Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

This model was originally released as a “Dwarf General” but was repurposed to represent Queen Helgar Longplaits during the Grudge of Drong 5th edition WHFB campaign. I picked her up alongside many of the other dwarves that I’ve had since shortly afterwards, including a number of the Slayers. Now, finally, thanks to Fembruary forcing my hand, I’ve finished her.

In general terms, I’ve been really bad at blogging over the last week. I mean, on one hand it’s only been a few days since my last post, but on the other hand, that post was written and queued on Sunday. So for a few days, I haven’t been reading new posts from people nor following comments nor seeing who the new people who have subbed actually are.. and the result is a massive backlog!

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

The reason for the time off maintaining the blog has been a combination more of the endless ups and downs on the rollercoaster that is my workplace, and deciding last Sunday to “take a look” at Assassins creed: Origins on my X1X, since I bought the bloody thing months ago. While I’ve done a little bit of painting, AC:O basically took all of my free time since then. Blogging? Meh. Watching Wrestling? Meh. Other games? Meh. Even now, I’d rather be playing it then needing to open Photoshop to crop and resize these bloody photos I just took – and a delay even there since some from Friday night were blurry which meant a second trip to the light box today.

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

So now I’m going to try and post up the last of February’s backlog over the next few days. The last couple of Fembruary models, followed by the last batches of “Neglected Models” (though there would have been a lot more if not for AC:O), then my own round-ups for Fembruary and Neglected Models, a full “February” round-up for myself, and then a group round-up for all the people that participated in Neglected Model February – and thank you to everyone who posted a link or comment about that. If you joined in and painted a neglected model in Feb and haven’t already done so, please either leave a comment or a pingback to the post linked here so I can do the round-up.

As for Helga, well, she counts as both a Female model, and a Neglected Model, so 2-up for her on Paint Challenges…

Another Trio of Citadel WHFB Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

Another trio of early-90’s Slayers today. Not a lot to write about these guys as we’ve seen others of their ilk before quite a few times by now. These three have been painted with paler, more faded – slightly pastel even rather than “natural” – hair.

A couple of different tones of blue for the stripey trousers, but both wearing the traditional style. Once again, I think the tattoos turned out well.

I really need to get the final batch of these guys stripped so I can start painting them. I’ve still got the commanders to complete, as well as a small selection of LE figures from Citadel and metals from other sources like AoW and Mantic. And then there’s the plastics. And the Fyreslayers…

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers – Group Shot!

Marauder Miniatures MM16 Dwarf Slayers, Oldhammer

Following up on the group shots I’ve been doing of some of my models recently, here’s one of the Marauder Miniatures Dwarf Slayers that I’ve painted. I think they come up nicely as a group, actually, despite the goofiness that some of them have. I’ll do another group shot of the Citadel Giant Slayers sometime down the line – after I’ve finished all of them, so don’t hold your breath for it right now…

Here’s the full range on release, which I am missing three models from. Of course, there’s also a variation on one of these guys, plus a scattered few from other Marauder Ranges, and then an expanded but separate range of MM Troll Slayers. While I’d really like to get the missing three (and every other Citadel and Marauder Slayer model that I don’t own), I’m not going to kill myself over it, instead I’ll keep an eye out on eBay for them at reasonable prices. Wish me luck!

The most striking thing to me from these two side-by-side pictures is that my models come up pretty nicely against the “official” ones here. Not too shabby. 🙂

Citadel Dwarf Troll Slayer Command (1998)

Citadel Dwarf Slayer Command, 1998

Taking a bit of a respite today from the 40k-centric series of posts that have dominated the blog for the past few weeks, we’ve got a fantasy post again, dealing with some more classic models.

Ahh… the 1990’s. Those were the heady days. When Games Workshop decided to split up the three figures in their command blisters so that they could sell you the unit champion separately. Making their first catalogue appearance in 1998, quite a few years after the majority of the range were out, are the first of Citadel’s Slayer Command pairs. Interestingly, they’re labelled “Troll Slayer Command” rather than “Giant Slayer” (which these particular figures fit far more closely). Either way, I was well gone from WHFB by that point in time, due to the Herohammer that it had become.

I got all of my metal slayers secondhand via eBay relatively recently, as I had pretty much stopped buying fantasy models by then, so that wasn’t a huge hassle for me personally, but even then it didn’t endear the company to me. Despite the number of Slayers that I’ve got and have been painting, I had a bit of a block when it came to the command groups (yes, there’s another one still WIP on my painting desk). That block was the standard bearer. While the horn-blower looks rather goofy, the standard bearer conversely looks quite good, but with a rather oddly-shaped standard that frankly demanded a flag, or something. Problem was the standard top shape isn’t exactly conducive to hanging a good banner, what with the troll head up there. (And is it supposed to be an actual troll head, or a metal casting, or… ?)Citadel Dwarf Slayer Command, 1998

So these figures had been sitting on my desk annoying me, and silently taunting me to get them finished since I started painting my slayers over a year ago. But that bloody standard! Eventually, I was doing a google image search and saw …someone’s kitbash of a similar figure. They’d glued some of the extra standard bearer junk found on the various plastic Dwarf kit sprues to the thing. And it looked bloody good!

So I dug out my box of Dwarf Sprues that I purchased from Damo/Nerdfest last year and had a look through, and found the book-and-shield shown above, as well as a winged shield with crossed axe device. With an insignificant amount of carving, both were now mounted on my two standards, and this one made it to completion. The other one will be along presently. After I complete it…

Two more 4th Edition Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

Having finished the last of the Marauder Slayers the other day, we move to another pair of the Citadel Giant Slayers.

This pair has gotten a slightly more natural shade of orange for their hair than many of the others. Whether they used a different dye or theirs has simply washed out somewhat, when mixed into the units, they’ll help to offer some variance while still maintaining the visual coherency with the others.

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

As with the last half-dozen or so slayers that I’ve finished, I’ve attempted to again vary the stripey trouser just slightly from the neverending run of identical blue stripes. Clearly not by a lot, but again it’s simply about adding a little bit of variation into the unit so they still look like a unit but not entirely homogenised and uniform. They’re not a freshly-raised unit of Napoleonic Chasseurs, after all.

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

I’m quite pleased with how the tattoos came out on this pair as well. That’s one thing that this project has really helped me with. Well, two. I can now paint many variations of orange-to-ginger hair pretty much with my eyes closed. I’ll have some command guys photographed and posted hopefully within a few days, and then I need to start getting some group shots of the Slayers (and Vikings, and others) taken and posted!

My Final* Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayer

I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the idea of daily posts. In “lean” times, I’ve struggled to have enough content to even post weekly, though for some time now – pretty much all of 2017 – my issue has been a backlog of painted, completed stuff to get through posting rather than not enough to scratch up a post with. Sure, I could post everything 5 or 10 at a time as I used to, but to be blunt, I figure that I spend enough time working on these models as individuals that I think they deserve their own “space” to be showcased, hence my move towards posts showing 1-5 figures at a time.

It also means I can share stuff more frequently, rather than sitting on models for weeks (and months) until I have “enough” of them to show in a post. But yeah. Right now, I have a backlog. In my month off posting (I’ve pretty much caught up on other people’s blogs now, finally!) I kept painting, giving me even more completed bloody figures to photograph and post. Not to mention a bunch of Mat reviews to do…

The solution – for now at least – will be occasional posting on sequential days. Mostly towards the latter half of the week and weekend, though not too frequently, since I like to give my posts a bit of space to breathe and I’m also conscious of not overwhelming the people who take the time to check my stuff out.

With all that said, here’s today’s model.

Marauder Miniatures MM16 Slayer, Oldhammer

This guy is the final one of my Marauder Slayers. *As far as I know, at least. Clearly, the reason he’s lagging behind by himself isn’t because I forgot to photograph him at the same time as the previous pair of slayers and only had one left to do… Oh no! It’s because of other reasons. Clearly, someone stole his moustache and he had to investigate!

Marauder Miniatures MM16 Slayer, Oldhammer

Since he’s wearing not only a kilt but a fly plaid over his shoulder, I went for a simple tartan using a dark, muted green. Since that’s all he appears to be wearing, aside from some jewelry, the rest is simply tattoos, skin and tattoos. I’m happy with the look of the tattoos here for a change, and that’s something that I can at least say I’ve improved on to a point of satisfaction as I’ve worked my way through these slayers. Tattoo colour and stubble. Tattoos. I certainly used that word a lot here.


Marauder Miniatures MM16 Slayer, Oldhammer

In the past, I never liked this particular figure, probably because of his lack of moustache to go with the beard, but having painted him I now quite like him, and the chin curtain he sports is one of the main reasons why. He’s one of the more sensible of the Marauder Slayers, and could easily be used as a Roleplaying figure or a character of some sort. Yes, he absolutely has an oversized head, even by the standards of Citadel’s macrocephalic dwarves, but he does at least have a lot of character in that noggin and face.

Marauder Miniatures MM16 Slayer, Oldhammer

While this guy marks the end of my Marauder Slayers, he’s far from the last of my overall Slayer contingent. Just for starters, there’s a bunch more of those Citadel ones, plus the ones I found in a pile, bathing in Simple Green, waiting to be stripped. Then there are the Avatars of War models…

Another two Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

I’ve been outside this evening taking some photos of models I’ve finished recently. When I came inside and started moving photos off the camera to crop, I noticed quite a few photos that I’d taken for posts before my little break. So I’m going to share a couple of these first. As it happens, there’s so much stuff between the stuff I still hadn’t shown, game mats to review, and the models I’ve painted in my month off from blogging I’ll have to go back to posting every two days again just to have a chance to get through them! I guess I could post up models 10 at a time or something, but I much prefer to show them in smaller numbers, which is closer to how I actually get things painted – in groups of 1-4 at a time – outside of the occasional whole-unit batch like the BFSP Dwarves or the Spartans from last January.

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

More stripey trousers and swirly tattoos. On one hand, it’s just what I do with Slayers. On the other hand it does get a bit boring after awhile, so I’m tending to try and figure out ways to make them a little different in each pair. Here we have slightly wider and slightly narrower blue stripes than usual. CREATIVITY!

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

As far as the Marauder Slayers go, this pair is pretty good. Not overblown, and enough individuality that each of them is a unique enough character.

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

Once again this pair’s tattoos look a little faded in spots, but they still look nice enough in person.

Marauder MM16 Dwarf Slayers

This guy seems a little more aware of his station in life than most of our miniatures…

Having displayed this pair, I’m left with one final Marauder MM16 Slayer to show off. Expect to see it very soon!