Mechanismo May ’19: Community Painting Challenge

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for awhile, and the Community Round-Up from March still isn’t up. Well, the best I can offer is that normal service will resume when it resumes, and the monthly round-ups WILL still be done – as will my own backlog. I just don’t have the time nor inclination right now for blogging, nor for diarising the shitshow that is my life at present..

Regardless of that, the world marches on, so without any further ado, I present you with May’s Community Challenge: Mechanismo May. (Named for a book in inherited from my brother, years ago – not the Dredd story).

What is Mechanismo May for? Well, simply put: anything mechanical – vehicles, power armour, droids, bots, walkers, mechanical scenery.

Does this mean that there’s a lot of cross-over with the “Armoured April” challenge? Well, sure. Tanks and Power armour and the like obviously fit into both. On the other hand, this month isn’t for Chaos Warriors with a 2-handed maul, but it is for a Trebuchet, or a cannon, or an artillery piece – or for a… well, you get the idea.

Is the model (or a significant part of the model) mechanical? Is it more than a modern dude who happens to be holding a firearm? Then there’s your answer!

(Yes, it’s time to get that Magos and/or the Crashed Aquila done!)

As always, the biggest distinction between this painting challenge and many others out there are that I only care about you completing these models. It’s not a “start-to-finish” challenge set during a single month, so regardless of whether you just missed out on finishing that knight or tank this month, last month, or six months ago – or you’ve got stuff that you’ve been chipping away at for six months – or, indeed – if you’ve got models that have been shelved for months or even years, feel free to dig them out and join in. Similarly, if you want to go start-to-finish, then feel free to go right ahead. It’s entirely about completing cool things.

49 thoughts on “Mechanismo May ’19: Community Painting Challenge

  1. Nice to see your still about 😄

    I’ve been pretty inactive, forgetting to even check my feed, never mind commenting. Busy cracking on with my Golden Demon entry for Warhammer Fest. Hoping to join in again on the challenges after that

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  2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, moving took enough time and effort that I’m not going to be able to finish anything in April. But all the stuff I got half-done in April will qualify for this challenge as well, so it’s all good!

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  3. Well, it would appear that fortune favours the tardy! All the tanks that I fail to finish in April can keep going in May! Despite everything going on, thanks for setting a challenge! My fall back position would have been “Neglected Model (insert month here)”!

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    • Yeah, I’ve got a few (more than a few) that I was hoping to paint last months that also qualify for this month. Dunno what I’ll actually manage to finish, but they’ll qualify again for something else soon even if I don’t get them done this month.

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  4. Must admit, when I first saw this (blearily looking at my phone first thing this morning) I thought it was “Machismo May” – a month dedicated to painting nothing but Goliath gangers and Khorne berserkers. Mechanical things sounds interesting though, I was planning to try and focus on getting a few other projects done (non mechanical in nature) but I keep getting tempted by the Ambot – you may have pushed me over the edge! Sorry to hear life hasn’t been being as good to you as it should, hope things get back on an even keel for you soon mate.

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      • I got a single Blood Warrior finished for Armoured April, but depending on their status, some of them will fit into both June and July (maybe August) and then solidly into September.

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    • ooh – and that’d also be a quality counterpoint to Fembruary for the poor, under-represented muscular male models as well! 😉 I kid, I kid.

      Coming up we’ve got “minor heroes” for June, Jewel of July where you can drop the major heroes plus anything else, that’s especially cool. Neglected August where I’ll potentially be trying to get a few AoS Khorne Guys done, then squad september when you can pile them in as much as you like!

      As for this month, 40k Khorne Berserkers fit in perfectly, what with the power armour – so you’re fine there, as well as potentially some goliaths (I’ve got a Skaven with bionic arm/powerfist that I’m trying to paint for this month). Ambot is a natural fit as well.

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  5. Hello!

    I am currently in the process of painting two Chariot riding Nobles for my Kings of War army. If that is mechanical enough I would be very happy to participate, especially that I intended to finish them in April. Which did not happen. Although some progress was made!

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    • Thanks mate. It’s just a collection of life’s hurdles in a way, though they’ve been some of the more serious ones, and in a tight cluster as well, but that’s what life its, I guess…
      Marine Captain sounds perfect. Along with any of his buddies or subordinates that you have time for! 🙂

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