Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #22: Beast of Nurgle V1 (1990) Awesome August ’19

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

I finally finished it! I’ve had this model since it was released, back in 1990-1. It’s been glued together almost as long. One of the feel fell off, and was lost to time, so I had to recast it using Oyomaru (aka Blue Stuff) and Kneadatite (Greenstuff). Luckily, because Nurgle, it being slightly imperfect was fine. Despite the base feeling a little big (especially compared to the 40mm square it came with), I’ve gone for a 60mm round here rather than an oval for consistency with the new models that I’ll be adding later and mixing in.

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

The Main reasons this one took so long to get painted were the gaping big bloody seam down the middle of the model’s face and body, because metal (finally sorted with putty) – as well as no pressing need to paint it for anything (now rectified with that Nurgle Daemon Army I’ve been working on), and working out a scheme (just based it on the other models in the force). So now the bloody thing is finally done! Hurrah!

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Plaguebearers, Plague Bearers, Great Unclean One, Original Oldhammer

Here’s a nice little gathering of the old-school, original Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Nurgle Daemons. Well, except for the damned Nurglings! I guess I will have to paint them sooner rather than later after all!

I did also pick up three more of these a few years ago on eBay. And I have a V2 Beast that I bought just to use as tentacle bits who has since lost a few, so I’ve also got that in need of repairs. I also found a metal V3 beast in blister just the other day. (And I still regret passing on the pair of those I saw second-hand that one time). Once those five are assembled and painted though – all of my metal Nurgle Daemons will finally be done and I can allow myself to start on the newer plastic plastics while continuing to work through the last few resins.

Well, all the metal will be done except for the Nurglings… but they can be done on a more casual basis, surely?

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #11: Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Devout Tormented

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Time for some March Posts, finally! This pair of model has been showcased before when I first completed them – the Leech in October 2014 and the Tormented in July 2015. The leech is one of three figures from the Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawlers kit that I picked up bout 15-20 years ago. The big dude is probably unfamiliar to most readers, being a Devout Tormented from the Chronopia line of the mid-late 1990’s. Chronopia was essentially Heartbreaker’s take on Fantasy Skirmish following on from the Success of WarZone. It came in a two-pack with a resin-metal demon-centaur… thing that had some awful connection points.

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Originally the leech had no specific purpose aside from getting the thing painted. You know the sort of thing – generic D&D-ish monster for RPGs and narrative miniatures gaming and such that never actually gets used. The Tormented was originally to be a Daemon Prince in the first version of my Nurgle Chaos Cult force, that I sorta created based on some 3rd-4th edition rules (Lost & the Damned). In the current force the leech will be a Beast of Nurgle (I don’t care that the model’s physical profile is radically different – just compare the GW Beast models over the years!) and the Tormented will make a decent Chaos Spawn – in profile/stats at least. Think of him as a Daemon Prince that’s failed Papa Nurgle in the worst way and has been cursed to continue serving his Patron in such a state. You might have thought Khorne would be more appropriate – but just look at that horn. He’s gotta be Nurglesque! And the viscera fits as well.

My first take on a Nurgle Cult force.

While neither of these models has an outstanding paintjob or anything, I’m happy enough with what they are – a pair of decent looking older models that have had the smallest amount of touch-up, and have been rebased onto higher-lipped bases with some rocks and tufts added to them in order to make both figures fit in better with the Nurgle Daemon force – so they now both have a home.

That’s good enough for me!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #4: Reaper Bones 77541 Carrion Worms (as Beast of Nurgle proxies)

Reaper Bones 77541: Carrion Worm Kevin Williams

A few weeks ago I was rooting around through a tub of Reaper Bones models when I found a few baggies that piqued my interest. Stuff like wolves and furry stuff – the kind of models that paint up pretty quickly. Amongst them were a pair of baggies originally from my Graveyard expansions (which I’d planned to paint this past summer, but…) Anyway, the “Carrion Worm” models were in there, and I thought they’d paint up pretty quickly. But then after a couple of hours of doing other things, I decided to get my fool self under control and put away those baggies. Need to finish models before starting another couple – or couple of dozen. I was largely working on my Nurgle stuff at the time, Great Unclean One, Mamon, and lots of Plaguebearers.

Reaper Bones 77541: Carrion Worm Kevin Williams

The next day I realised something. Those grub-looking things might make decent Beasts of Nurgle. I checked them out again, checked out the bases sizes of the new Beasts, got some 60mm rounds out, ruminated, then decided against it again, because Bones is a pita of a material to work with, and I didn’t have the patience for it. A few days later, after finishing the Plaguebearers, I came back to them, still sitting on the table, and started to trim down the mold lines. Within a day or two, I’d given them a coat in thinned liquid greenstuff, and epoxied them down to the 60mm bases. Another week or so, and they were done.

Reaper Bones 77541: Carrion Worm Kevin Williams

I’m not sure how much these will end up costing at retail (they’re still not available on Reaper’s website), Edit – Doubledowndice found them on Reaper’s site – US$5.99 each. I’ll grab a few more next time I order from Reaper. but I’m sure they’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than the new, official GW model. Not that I’m too concerned about price. I’ll probably end up with one or two of the official model, but I’m also the kind of guy who will happily use an appropriate model for a unit, regardless of the manufacturer or how “official” it is. I’ve got either one or two of the original release Beast of Nurgle as well. I think there’s one unassembled and one assembled, where I know the “flipper” hand had fallen off, and I keep seeing either the limb-less model or the loose limb. So next time I find one or the other, I’ll put it somewhere same and reunite it with the rest of the model. And see if I can find the second one. And then paint the damned things.

Here’s a quick shot of my growing Nurgle Daemon army.