Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

But Azazel, didn’t you just paint Reaper Bones’ Flesh Golem recently? Why yes. Yes, I did. But that Flesh Golem was 77512. This Flesh Golem is 77169! Also, there’s three of them in the one post this time. Why three? Probably from Bones 1 when I went big with my pledge is my guess. Handily, when all together, they make a unit for Kings of War and the like.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Perhaps I should check up on those KoW army lists and see if Undead Trolls (the profile I’m most likely to use for these) has units of six. Then I could combine them with the other recent trio that Other Joe Other Flesh Golem was part of. (time) Yes. Yes they can. And they’re Zombie Trolls. Damn, I haven’t played KoW in ages – I should really try to play more. All my bloody time is spent painting lately, though. Obviously, they can be used in any kind of fantasy RPG as well.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy came up better than I’d expected. The “Eddie” aspect of his facial sculpt turned out especially well, I think – especially for a Bones model.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy started with darker skin tones, which made the whole “pale corpse” thing a little trickier, but it seems to have worked out ok in the end as he’s visibly much darker than the others while maintaining a somewhat realistic skin tone.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Finally, I decided to go for a really bloodied-up look for the third one, and went with the palest of the three models, so that the spattered gore would be that much more impactful, especially when his fellows also have their fair share of bloodied limbs and spatter. Both hands, lower chin and chest, as though he’s not only been in combat, but was victorious and had a bit of a fed to celebrate. I used both of the Citadel transparent red paints for the effect – Spiritstone Red (lighter) and Blood for the Blood God (darker), as well as letting it dry in spots before going over with another layer.

Because of how this phone camera seems to do contrast (quite starkly), a bit of the more subtle nuance of this model seems to have been lost in the photos (yes, really, subtlety on this figure). Just a little bit, anyway!

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Rather than pulling out a Space Marine for the scale shot, I decided to do it as a “family” photo, alongside Neferata (I see that high-contrast photography has always been a bit of an issue) and some Mantic Zombies.

The Mouth of Sauron (Foot & Mounted) – Technical August

Citadel Miniatures The Mouth of Sauron Foot & Mounted

After more than 8 years, I finally got motivated to finish The Mouth of Sauron on his mount, and while I was at it, I properly finished off the foot version as well. Finding the mounted model in a figure case was what got this show back on the road. (The same one I found The Tainted in, actually).

Despite a very similar dress sense, The Mouth of Sauron is not a Nazgûl, but a Black Númenórean. In the film his mount is depicted with rusty, aged barding – though decent shots of him or his mount are few and far between. I used a couple of different Vallejo Model Washes, which I haven’t done a lot with, with paint mixed in as well as some stippling to try and get the right kind of rusty effect, followed by a re-highlight of the metal edges. The final outcome isn’t perfect, but I feel like it’s still come up pretty well.

Citadel Miniatures The Mouth of Sauron Mounted

As a Black Númenórean, The Mouth of Sauron was the design cue that GW used to create their Black Númenórean Warriors, and by extension, their Castellans of Dol Guldur. The rusty effect of his armour isn’t quite the same as the brassy look that I gave those troops, but it’s a slight bridge in that direction. I might have done the same with his armour, but keeping it close to the film-canon was more important in this case.

Citadel Miniatures The Mouth of Sauron Foot & Mounted

He’s not much use in the Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project that I started on a couple of months ago, but he’ll certainly have a place when I eventually get to Return of the King.

Zombicide: Black Plague – Broken Walls

Another real quick one today – it seems I forgot to post these back in April, though I did take the photo at the time. These are broken walls from the Zombicide Black Plague accessories pack (plastic tokens and whatnot).

I actually painted most of these last year sometime, and then (naturally) found two that had gotten missed. I don’t know how that sort of thing always manages to happen. (Those Shadows of Brimstone Tentacles had another bunch turn up recently, FFS!)

Anyway, they’re pretty simple. Too simple in fact, so I added some cat-litter-and-sand additional rubble. I left them all in grey to keep them nice and generic, and because adding weathering powders to this sort of glorified tokens would be a bit too far on the side of insane uses of my time. Here’s a photo to show the scale of these, in case I ever decide to use them in wargames, for which they’d be okay as movement-obstructing terrain or soft/light cover.

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

Another model from my big shipper box of Shadows of Brimstone sprues today. It’s the Swamp Raptor of Jargono!

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

Like pretty much all of the Brimstone Models I’ve worked with to this point, it’s a pretty simple model, all in all – though not a bad one.

The Swamp Raptor box doesn’t come with an included Barbarian Bikini Babe. At least to my knowledge. I’m pretty sure she’s not even a playable character, NPC or even enemy type in the game, so I dunno what Flying Frog were thinking there?

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

Given that the model is supposed to be a Swamp Raptor, I also ignored the colourful rendition on the box art and went instead for a darker green look. Trying to straddle that line between overly-realistic dullness and bright enough to be interesting tabletop miniature. I also swapped out the pitifully small, round Flying Frog base for a larger oval that fits the model much more nicelty, while allowing some space for rocks and some foliage.

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

To this end, I incorporated some striping, though the washes, highlighting and shading makes the striping blend in much more than originally envisioned.

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

The tonal variation on the teeth is there, they just didn’t come out in the photograph. You can kinda see it in the claws at least, though again, nicer in real life. I really need to get better at photography, though it’s a little trickier with larger models like this – and of course, what looks fine onscreen can look less fine on the PC, later.

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

I added some yellow to the dorsal crest and the tail. Again, trying to straddle that like between ambush predator and way too colourful. A yellow glaze and some yellow into the green highlights brightened the crest up a little without going fully neon.

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono

Scale shot! Dwarf Slayers attack the Raptor, seeking a Mighty Doom!

Hasslefree Miniatures “Ray” aka Shaun of the Dead aka “You’ve got red on you.”

There’s been a bit of discussion about this figure in the comments recently, so I thought I’d throw my painted one (for Zombicide) up again today… clicky for full text & images.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Another couple of figures that I painted recently (at the same time as the first batch of Zombicide survivors) were Hasslefree’s Ray, and Dynamic Ray. Obviously I painted these as they’re Hasslefree’s take on Simon Pegg as Shaun of the Dead. Since all four figures were of the same character, it made sense to paint them all at once. I’m showing off these separately I think the Hasslefree models deserve their own post, and since people looking to check out the Zombicide or Hasslefree models may not be interested in the other. (Especially as the Zombicide one is no longer available/Kickstarter exclusive)

aka Simon Pegg as Shaun of the Dead Hasslefree HFA007 Ray and HFA052 Dynamic Ray.

Although these are shorter than the Zombicide figures, I prefer both of these to the “official” ZC sculpt, as they have more character to them and are nice sculpts, and the cricket bat looks like a cricket bat (particularly…

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Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

Here’s the next few models from my Sedition Wars Terrain Sets. I’ve featured some of this stuff before in the past, specifically the Barricades and the Crates.

As I’ve mentioned before in those posts, the add-on terrain set was the best part of that particular ill-fated Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got most of them in a storage tub, waiting for when I either want to knock out some bits and pieces or could use some of them for a game.

These got painted for the latter reason – while playing Imperial Assault, we ran into some turrets during one of the missions. Rather than the counters, we used the turrets I painted recently for Shadows of Brimstone, but I felt that they were a little big. With his in mind, I picked out four of the less-wonky Sedition Wars turrets (the articulated arms were glued down in the factory by indifferent workers) and eventually got to work.

As you can see, they’re simple, but decent enough models (feels like I write something like that pretty often lately!) I’m sure they can be used pretty easily in whatever kinds of sci-fi or near-future games as needed, but more importantly, if we run into any more turrets in IA, I’m prepared (I bet we won’t, now…)

Here’s a rough depiction of what seems to happen when we open the average door in IA. RUN! (and yes, we’re the using WotC figures for a lot of stuff while I slowly paint the “official” models.)

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

This trio of weird looking models are the “Sand Crabs” from Shadows of Brimstone – specifically from the Blasted Wastes Expansion set.

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

I kept them to sandy colours – because Sand Crabs. Even though they look a little more like Lobsters or Crayfish or Prawns than Crabs, but I didn’t name the bloody things!

The Blasted Wastes expansion was something in the KS included in the Mine Cart pledge that Flying Frog decided to expand and turn into a fully fledged expansion. Backers like myself who wanted to upgrade to the full monty of a Deluxe Expansion (their bold) were able to just add some more money in order to do so. Turned out that instead of getting a coherent boxed Deluxe Expansion, it was just more seemingly random shit throws into the giant shipper box. They did this with a couple of the extra-extras and expansions that were essentially advertised as boxed items in the original KS. Really gives a feeling of Figure it out yourself, fuckers!

Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Crabs (Blasted Wastes Expansion)

Sand Crabs face off against some desert-dwelling Orks!

It looks like the other models in the same set are not-Tusken Raiders, but I’ll get to them when I get to them. In the meantime, there’s another three models finished! I figure that they can pretty easily be used as things in the 40k universe. Ambull Proxies, anyone?