Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

This model was originally released as a “Dwarf General” but was repurposed to represent Queen Helgar Longplaits during the Grudge of Drong 5th edition WHFB campaign. I picked her up alongside many of the other dwarves that I’ve had since shortly afterwards, including a number of the Slayers. Now, finally, thanks to Fembruary forcing my hand, I’ve finished her.

In general terms, I’ve been really bad at blogging over the last week. I mean, on one hand it’s only been a few days since my last post, but on the other hand, that post was written and queued on Sunday. So for a few days, I haven’t been reading new posts from people nor following comments nor seeing who the new people who have subbed actually are.. and the result is a massive backlog!

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

The reason for the time off maintaining the blog has been a combination more of the endless ups and downs on the rollercoaster that is my workplace, and deciding last Sunday to “take a look” at Assassins creed: Origins on my X1X, since I bought the bloody thing months ago. While I’ve done a little bit of painting, AC:O basically took all of my free time since then. Blogging? Meh. Watching Wrestling? Meh. Other games? Meh. Even now, I’d rather be playing it then needing to open Photoshop to crop and resize these bloody photos I just took – and a delay even there since some from Friday night were blurry which meant a second trip to the light box today.

Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

So now I’m going to try and post up the last of February’s backlog over the next few days. The last couple of Fembruary models, followed by the last batches of “Neglected Models” (though there would have been a lot more if not for AC:O), then my own round-ups for Fembruary and Neglected Models, a full “February” round-up for myself, and then a group round-up for all the people that participated in Neglected Model February – and thank you to everyone who posted a link or comment about that. If you joined in and painted a neglected model in Feb and haven’t already done so, please either leave a comment or a pingback to the post linked here so I can do the round-up.

As for Helga, well, she counts as both a Female model, and a Neglected Model, so 2-up for her on Paint Challenges…

27 thoughts on “Helgar Longplaits: Dwarf Queen (Colin Dixon, 1998) #Fembruary 2018

    • Thanks Alex. I’m just putting the final touches to some thoughts for Fembruary and female models to go alongside my final model. At this rate I should probably post up some Space Marines I have in the can right now and take my time to post my Fembruary wrap-up tomorow instead of tonight.

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    • I’ve got a slowly-growing force of Dwarves that are more than happy to hack their enemies off at the knees, though they’re also happy to accommodate heads or any other body parts that get in the way. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I let Marouda choose from two different knotted shields. I wanted to avoid typical “beard motif” dwarf shields. I’ve also touched up a couple of the little imperfections that show up on the gems when the photos blow the figure up to 10x size. And that thin line of yellow along her right sleeve cuff.

      On AC:O – Yeah, it’s been awhile since I played something I’ve really gotten into. I have to admit, after a week it’s starting to feel a bit repetitive (because it IS repetitive). Ubi’s better open-world games tend to do this with me – grab me HARD for a few days or a week, then the magic starts to fade as the cutscenes start to drag and the repetitiveness starts to …repeat.


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    • They’ve got some very nice stuff there. I’ll have another look at them when I get paid this week, or the following fortnight. Shipping seems to require a larger purchase to make it worthwhile, though.


  2. Nice mini and great painting job. Love the blue. At first glance I was wondering why you had painted some terrain a bright color on the rear shot. Then I cracked up when I realized it was the Chain Mail armor dragging on the ground!

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