went for more of a “Heavy Metal”-friendly font.

WarZone 1e Dark Legion Heretic

Dark Legion heretic with Gatorade Bottle. Stay Hydrated!

He’s painted with Dark Legion iconography rather than Nurgle or Chaos, but the DL is pretty much Chaos with a different name. The interesting/fun part of this model is the Gatorade bottle I gave him.

Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Necromutants

Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Necromutants

These two are (I think) Necromutants. I can’t find them on the Prince August site, and I suspect that these two might even predate WarZone 1e and actually be Mutant Chronicles models. Clearly these two were sculpted by Kev Adams as their faces both have his trademark style. From their faces, they look almost like they used to be an Ork and Squat, now fighting side by side in undeath. Which suits Nurgle just fine.

Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Necromutants

Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Necromutants

Even looking at their gear and posture, I find them to be very reminiscent of early Rogue Trader Orks and Squats, right down to their quilted armour. I’ve really got to dig out and (re)paint my RT-era Boyz sometime…

WarZone 1e Undead Legionnaire

WarZone 1e Undead Legionnaire

This guy is an Undead Legionnaire. They usually come in sets of four models, but apparently I only have the one painted. While the Blessed Legionnaires are much more generic zombies, the models of the Undead ones are designed with the look and uniforms of the WarZone corporations. This guy is a former Cybertronic trooper. I believe I have some more of these – but – down the track!

Catachan Zombie Kitbash!

Catachan Zombie Kitbash!

Sharing is caring – want some sausages?

These two pics aren’t that great. I may have accidentally turned off the Macro function, according to Marouda – and the Zombie is pretty washed out. I built this guy using Citadel Catachan models combined with their Plastic Zombies and a bit of putty. I built it for use with the first edition of Frag! as I recall. He’s also got a welcome place with Papa Nurgle’s band of misfit models.

Plague Zombies and Plague Mutants.

Plague Zombies and Plague Mutants.

Another group shot of all of today’s figures, sans the Zombie Horde part…

DUST Zombies

DUST Zombies, ready to be Poxwalkers.

Much like the DL Blessed Legionnaires in the last post, I’ve shown these DUST Zombies before but took the opportunity to take a new photo of them, as Nurgle Plague Zombies were always one of the things I had in mind when I painted them originally early last year.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #4 – Big Mutants & Zombies (From WarZone 1e)

Ahem. Back to painted models.

The first one of these guys was shown years ago, but he’s being reshown here in the context of this LatD army which he’s a part of. Once I work out a proper list.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Spawn of Demnogonis as Nurgle dude.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Big Mutant? Herald of Nurgle?

He’s a Spawn of Demnogonis from the first edition of WarZone. The stitching and bandages make him thematically suitable for a Nurgle force, and the model looks to be suitable for perhaps a 40k Hearald of Nurgle or a Big Mutant directly from the LatD list. He’s mounted on a 30mm base from some brand of semi-soft plastic prepainted figures that was available in the 1990’s.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester. He makes a great Big Mutant or Chaos Ogryn for Lost and the Damned forces. He’s not an especially Nurglish model, but he’s been painted to go with the Kitbashed Cultists from the previous few posts. Though without a wood-grain finish on his weapon.

Spawn of Demnogonis, Carnal Harvester, WarZone, Target Games

Big Mutant Family (and scale) shot!

And a little group shot. I’ve got another half-painted WarZone figure (Gomorrian Emasculator) somewhere that will make another great Big Mutant/Chaos Ogryn if I can find it and finish it, as well as quite a few others that are entirely unpainted.

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, Target Games

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires as Nurgle Zombies. Or Poxwalkers. Or Chaos Cultists.

These models are actually Warzone 1st Edition Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, to be used as Nurgle Plague Zombies in one form or another. I showed them off last year, but the photos weren’t the best, and so I took a new one as part of the Lost and the Damned force I’m showing here (and seeing what I have ready to run and what’s started and part-painted while I do it).

11 More Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires.

…like these guys that I’ve just found. They’ve been spray primed and are now going into the paint queue to be part of this army.