Community Painting Challenge: Neglected February Round-Up

Yeah, I know we’re solidly into March now. The fact is that I wanted to give people a chance to photograph their models and also finish off showing my own models for this challenge before doing the round-up. So we’re here. Now.


Krautscientist from Khorne’s Eternal Hunt completed his converted model of Interrogator Chastity of the Ordo Hereticus.

Alex from Leadbaloony finished this Necron-with-no-name, hiding out on the Imperial fringes.

Just Needs Varnish has completed a trio of 20mm Japanese Type 89 Medium Tanks.

Mikeland82 from Starship Vorenus completed three sets of models this month – finishing a repaint of an old-school/oldhammer Emperor’s Hammer Space Marine Rhino APC that had been outstanding for some time.

Mikeland82 also completed this trio of Primaris Space Marine Reivers. (Space Marines can’t spell, apparently!)

Finally (firstly, actually) Mikeland82 completed this rather wonderful female Soviet Sniper, hitting both the Neglected model challenge as well as the Fembruary Challenge.

Wargamer Eric would be quick to tell us that “I AM THE LAW!” Or his figure would, at least, with a Dredd-inspired Forgeworld Imperial Enforcer.

Steinberg Shed Space finished a model that’s pretty familiar to me recently, the 2nd release of the Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

Argentbadger has painted Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist for Malifaux.

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium completed a Chaos Cultist that had been bugging her for some time.

Ann also painted up Sebelex: Devourer of the Dead who had been languishing for a year or more to join her Plaguebearers.

Backtothehammer completed a ton of Wood Elf Spearmen/Crimson Guard (shields coming soon!)

Lastly, there’s my own good self, with the sampler of stuff I talked about briefly in yesterday’s post.

I found February’s challenge to be personally useful in that it got me to finish off a bunch of figures that had been annoyingly unfinished for quite some time. I’m glad to see that what might have been a personal challenge helped to motivate so many other people in our little hobby community to get more of those annoying neglected models that almost all of us have sitting around to the point of completion. I think I’ve got everyone here. If I’ve somehow missed you, send me a hoy in the comments below, and I’ll edit you in!

Now, there’s only one more February post to go – my own personal tally/total – and then I can start on March’s posts.

On the 15th of March.