Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #22: Beast of Nurgle V1 (1990) Awesome August ’19

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

I finally finished it! I’ve had this model since it was released, back in 1990-1. It’s been glued together almost as long. One of the feet fell off, and was lost to time, so I had to recast it using Oyomaru (aka Blue Stuff) and Kneadatite (Greenstuff). Luckily, because Nurgle, it being slightly imperfect was fine. Despite the base feeling a little big (especially compared to the 40mm square it came with), I’ve gone for a 60mm round here rather than an oval for consistency with the new models that I’ll be adding later and mixing in.

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Original Oldhammer

The Main reasons this one took so long to get painted were the gaping big bloody seam down the middle of the model’s face and body, because metal (finally sorted with putty) – as well as no pressing need to paint it for anything (now rectified with that Nurgle Daemon Army I’ve been working on), and working out a scheme (just based it on the other models in the force). So now the bloody thing is finally done! Hurrah!

Realm of Chaos, Lost and the Damned, Nurgle Daemons, 1990, Beast of Nurgle, Plaguebearers, Plague Bearers, Great Unclean One, Original Oldhammer

Here’s a nice little gathering of the old-school, original Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Nurgle Daemons. Well, except for the damned Nurglings! I guess I will have to paint them sooner rather than later after all!

I did also pick up three more of these a few years ago on eBay. And I have a V2 Beast that I bought just to use as tentacle bits who has since lost a few, so I’ve also got that in need of repairs. I also found a metal V3 beast in blister just the other day. (And I still regret passing on the pair of those I saw second-hand that one time). Once those five are assembled and painted though – all of my metal Nurgle Daemons will finally be done and I can allow myself to start on the newer plastic plastics while continuing to work through the last few resins.

Well, all the metal will be done except for the Nurglings… but they can be done on a more casual basis, surely?

29 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #22: Beast of Nurgle V1 (1990) Awesome August ’19

  1. Great paint job. I love the original beasts of nurgle. I took a quick look through ebay (as one does when struck by a cool blog post) and was reminded of the many lack lustre iterations that followed the original.

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  2. Great work on a great sculpt. I’ve always been kind of bummed that I got into the hobby too late to easily get this guy (among others). It is cool that the new plastics took some inspiration from it, but it’s not the same.

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    • Yeah. The old-school archive service was pretty great back in the day. Of course, it was harder to order back then since you needed the paper catalogues and then had to send everything through the post (and they’d make mistakes that were basically impossible to fix – they sent me the wrong BB Ogre). I guess trolling eBay is the main option, though the popularity of “Oldhammer” exploding makes picking up older models a lot harder as well compared to even just 3-4 years ago..


      • I’m still mad I was so broke that summer that they offered that huge spread of archive Chaos Warriors/Champions. If I’d had the cash, I would have gladly picked up almost every last one.

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      • I’m lucky in that I picked up s many of them as I could manage to back in the day. Of course, that means I missed out on a lot of others, both partially (beastmans, chaos dwarves, plaguebearers, horrors, daemonettes) and also wholesale (I sady own zero of the old marauders). I should dig out a few of those models and reward myself by allowing myself to paint a couple of them.
        I guess I should finish the ones that are out on the desk first, started in the 1990s and never finished… :/


  3. Very impressive work on a model I have never seen before. I like the slug-like appearance and the pinkish skin is a great way to make something look disgusting. It is somewhat lifelike enough but there’s something not quite right about it which makes it icky. I’ve never been much of a Nurgle fan but this sculpt is among my favorites that I’ve seen GW make.

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    • Thanks mate. I’ll probably go much more green with the next one, and then.. well, no idea at the moment – but that’s one nice thing about Nurgle stuff, and particularly the Daemons – you can very easily go by “feel” and still pull off a successful model…

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      • Finshed the mould line cleanup on the other models today at work. Now I need a little time to assemble, and I can begin the slow, drawn-out process of trying to paint them up! 😉


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