The Others: 7 Sins – Gluttony Faction Completed! Also – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #18: Proxy Plaguebearers of Nurgle

The Others: 7 Sins - Gluttony Faction

Today we have a completed boardgame faction. Not quite as impressive as a finished army, but hey, 8 figures fits into that same kind of size as a squad, or a (smallish) Necromunda gang or Bloodbowl Team. The biggest appeal(s) of the 7 Sins factions was that I could probably get them from none to done pretty quickly – and in that process – clear a box from my boardgame shelves as these will obviously have to go on a painted model shelf or at worst a figure case rather than residing in a giant box.

The Others: 7 Sins - Controller of Gluttony

Here’s the controller. Pretty much a woman dressed for the business end of a bondage session, including a complete lack of pants, who got his by the tenticular bloaties. She doesn’t seem to have really noticed much, though.

The Others: 7 Sins - Controller of Gluttony

Usually, a model like this would get its own post pretty much right after I completed it, separate to the Abominations – but since we’re playing catch-up this month for April’s models still – we’ll do the whole lot in one post. Not that this particular figure is in any way amazing or deserves it’s own post based on the sculpt or paintjob, so it’s all good. She ain’t the Avatar in terms of impressive models. that’s for sure!

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Gluttony

Here are the Abominations of ̶N̶u̶r̶g̶l̶e̶ Gluttony (sorry, don’t know how I got confused there!) As you can see, Adrian Smith’s Vagina Dentata obsession rears its head once again on the head-parts of these little mini Great Unclean Ones. We don’t just have a “leech mouth” here, as there are some pretty clearly-shaped labia on show. I mean, if the model design on these was more of a one-off, sure. You could say it’s in my mind, but when you see a pretty consistent leitmotif throughout a range, then smoke usually means smoke…

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Gluttony

The rear ends of these guys is much more “traditional” Zombie-Nurgle, as you can see. Not that I’m claiming that Nergal is a wholly-original creation or anything, but GW has codified a bunch of aspects of the whole “plague demon” thing pretty well over the past few decades, and these fit in there pretty well from the designs of a former GW artist.

I just thought I may as well throw in a box shot for this faction here again – what with it being the completed faction from the box. Dunno if I’ll ever play the actual game, but that wasn’t a strong consideration when I purchased it as a set of “should be able to proxy these in the Warhams” models.

The Others: 7 Sins - Gluttony Faction

To finish, here’s a size-comparison shot, so you can really see how the controller is very slight (maybe she’d fit in well with Eivor?) while even the Abominations are just a little undersized from what I’d assumed (and hoped) that they’d be to fit in with my Plaguebearers. I mean, they’ll still work and I doubt anyone outside of a GW store or officially-sanctioned GW-tournament would complain, just not quite as well as I’d hoped.

The Others: 7 Sins – Avatar of Gluttony (#Monstermarch3 ’19, Gender-Ambiguous March ’19) Also – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #17: Daemon Prince of Nurgle

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Gluttony

Another Kickstarter boardgame model today. This time it’s one from the Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) game, The Others: 7 Sins. The actual boardgame is some kind of modern-themed boardgame with a weird Hellboy-esque setting something something demons based on the Seven Deadly Sins. I think the genesis of the game was to create a game based on a bunch of Adrian Smith’s sketches. I dunno, I’ve never played it and may never get around to it. Either because I’m not a “real gamer” or because I have better shit to play. Why did I buy it then? Because the models looked pretty good overall and I saw that many of them could be incorporated into the Warhammers (amongst other things) pretty easily.

The Gluttony stuff then, comes from an expansion where all of the models, save perhaps the “Controller” look to me like they’ll fit perfectly into my Nurgle Daemon army. She looks like she may be actually fit into Slaanesh better, not due to being female, but the bondage-ish outfit and the model’s rather lithe appearance. I’ll worry about the exact details there a bit later, though – because we’re here today for the Avatar or Gluttony. Or to give it a more proper name, the Daemon Prince of Nurgle. 😉

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Gluttony

The model was started with a few layers of green washes over a white primer-basecoat, and then layers of thinned yellow-greens, flesh tones, reds and purples were added, along with some brown wash in between here and there. I decided to try the wash-heavy method over my previous attempts to blend most of the way, and I’m happy to say that it’s certainly turned out well enough for Nurgle, even if it’s not going to win any Golden Daemons or Crystal Brushes.

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Gluttony

This one wasn’t actually a long-neglected model, or even started specifically for Monster March. Instead, I spotted this box and the Wrath Box on my shelf when I was out in the War Room, taking the beach-bunker shots for last month’s models. I did that thing where I look at the boxes, look at the models, and then decide if I think I could paint them quickly. Then of course, the models take much longer than I originally thought. Here’s the size shot that I think works to justify it’s inclusion in Swordmaster of Hoeth’s Monster March Painting Challenge.

On that very point, I’m going to try and finish the Dracoliche over the weekend after a few of my other planned models haven’t worked out. But in the event that it doesn’t happen, here’s a group shot for Swordmaster’s wrap-up. Doing the challenges here, I certainly know the value of a nice combined shot!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #16: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Today – Miniatures! Here’s the final three of my Plague Toads. This trio bringing me to nine painted ones. This batch being the “yellow” ones, following on from the “brown” ones and the “green” ones. And yeah, I know I need to do a new Nurgle army shot sometime soon.

Individual glamour shots of each of the three, though I skipped the profile and rear shots this time. Perhaps I went a bit conservative on the “glow” from their yellow-green eyes this time as well, but I think they still stand up decently.

You can see what I mean about it it here. It’s there, but it’s subtle. Perhaps too subtle to stand out on the tabletop.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally have the last* of these done finally!

The nine of them, with their colour coding can be used as three distinct units of three, or they can all be put together to make up a mega-sized unit of nine Plague Toads!

*of course, I didn’t say anything about Pox Riders!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #15: WarZone 1st Edition Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires (as Poxwalkers): TG9511PB & TG9505PB (Unit-Ed October ’18) (Zom’tober?)

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

Yeah, another bloody mouthful of a post title. Maybe the worst yet. Still, there’s a lot of crossover with the content of this post.

Firstly, the models themselves. They’re 7 of the 8 models from the two old-school WarZone blisters, TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires and TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires. Clicking those links will take you to Prince August’s site where both are still available from original stock after all these years. Pretty good sci-fi zombies, to be quite honest. Old-school WarZone collectors often get in contact with me and ask if I have anything to sell so I like to point out when the figures on show are still available where possible. (If I ever do sell any, I’ll post them up here – I promise!)

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

The missing eighth of the models was actually painted a few years ago. Now, I haven’t played WarZone for many, many years at this point – but some of the models were real crackers (some were awful as well, no argument there!) These sci-fi zombies with guns were always pretty cool looking, but I never really had much of a use for them. Still, I did a bunch of Blessed Legionnaires when I gave the Nurgle Cult army a first-go-round back in 2015 or so. Need to rebase that Spawn of Demnogonis as well onto a proper 32mm base.

TG9511PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

Obviously, this lot fits in with my own monthly challenge – that of Unit-Ed October. Because it’s a unit of models. A unit of 7 in fact – Nurgle’s (un)holy number! Coincidence, yes – but a fitting one. Paint scheme-wise, I painted 6 of them in the same Auscam as the main elements of my Imperial Guard force – the 11th Terror Australis Regiment. The 7th has his carapace armour painted in greys in a nod to his Warzone Bauhaus roots.

TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

And finally, I found out via Rantingsfromunder’s blog that there’s a thing called Zom’tober in the minis blogging community – though it’s one of those Blgospot ones, and we know that WordPress and Blogspot are a pain in the arse when it comes to getting on with one another. Unfortunately, it seems that Zom’tober has some pretty specific rules about completion that rule me out participating  …pretty much ever.

To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by that week’s Sunday (we use Sunday’s as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means posting one or more newly painted Zombie or Survivor minis each week on or before the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th this year.

Doesn’t really work for me. I finished 4 of these suckers at once 2 weekends ago, and then the final three last weekend – with the blood effects across all of them applied yesterday evening in two sittings. I mean, they’re zombies! Are there any other figures that lend themselves so well to batch painting?

TG9505PB: Warzone Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires, Poxwalkers

So while they don’t exactly fit into the Nurgle Daemons army, I’m sure that nobody reasonable would complain about a bunch of poxwalkers thrown in there as well. I’ll have to figure out where I’ve stashed the Blessed Legionnaires and that other zombie and pool the lot of them together for the next time I do an “army in progress” type shot for the Nurglites.

Oh. And after taking the above photos, I found the 8th model. While he’s fully painted, he does need a bit of touch-up to get him to the point where he’ll nicely fit in with the rest of his cohort here. I might attempt to get him done before the month ends, so I can bump my monthly total up that little bit more towards the 31 I want to have done…

Edit – Got that last one touched up, retook three of the photos tonight (following night to original post) and replaced the original pics of three with the four.

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #15: Plague Toads (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Back to Nurgle again today. Finally. A second trio of Plague Toads. Even though it’s been almost exactly two months since the first trio that I shared, I actually started on all of my Plague Toads at once, I just ended up splitting them off into their overall colours, and so the “brown” ones got finished first, and now, finally, I’ve finished the “green” trio.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

These are some really nice models, really – but so very busy, especially when compared to the smooth lines of the new plastics. I’ve got a few more old-school metal Nurgle models still to assemble and get through before I go onto the plastics, though – as well as a bit more resin and a couple of extra surprises that I’m already working on.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

As with the brown trio, I gave these green ones some broad stripes of darker green across their backs, the rear view being where they stand out the most. I felt that it gives the green a bit more depth and makes these unnatural, daemonic beasts look that little bit more “natural”.

I also ran some thinned purple and yellows through them in various places – again to vary their flesh tones that little bit.

Now here’s some individual portraits of the three of them – I’m basically out of words, so enjoy the photos!


Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #14: Plague Toads (Forge World) (June-It ’18)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Back to the Nurgle Daemons today. It’s been awhile, I know, but these three have been a slow march, mostly because other stuff keeps taking their spot in the queue. Now, finally though – it’s their turn to shine! Or glisten.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

I’ve actually had these Forge World resin models for years now, but like so much in my collection, they were bought because I wanted them to eventually paint up for [army] and then they just sat there. Since this year I’ve been doing the Nurgle Daemon thing, they finally got their time. I still have a bunch of other metal Nurgle mobs to paint up before I allow myself to start on the plastics, but I’m allowing resin models to be painted thoughout.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

There’s not really a great deal to write about these things. They’re pretty nifty in the current edition of 40k, and I assume quite nasty in AoS as well, though I honestly haven’t looked up their stats there yet. I’d have had these posted up earlier, but we’ve had an entire day and a half of rainstorms and occasional thunderstorms here, along with quite cold weather – which has meant a rather unsuitable climate for spraying. As we move into midwinter, that will of course only get worse, so I foresee a more sporadic posting schedule to come – where it will only be every few days (or on the weekends) I can manage to spray new models, so we’ll have “dead air” here on the blog while I wait for a suitable day and completed models pile up, followed by a mass of photos once I’ve had a spray day that gives me a backlog of stuff to spray.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Depending on how that goes, I might end up doing some more “thought” pieces, like finishing that post about paints that sits half-finished in my drafts folder, or some painting tutorials (provided I can remember to take the photos. I still need to do one on iron/metal, and I’ve been thinking of documenting how I paint Isengard Uruk-Hai and their skin. Provided I start painting the bloody things!

Here’s the usual size comparison shot, showing how they stack up to a couple of friends and a couple of foes.

They’re pretty nice models, all in all – at least in that messed-up Nurgle way. They’ve also got a pretty impressive stature to them, and are quite a bit bigger than I’d expected when I first ordered them, oh so many years ago.

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #13: Malifaux Killjoy (Metal Version) as Herald of Nurgle

OK, no pretence here – I picked this model up a few years ago both because it looked like a cool model, and like something that would drop perfectly nicely in with my Nurgle forces. I know that Malifaux is supposed to be a rather excellent skirmish game, but I’ve already got a ton of games I’m not actively playing, so I’m not about to dive down that particular rabbit hole right now.

I figure that this guy fits perfectly well in a Daemonic Nurgle force for either 40k or AoS as a Herald. I’m pretty happy with how well this model turned out. It’s a great sculpt, and I guess that’s the thing that really inspires taking it that bit further. Could I have converted him slightly by sticking a monohorn on top of his head. Sure. Does he need it? I don’t think he does. He’s more of a small Great Unclean One than a large Plague Bearer.

Beyond the use as a Herald in the Warhammer games, he also fits well into the Kings of War Undead army as a Flesh Golem or some such using the Undead Troll stats, or could optionally drop into a Renegades and Heretics 40k force alongside the Bones Flesh Golem as a Renegade Marauder Brute. Along with that, there’s obviously the D&D-ish role-playing options along with potential use as a Zombicide Abomination. Quite a cool model with a lot of versatility.