Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & 80034: Weapons Locker (Part 1) (January Terrain 2019)

Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & Reaper Bones 80034: Weapons Locker

More terrain today – though these have been on the go for months in a neglected sprayed-silver state. I could have finished these next month for the Neglected Models challenge, but I wanted to get them done this month for Terrain Month. We’ve got a pair of Reaper Bones models in a harder plastic – one Dumpster and also two Weapons Lockers.

I tried a different method for the chipped paint for these – I have (had, soon!) a little bottle of Vallejo Masking Fluid, so I added bits of that to the silver (after a gloss spray again) before going over it with the dappled greens and browns. Unfortunately, as I rubbed it off, it left a horrible sticky mess and was shitful to work with, so I’ll be disposing of this bottle. I might try it again with a freshly purchased on and see how it goes.

I’ve got another two “Weapons Lockers” and two more dumpsters, though I’ll be doing them in a couple of different colours, and they’re nowhere near finished yet – and as these ones are done, you can see them now!

For a bit of a laugh, the size comparison pic has some Dark Angels Marines posing while the whole lot is on a green background. Fairly nice bits of terrain, but that’s one fucking HUGE dumpster compared to every one I’ve seen in my own life…

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

But Azazel, didn’t you just paint Reaper Bones’ Flesh Golem recently? Why yes. Yes, I did. But that Flesh Golem was 77512. This Flesh Golem is 77169! Also, there’s three of them in the one post this time. Why three? Probably from Bones 1 when I went big with my pledge is my guess. Handily, when all together, they make a unit for Kings of War and the like.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Perhaps I should check up on those KoW army lists and see if Undead Trolls (the profile I’m most likely to use for these) has units of six. Then I could combine them with the other recent trio that Other Joe Other Flesh Golem was part of. (time) Yes. Yes they can. And they’re Zombie Trolls. Damn, I haven’t played KoW in ages – I should really try to play more. All my bloody time is spent painting lately, though. Obviously, they can be used in any kind of fantasy RPG as well.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy came up better than I’d expected. The “Eddie” aspect of his facial sculpt turned out especially well, I think – especially for a Bones model.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

This guy started with darker skin tones, which made the whole “pale corpse” thing a little trickier, but it seems to have worked out ok in the end as he’s visibly much darker than the others while maintaining a somewhat realistic skin tone.

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Finally, I decided to go for a really bloodied-up look for the third one, and went with the palest of the three models, so that the spattered gore would be that much more impactful, especially when his fellows also have their fair share of bloodied limbs and spatter. Both hands, lower chin and chest, as though he’s not only been in combat, but was victorious and had a bit of a fed to celebrate. I used both of the Citadel transparent red paints for the effect – Spiritstone Red (lighter) and Blood for the Blood God (darker), as well as letting it dry in spots before going over with another layer.

Because of how this phone camera seems to do contrast (quite starkly), a bit of the more subtle nuance of this model seems to have been lost in the photos (yes, really, subtlety on this figure). Just a little bit, anyway!

Reaper Bones 77169: Flesh Golem

Rather than pulling out a Space Marine for the scale shot, I decided to do it as a “family” photo, alongside Neferata (I see that high-contrast photography has always been a bit of an issue) and some Mantic Zombies.

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem (Neglected Model May ’18)

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

This rather attractive figure is a Reaper Bones model that has been clogging up my desk for some time now. I’ve also seen it called “Obese Flesh Golem”, though I’m not sure if that’s ever been an official alternate title, since Reaper has a few figures that are just listed as “Flesh Golem”. I’ve got the other Bones figure as well, so perhaps I should also dig that one up to replace this guy on the paint desk. I picked this guy up as part of Reaper’s Bones III “Stoneskull” expansion.

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

Rather obviously, I’ve gone for a yellow/ochre base to this guy’s flesh tones. Both because I like to vary my zombie-skin and also as a bit of a test run for a batch of my future plastic plaguebearers. I was tempted to paint sections of him in completely different skin tones, but going too patchwork runs the risk of making the figure look ridiculous. Also, I just wanted to finish the damned thing.

Reaper Bones 77512: Flesh Golem

A Celestial Lion Space Marine provides scale.

As far as gaming goes, this guy has a pretty wide set of potential uses. Obviously fantasy role-playing, but also the Undead army for Kings of War, and I’ve also got plans to put him to work in a Renegades and Heretics army for 40k. (Nurgle, natch!) Hell, he can potentially be an Abomination when we get back to Zombicide – especially Black Plague as he’s very much a reainimated kind of chappie.

Cheeseburger the Bear (Reaper Bones 77494: Dire Bear)

Here’s a model that I randomly found in a baggie of Reaper Bones models from one of their Kickstarters. I believe I pulled it out at the same time I found the Carrion Worms, so it’s been sitting around for a couple of months now, having a little bit done to it every so often.

The fur had actually been done for some time, and the model just kept getting shoved out of the way from one spot on the desk to another, until I was doing the basing on another trio of models last weekend, so I grabbed the bear to do it’s base at the same time.

So a couple of days ago I saw it there, and decided to finish it off. A couple of hours later and the fur was finished, claws and muzzle and mouth and eyes painted, matt painted on and some tufts added. Anyone who has played Far Cry 5 will understand why I’ve called this bear Cheeseburger (though it also makes me think of the ROH/NJPW Wrestler).

I’m pretty happy with how Cheeseburger’s face turned out. It’s the first time I’ve painted a realistic Black Bear’s face (albeit on a simple Bones model), and it was quite a bit of fun.

In gaming terms, it’s a pretty flexible model. Obviously there’s a place for it in Roleplaying Games, but also anything scenario based, such as Historicals, Fantasy, even some sci-fi. There’s also potential for use in any army (again, especially Fantasy and Historical) that has animal or beast handlers – even 40k could work here – Dark Eldar/Drukhari Clawed Fiend, anyone?

I’ve only just considered that I could have made an awful pun and titled this post “Bear-ly Legal”, but on second thought while puns like Who Let the Dogs Out, etc are fin and fun, Bear-ly Legal might attract the wrong kind of crowd via searches. 😉

It does remind me of an amusing and wholly-unrelated anecdote that I’ll share here. Back in the mid-90’s when I used to play The Warhams with a regular and fluid group in a store in Melbourne’s CBD, there were a couple of other younger, 20’s guys who were also into wrestling, as I was. One evening we were talking about one particular guy lending me a pair of videotapes that he’d gotten hold of. One called Hardcore Heaven and the other called Barely Legal. We were discussing how good they were supposed to be (I’d heard of them, but not ever seen them). Another guy who overheard the discussion warned us that we needed to “be careful” with stuff like that. After a minute or so, we explained to him that we were talking about a different Hardcore Heaven and Barely Legal than what he thought we were on about. We were of course talking about Extreme Championship Wrestling’s first two PPV events. You’re welcome.

Oh, and here’s a size shot of the Big Guy. Pretty happy with how this one turned out, especially given that it’s a Bones model with soft detail and weird, difficult mould lines. The good news at least is that while both of those do stand out a bit in these oversized photos, they’re not really an issue for the model in hand.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen & Marcus (Squad: March ’18)

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

Yesterday, in my Ape-X post, I mentioned that I had been painting some Gorillas for DUST. These were actually started quite some time ago. Following on from the successful speedpainting of 30 Axis Zombies from DUST in January 2014, I rolled straight into the boxes of Axis Gorillas that I had sitting around. After all – the zombies were easy to do, so how could gorillas (almost entirely furred) be anything different? Fur’s easy to paint, after all!

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen

Alas, It didn’t work out. I got a mental block on two of the aspects of these models – gorilla skin and the “silverbacks”. So they sat there, then got pushed to the side, and eventually ended up in a tub of half-painted models, forgotten forever.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen

Until this month’s challenge, obviously. They’ve not been a priority to get out and paint at any stage in the interim, since DUST isn’t a game that has gotten much gameplay here, despite it looking like fun. While I’ve been aware that they’re sitting there, even to the point of naming them in the “things I should try to get done this year” post from January, I’d even forgotten about that. So yeah, while rooting around in the tubs, I saw them, and basically had one of those “fuck it, I’m getting these done so I can get them out of here” moments.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

At some point, I’d also cracked open the Operation “SeeLöwe” box and added the Kampfaffen hero, Marcus to the horde, as well as Reaper’s Ape-X, which I’d gotten in one of their Bones Kickstarters. Because why not? Marcus isn’t technically part of the squad, but I think he fits in just fine with the overall post as he’s supposed to be used with the grunts. Ape-X just makes for a thematic extra, though he obviously doesn’t have any rules in DUST (there’s probably some homebrew ones out there, though!)

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

Anyhow, I did my usual thing of checking some photo references for animal skin and hides and then just made myself do what was needed to finish them off. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but it wasn’t that hard. Now they’re done, and if I ever need a cohort of cyber-gorillas for anything, they’re right there and waiting. Marcus had a little bit of extra detailing, so I tried to make him a little more visually interesting by picking them out with some colour in what is otherwise a very drab set of figures.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus, Reaper Bones 80001 Ape-X

To finish up, I thought I’d throw in a shot of all the DUST Kampfaffen  Gorillas with their buddy, Ape-X thrown in for good measure. 🙂

Small Scenics: 77136: Well of Chaos (Reaper Bones)

Another quick and easy post today – On a little bit of scenery from Reaper Bones’ 1st Kickstarter. It’s a nice enough piece, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, though I think the name “Well of Chaos” is a little overblown for what it actually is.

It’s a little bigger than your standard 28mm figure (sorry, I forgot to get a scale shot!) I decided to KISS and keep the scheme nice and simple. Grey stone with a touch of dirtiness to it. Faded, aged bronze for the accoutrements, and a few layers of Vallejo’s Realistic Water for the, well, well water. The water looks a little weaksauce in these photos, but it looks fine in hand. I wanted to keep it to just clear water rather than getting funky by making it red or green or whatever.

I’ve probably got a few more random-ish bits of scatter terrain around from Bones 1 where I went all-in. I know they did some more in Bones 2 and 3, though I was much more conservative in my pledges for both of those. In a year or so, I’ll have a ton more of this sort of thing from the recent Mantic Terrain Crate Kickstarter, which I backed despite my misgivings around Mantic these days. I backed it with the knowledge that it’ll probably be 6 months to a year late, shipped in unintentional waves, and also mismanaged in some hilariously clownshoes manner. So forewarned is forearmed, I guess? As for this thing, it’s a decent piece of dungeon furniture, costs like three bucks, and does what it says on the tin. Can’t go wrong!

77191: Hydra (Reaper Bones)

77191: Hydra, Reaper Bones

Today’s model is the Reaper Bones Hydra, from their first Kickstarter. This model is one that I started about 14 months ago. I wanted it to work decently both as a display model as well as a wargaming piece. I used a few pieces of slate, carefully placed, including a nice sized piece in order to elevate the model – both literally and figuratively. During the process of painting this model and the time that it spent sitting on my desk waiting for some attention, I noticed that the heads of this Bones hydra tend to get a bit lost amongst one another.

77191: Hydra, Reaper Bones

These first two photographs serve well to illustrate a couple of things about how Games Workshop/Citadel paint and pose their multi-headed models. Workshop seem to either carefully split the heads, avoiding having any in almost-identical side-by-side poses as the two rear ones on the Bones model are. With other models, such as Archaon, GW design their models specifically to have the heads painted in different colours or styles – which again helps them to stand out from one another. Which isn’t to say that this sculpt, by Sandra Garrity is a bad one. Just that the way that the model is posed compared to other, more recent models which are sculpted perhaps it’s fair to say – with the finished, painted product more in mind became apparent. I think simply changing the pose of either the middle rear or middle left head head/neck would elevate this model further.

77191: Hydra, Reaper Bones

I’ve been painting for a long time now, and I’ve been able to turn out things to a nice standard for a lot of that time. I was commission painting when I was 16, and at 18 I won Best Figure and Best 40k figure at Cancon. (Before they gave trophies, unfortunately – assuming that they do now? I got a pair of certificates which are well lost at this point.) While that’s all well and good, what it really means is that as a painter I hit my plateau pretty early, and improving further from there has been a long, slow process.

77191: Hydra, Reaper Bones

Since I started blogging again as a way to share my models and motivate me to paint more, I’ve also been trying to improve and add new skills to my bow. Part of that is risk-taking and experimenting with new methods, materials and techniques. I have more than one of these models, since Bones 1 was in the days I went quite heavy on Kickstarters. Knowing that I had another one up my sleeve allowed me the freedom to try something I probably would not ordinarily have tried – that is instead of painting the Hydra in a shade of green, or even a turquoise/teal that fits my overall Dark Elf scheme, I went for what I wanted to be more naturalistic browns. I also played around with my airbrush (which I am awful with!) to try and achieve some nice looking gradients. While that actually worked(!), I felt that the rather deep scales sculpted onto this model demanded more contrast since the airbrushing was so smooth and the sculpted scales didn’t stand out at all.

77191: Hydra, Reaper Bones

My (attempted) solution – which in my opinion didn’t work well – and is the reason that the model then spent a year (or two?) sitting on my desk unfinished until recently was to try a mix of Minitaire’s Airbrush Paints – specifically, their Ghost Tints. I’ve used them before, though never on a model this size. Now coming to the model for the first time and seeing it finished in these pics, it might look fine to the reader. But you know when you have a picture in your head about how you’d like something to look? Now imagine that, and imagine it coming along nicely, and then imagine it all coming undone once it dries. Now if I’d gone for Oil Washes, I probably could have removed it all due to the way that oil paints dry much more slowly and can still be removed and cleaned up with spirits.

I think the base worked out well, but in the end, the model fell short of what I’d envisioned for it. Could I go back and try to fix it up and redo elements of the model? Sure, but at the same time, I have another one to paint that would be a better use of my time than repainting this one, and my enthusiasm for this particular model waned to the point where it literally sat in front of me for over a year before I made myself finish it off. Sometimes you’ve just got to call something good enough for what it is, and call it done. In the end, the model looks decent and perfectly fine for a wargaming model.

In gaming terms, the model will have a home in the Pan-Elven army to start with (using the Dark Elf/Twilight Kin list), and eventually find a home with the Mythological Greek Army.