Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #1: Kev Adams Plaguebearers (1991)

Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned Original Oldhammer Plaguebearers Kev Adams

These Plaguebearer models were released as part of the initial “proper” waves of Nurgle models back in 1991, alongside the seminal Warhammer rulebook – Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned. If you’re at all interested in the background and artwork that got us to where we are today in terms of Chaos and how it fits in with Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, I strongly suggest getting hold of both Slaves to Darkness and The Lost and the Damned. Obviously the books are hard to get hold of – especially on eBay, but they’re worth it. I believe that Forge World is reprinting them for some special events this year, and of course, with this being the internet, .pdf files of them exist. Though of course, I’m sure that if you picked up a copy in this manner, you’d be careful to ensure that you already owned them in book form first.

Anyway, these five are all I have of the initial release. There are 11 sculpts, counting variations and not counting the “Combat Card” Plaguebearer that was never officially released. I’d love to pick up the others, but with Oldhammer being the cool, trendy-retro thing that it’s become, it has gotten much harder to pick up older models in the last few years. I always especially wanted Woundlicker, Snotsprayer and Wormrot, so we’ll see if I manage to get hold of them one day…

Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned Original Oldhammer Plaguebearers Kev Adams

Many aspects of Nurgle that remain to this day can be seen on these figures, from the Nurglings capering around their bigger cousins’ legs to the overall appearance. The “joy” that followers of Nurgle hold so strongly is evident in several of their faces, though the dour expressions that have come to typify Plaguebearers specifically can be seen on Vomitrot, who just looks like a miserable bastard.

Of course, the faces of these old Plaguebearers have a striking similarity to those of the Orcs (and Orks) of the day, in that they’re very clearly Kev Adams sculpts, and he seems to have simply given them pretty standard Kev Adams Ork faces and maws, albeit with a cyclopean eye, mono-horn and a more human-ish nose. The similarity also extends across to the work he did for Heartbreaker on a good amount of WarZone’s range, including the Necromutants that will also be (re)drafted into one of my 8th edition 40k forces. Poxwalkers, perhaps?

These figures will be paired with other Plaguebearers from later range refreshes and have a lot of potential use across a number of games. In 40k they fit into the Nurgle Daemons or more general Daemonic army, they’re used as troops in the Death Guard Legion force, they can be used in Age of Sigmar and even in Kings of War in an Abyssal force. And those are just the obvious used for wargames

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 4

Today we have another update to the Decembuary project for this year. The amazing work just continues to flow here!

Imperial Rebel Ork aka IRO has completed his impressive project of a converted Ogre/Ogor/Mournfang Stonehorn. Who’s a hungry boy, then?

I call the big one “Bitey”.

Alex from Leadbaloony has completed his custom Arkhan the Black. Amazing OSL on show here!

Speaking of hungry, this one looks positively famished!

Ann from Ann’s Imperium has continued to work on her (in)famous Foetid Bloat-Drone “Becky the Bloater”. I’m loving that mottled green.

uh…. disgusting.

Tinpotrevolutionary ‘s Iron Eagles Space Marine Dreadnought has started to have the details filled in. The Brass really pops against the grey.

Look at that stance!

The 28th Scribe has updated on his progress with Grymdraig from Mierce Miniatures. The armour and skin are looking great here.

Swinging that Blade…

Archer from Dakka was involved from the challenge (presumably) from the start, but I couldn’t find his pictures because post me a link if you’re joining in a challenge I’m compiling, dammit. Ahem. A Necron Monolith in it’s early stages (as of last posting, anyway)

Time for some space pyramids.

And – oh yeah – me.

I’ve put the Forge World Daemon Prince to one side for the time being in order to concentrate on the metal Great Unclean One. I’ll put up an actual update post of my own in the next day or three, but here’s a current pic snapped a few minutes ago.



Like myself for most of this challenge, a few participants haven’t posted an update since the last round-up, though I’m sure that painting continues feverishly behind the scenes. 😉

Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe has been working on a Khorne Lord of Skulls.

Wudugast from Convert or Die has been working on a Skaven Screaming Bell as a worthy cap to his Year of the Rat project.

Ian Sturrock has started on a trio of Frost Giants from Bones III.

And the gallery of previously-completed work:

Davekay from Scent of a Gamer completed Reaper Miniatures’ massive Bones model, Goremaw. Just don’t put your hand too close when feeding…

Someone has a pretty horrible case of worms...


Over on Dakka, Joshinjapan did an inspirational job on Great Cthulhu from Reaper Bones.


Zergsmasher smashed out Mortarion, who looks great.

If all goes to plan, I’ll do another round-up next weekend followed by a final wrap-up late next week.

Vikings, Tólf!

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi, Dvalin Hardaxe, Stealthy Elbegast

It’s been a while coming, but I’ve finally finished a few more of my Viking models. These three come from Wargames Foundry, specifcally from the VIK056 – Svavas Warrior Heroes set. The other three from this particular blister have all been allocated to other …duties. One a berserker, one a shieldmaiden and the other… a personality that will be shown later (once finished!) All three of these vikings are well dressed, so I see them as veterans who have amassed a certain degree of wealth over the years from raiding, bodyguarding, trading, or some combination of all three. As such, the palette features rich colours, some painted-on embroidered details, and their bling is painted in richer colours then Iron and Silver and I also wanted to emphasise their wealth with some nice shield designs. Especially since Foundry kept sending me plain shields whenever I ordered their vikings instead of the nice embossed ones they show on their site.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Bragi is my favourite of the three, with a bit of a Brian Blessed feel to him. Though less insane than Sir Blessed. His shield features a double-headed dragon (Double Dragon?) Across both Bragi and Dvalin, I decided to play with using the same three-colour palette and shield pattern (quartered) to create very different shields.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Dvalin is really nothing special as a figure, but he’s got enough bling (the cape, really) to make him look a little important, so he also got a fancy shield design. In this case, a Norse knot-style serpent.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Stealthy Elbegast

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Stealthy Elbegast

Finally, Elbegast looks a bit dorky in my opinion. The bullet-head conical helmet combined with someone having stolen his moustache just makes him look a bit dorky to me. Still, his iron shinguards and fur-edged cape still indicate wealth to me, so here he is!

Next post will (probably) be a Decembuary Update!

WAAAAGH! Pt.9: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz’ ‘Eavy Weapons

And now my final four Ork boyz – from the initial wave, anyway. The first of these is made mostly with fantasy parts armed with Slugga and Choppa. One metal boy with Big Shoota from before plastics were on offer – which is why I converted my others from the plastic boyz.

The other two are a pair of Rokkit Launcher boyz that are also kitbashed from plastic Ork parts with “rokkits” made from some Ork epic parts from the bits box. Their rokkit backpacks were made from greenstuff with some more plastic parts for the spare rokkits. The “rokkit arms” were initially made from fantasy spear arms.

Ork Slugga Boy

Ork Big Shoota Boy

Ork Rokkit Launcher Boy

Ork Rokkit Launcher Boy

While this is the last of the boyz from the first wave. We still need the two Nobz, the Warboss and a whole pile of grots/gretchin to properly complete the first wave – so still at least three posts (and a bunch more figures) to come…

Analysis paralysis: A Mantic BattleZones Bunker

Awhile ago, last year, and inspired by some terrain that Dakka user “Nerdfest” had built, I decided to dig out a bunch of my Mantic BattleZone sprues from their various Kickstarters that had been sitting untouched in storage tubs for years at this point, and make something. So over a rather enjoyable winter afternoon, I put together this bunker-thing. Being winter, there was little point even thinking about spraying it, so I let it sit, though the bare, grey plastic version did get used for a few 40k games.

Once summer rolled around, I gave it a spray. Dark Metallic Charcoal for the outside, and a sort-of undercoat of white for the interior. Now, I’m not sure where to go next with this thing. Broadly speaking, I can see three main options:

  1. Drybrush it various shades of metallic, for a rather generic finish.
  2. Paint it in military/generic “boring” tones that fit into quite a few different games. Military greens, or the more generic Greys or Tans. With or without things like signage or stancilled numbers and letters and so on and so forth.
  3. Paint it in “industrial/hive world” tones. Like the blue-grey from much of the original Necromunda card terrain. Or shades of green, or rusty reds, or…? Kinda like the above, but with more “pop” and of course, things like heavy rust and hazard stripes.

Even within those, there’s plenty of choice, though. So again: Analysis paralysis. Whatever the final verdict, I’ll probably put together a smaller building (4 squares) to go alongside this one and paint it in much the same scheme.

Anyone have any good ideas?

Melbourne City Wrestling

“Impressive” Indi Hartwell vs “Riebell”.

I haven’t been doing much hobby painting or gaming in the last week. Lots of cleaning up and painting small bits for my friend Carlo, and helping sort things out for my Dad. I did manage to pick up good seats for the New Japan Pro Wrestling Australian Tour when they come to town in February, though – so that’s a good thing.

So on Friday, we happened to look around online and noticed that MCW had a show the following evening, so we decided to go and check it out. MCW is a small(ish) local indie fed, though they have been around for a few years now, and have brought out international talent including Will Osperey, Marty Scurll, Bad Luck Fale, and most recently, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, who you will probably know of if you’re a wrestling fan who watches stuff outside of WWE – and if not, all you need to know is that he’s pretty much unanimously agreed to be one of the three most talented wrestlers in the world today – between Kenny Omega, AJ Styles and Okada.

“Slex” holds Robbie Eagles vertically for a good 10-15 seconds or so before completing the suplex from the middle turnbuckle.

Anyway, none of the international stars were in attendance last night. The performers seemed to be well-known in the local scene, but this meant that I really had no idea really who any of these people were. I had heard of “Slex”, as he was the guy who Okada wrestled, and also one other guy – “Mr Juicy” Gino Gambino who competed briefly in the New Japan Rumble through his relationship with Bad Luck Fale. Who also (sort of) inducted him into Bullet Club at a local show last year.

Since this was my first show at this promotion, I had no idea who anyone else was – who the babyfaces or heels or tweeners are, or what their characters, gimmicks or finishers were. Most of them managed to get that across reasonably well. The matches ranged from pretty meh, through to surprisingly good. Match of the night was the main event for the Intercontinental Inter-Commonwealth (what?) Title, which ended in a disappointing clusterfuck finish, and the women’s match. Not a bad night in the end, so we bought some merch from a couple of the wrestlers as souvenirs of the night and to show them some support.

Tomorrow: Back to wargaming stuff.

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 3

It’s been awhile since the last update on this shared challenge project, but here we are – better late than never!

Nothing at all new from me at this stage, though I still intend to complete the GUO and Daemon Prince, they’ve gotten bumped a little while I attempt to clear some space by finishing off some other figures. However, my own lack of progress has thankfully been eclipsed by a number of others out there int he community, so without any further ado…

Davekay from Scent of a Gamer has been working on Reaper Miniatures’ massive Bones model, Goremaw. He’s completed it, in fact!


Ann from Ann’s Imperium has been Nurgling it up with a Foetid Bloat-Drone “Becky the Bloater”…

Ann also decided to ramp up the challenge by adding in a unit of Plague Drones and a Myphitic Blight-Hauler. She’s also working on some Nurglings, but while they don’t count towards the challenge, they do make for some good Nurglesque painting practice.


Alex from Leadbaloony has been working on his own version of Arkhan the Black, largely made from Grenadier Miniatures’ Death Dragon.


Imperial Rebel Ork aka IRO is still working on a converted Ogre/Ogor/Mournfang Stonehorn.


The 28th Scribe is working on Grymdraig from Mierce Miniatures. I didn’t even know about this one!


Wudugast from Convert or Die has been working on a Skaven Screaming Bell as a worthy cap to his Year of the Rat project. No reports yet on whether it’ll be converted or there will be a Skaven sacrificed to appease the blog’s name.. 😉


Tinpotrevolutionary has started a Space Marine Dreadnought for his Iron Eagle marines. Some lovely greyshading so far.


Over on Dakka, Joshinjapan has made some great strides, completely painting his Great Cthulhu from Reaper Bones.


Ian Sturrock has started on a trio of Frost Giants from Bones III.


Zergsmasher has smashed out Mortarion, and an amazing job he’s done of it, too. Especially with all that fiddly assembly!


More than a little embarrassingly, I omitted Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe‘s Khorne Lord of Skulls. Despite it being the most recent post I had looked at on my phone. And it still being up on the WordPress app on my phone when I checked it next. Derp!


As for myself, I’ve been doing a small bit of painting, barely any gaming (video or tabletop) and doing a mountain of cleaning the house. I’m still way behind on catching up with people’s blogging from the last month, so if I’ve somehow missed anyone’s Painting Decembuary posts, please do prompt me in the comments and also accept my apologies.